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The Spy  by daw the minstrel 41 Review(s)
erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/27/2006
>>Abun glared after Thade, opening and closing his fists. “Arrogant, pus-filled pimple on an orc’s privates,” he fumed under his breath. “Witless little wiper of a warg’s backside.” Beliond’s respect for Abun soared. He liked a man who could express himself well.

::g:: Yes, I'm sure that Beliond would admire Abun's choice words, being something of a creative linguist himself.

>>Whatever the king wanted, Beliond would deal with it and be on his way on his own again.

Oh, he has no idea!

I can never hear enough about Beliond. He's a wonderful character, perfectly suited to Legolas.

Author Reply: Thanks, Erunyauve. I had a great time imagining Beliond as a spy in the days before he acquired the nickname "Nana." And I think Thranduil named him Legolas's bodyguard for Beliond's sake as well as Legolas's. This is an elf who will not protect people's sons to the death, given what happened to his own, and he's also one who's been alone too long.

NettletteReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/18/2006
Absolutly hilarious! Thank you so much for the stories. I have really enjoyed them.

Author Reply: Thanks, Nettlette. Beliond has really grown on me over the years. I wrote this story for my beta's birthday last year. I'm thinking that this year maybe she needs one about Thranduil, Beliond, and Maltanaur being young together. :-)

PhoenixReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/8/2005
Loved it, as always! Your stories are wonderfully written with comedy/action/drama all in one. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Thank you for entertaining all of us!!!!!

Author Reply: Thank you, Phoenix. Beliond is a hoot, but I suspect he's about to acquire the nickname "Nana" and I'm not sure he'll like it!

amokehReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/8/2005
I know this is late in coming, but wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your stories! Really loved this tale, and as soon as Nilmandra has new forms made for the Beliond Fan Club, I definitely want one! Good luck on your novel, and I hope you return to fanfic soon. DEFINITELY experiencing daw withdrawal. Or is that withDAWal? ;) At any rate, miss your contributions to this site and am looking forward to the next one. :)

Author Reply: Thank you, amokeh.

I had a lot of fun writing this story. Beliond has surprised me by being a far more sympathetic character than I originally thought he would be. And being Nana to Legolas has been good for him.

I miss fanfic too. I especially miss my OCs. But I seem to have a limited amount of creative energy. Maybe I should write a short fanfic in between struggling with this novel.

SocketReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/3/2005
Hi, daw! I'm the same Socket who posts on eff-eff-dot-net. I hope it's OK to ask you when we can expect your next story. I'm a huge fan of your fiction, and I'm really missing reading about Legolas and his family right now. Thanks!

Author Reply: Hi, Socket! I'm glad to hear from you. I know I've been missing in action since June. I've been working on converting "Growing Under Shadow" to an original young adult novel. I just finished a draft and am letting it sit for a while before I edit it. And I'm thinking about a second novel as a sequel to the one I just wrote.

Come fall, I'll probably start sending queries out to agents to see if I can find one willing to represent me in trying to get the thing published. I gather the odds are not good, but that's okay. I'll learn something and I'm enjoying myself.

I do miss writing fanfic. I particularly miss writing about Ithilden, whom I cut from the novel. I may have to write another story about him, or Little Legolas, or whatever. At the moment, though, my creative energy is caught up in this other project. I just hope someone besides me eventually gets to read it!

JoeeReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/6/2005
Haha, that was great. Just one question though...where do we sign up for the Beliond fan club?

Author Reply: See, I told you this story was happier!

Beliond has ripped up all the application blanks, muttering something about squeeing fangirls. I'll ask my beta to get some more made. :-)

White WolfReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/2/2005
I'm tardy on my review again. I'm almost finished moving. I have most of my stuff at my new place and only the big furniture the movers will do left to go, but I had to read this. I really like Beliond and was glad to read about one of his spying adventures.

That whole part about the mintrel's coat being too short to hide his bottom from the ladies was so funny. And, of course, any good spy worth his salt is a good pick-pocket. I hope there will be more like this in the future. Maybe something with Beliond and Maltanour together (hint, hint). Another great story.

Author Reply: Oooh. Beliond, Maltanaur, and Thranduil together as wild young warriors! How would that be? It's going on my list of stories to do.

I'm writing an original fantasy novel right now, but I'll be back at fanfic one of these days. Thank you so much for taking the time to writing this, especially since you're moving. I hate moving. Every time we do it, I swear I'll never do it again.

nediethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/28/2005
I'm so sorry I just kinda disappeared for a few weeks. I had a vacation, a wedding 2 plan, and several other things to orginize. And in the middle of it all, my great grandmother gets up and dies.
Your getting into a bad habit, killing people (or elves). Tolkien does that in Narn i hin Hurin, and that is the most depressing story around. But yours was not completely depressing, in fact, I liked it alot. But now, onto this story. As i've said b4, I love Beliond. This story was extremely interesting, it shows what Beliond used 2 do. I especially liked the end, kind of leads up 2 where he is now. Your 2 mortal girls remind me uncannily of people i know, namely, my best friends. Ever since you told how to pick a lock, i've wanted 2 try it on my door, never got around to it though.

Nedieth, whose not going to get around to reviewing any stories you happen to put out until august probably.

Author Reply: Hey, this story was funny and no one died in it! I needed that. Who's getting married?

I've wondered sometimes what Beliond's life was like before he got stuck with Legolas and this was what I came up with. Beliond is a hoot.

I don't expect to be posting fanfiction for a little while yet. I'm working on converting "Growing Under Shadow" into an original young adult fantasy novel. But when I'm done with that, then I can write Little Legolas stories to my heart's content.

caz-bazReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/28/2005
i take it beliond isn't on his way again in a hurry and doesn't manage to handle the king on this matter.
Lovely story, quite comical, i really enjoyed it.

Author Reply: Beliond won't win this argument with Thranduil! He's off to become nana to Legolas.

I enjoyed writing the humor. I don't do that nearly enough.

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/25/2005
awesome story. Is Beliond's 'special task' Legolas?

Author Reply: Oh yeah. Beliond is about to acquire the nickname "Nana," and boy will he hate it!

But minding Legolas will be good for him. He needs to be around people again. He's been alone too long.

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