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Battle of the Golden Wood  by Marnie 2 Review(s)
whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 13 on 1/1/2009
I smiled at the Celeborn-Sam "connection" here. You managed to emphasize his quiet, reserved strength here with only a few simple words and implied the parallel between the two "companions" of the Ring bearers.

CorielReviewed Chapter: 13 on 1/8/2004
Ah, not Celeborn the Wise for nothing! A Sindarin warrior-lord with a lot of good sense, and a strong faith besides. Galadriel's blessed to have him around. :)

Keep your wits about you next time, Haldir. Things certainly don't look good from this point. Thankfully for everyone, Sauron is so spread out trying to conquer every other realm at once that he can't be quite as overwhelming as he should like in any one place. And if it is this ugly already, it staggers the imagination to wonder what it would have been like to have them trounced one at a time and with full force.

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