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The Scruff Factor  by JastaElf 1 Review(s)
LKKReviewed Chapter: 4 on 10/5/2003
realizing he was wet, naked, and at the mercy of an Elven lunatic, he opted to save his life by being obedient.
Oh my. And if the elven lunatic was indeed Legolas, I wouldn't mind trading places with Aragorn for a bit. *pauses, lost in luscious daydreaming*

Sorry about that digression, but if you're going to write fantasy-inducing lines like that, Jasta, you'll just have to give a girl time to get over herself before she can properly review your chapter.

Loved the Twins and the dwarves. Nothing like ultimate Twin embarassment to liven up a dreary afternoon.

Can I have a barrette like Legolas'? I liked the image of the squirrel with the little bow in its forepaws.

You know, you were right about Elrond's voice of command working so long as the imitation sounded remotely like the original. Elladan's command managed to banish *my* thoughts about Legolas making love to the trees, as well. Although not forever, I must admit. *blushes*

Boring, however, has long since gone on holiday and left the region. I like that line, can I borrow it someday? I loved Elrond's description of Legolas as Ennor's most adorable hooligan since Maglor; Elrond certainly has Legolas' number, doesn't he? :-)

I am having way too much fun reading this story, Jasta. This amount of fun has to be illegal somewhere. Just don't tell me where!

Thranduilion, gerin le si!

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