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Battle of the Golden Wood  by Marnie 2 Review(s)
whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/1/2009
I think this chapter contains my favorite Celeborn moment. He was able to make a daunting impression without being all showy and intense. I was also touched with the wistful looks that all the elves would cast upon Gytha. Oswy is also coping admirably and I could not help but emphatize with him--so much to deal with in so short a time! I'm not a trained writer or anything, but adding the humans here is a good "tool" that enables the readers to "enter" the story and it helps them relate and it makes the events seem more real.

CorielReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/24/2003
Nice to see everyone getting along now. I think it was best that Oswy be introduced to Celeborn first and be acclimated gradually to what goes on around there. I suppose Galadriel will come later.
Since I think on a more elven level, I forget how disconcerting they can be for Men, especially if the latter is in the minority. Hopefully Oswy will soon admit that they're not as bad as he thought. :)

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