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Blizzard!  by Nilmandra 6 Review(s)
perellethReviewed Chapter: 4 on 4/9/2005
Such a wonderful feast! Legolas is so fortunate. It’s wonderful to see him so confident now that Tinania is by his side, and his fears are mostly forgotten, and now he is the cheeky elfling with Mithrandir! “What else did you bring?” He’s having the time of his life, one would say! But then, he knows he’s done a foolish thing and knows he’ll have to accept the consequences and learn from it all, “ but not tonight!” that was so endearing! I bet Thranduil was melting inside! ;-)

First crush! A lovely, though somehow unexpected couple Lathron and Tinania would make, although Legolas might be a little jealous at first! I'm curious as to what Thranduil is going to do with Abronwë. His behaviour was cruel without apparent reason, and the king must be incensed with all that has happened because of his careless words, but somehow I fear there's something tragic behind the child's bitterness...

Author Reply: Amazing how resilent children are, aren't they? He was safe and warm and being fed and entertained - suddenly the lost in a snowstorm didn't seem so bad!

I admit Lathron and Tinania surprised me, but in many ways, he is like her father, and they say girls marry a man like their daddy. Her mother is the warrior and trainer; her father the wise and gentle counselor. If I write more in this series, it will be fun to see where that relationship goes.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 4 on 4/5/2005
Mif'dir!!! Looking all fine and festive "like a big ripe berry" in his purple cloak, compliments of Elrond! :-) The meeting of Mithrandir and Tinania and Legolas in the snow house (?) was perfect for a Yule story. He provides the warmth and food for a feast and Legolas provides the sweets! (I liked Mithrandir calling Tinania "little naneth"...she was quite the little mother when she felt like he was being too loud, or Legolas was cold again! LOL).

So Legolas is found at last...what a lovely reunion with Thranduil. The whole scene in the palace while Legolas is bathing and getting warm was so warm and loving. Legolas has such a loving, understanding Adar and his advice about always coming to him if Legolas doesn't understand something is great. Legolas and Lathron are wonderful together, too. And Legolas asking if Tinania will marry him is priceless! Of course, Tinania seems to have eyes for an older Thranduilion! And he for her (when she's older)! *sigh...ah, love!* :-)

The meeting between Thranduil and the settlers - Abronwe, Narthon and their parents, was handled with much tact and caring by the King. He found out all he needed to know and Nilmandra, you had me crying in sympathy for poor little Abronwe. (He certainly was maddening in the first 2 chapters, tho'! LOL) Anyway, things look to be settling down and the real celebration will be the next night! Yay, Mif'dir's magic!!!! Great chapter!


Author Reply: It was funny, as I writing the scene with Tinania, she bumped into Lathron and really blushed and then fled...and prior to that I had no idea of her crush on him! I think he may just love her back, but he is quite adept at hiding his feelings.

I figure most people are not jerks by nature, but hurting and/or insecure people. It was good to find out what had set Abronwe off and made him into such a stinker. Hopefully, now they can really be friends. I don't think Legolas is very 'uppity', if that's the right word, about his skills or anything else, just based on his upbringing...he is the youngest in his family and they unconditinally love him. He has never learned to be anything other than the compassionate child they have raised him to be.

DotReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/28/2005
What a wonderful thought that everyone would come to help search for Legolas.

Mithrandir! I wasn’t expecting him! I had to laugh at her apologising to him for not having food. She’s such a little mother too, all annoyed at the wizard for waking the sleeping child. It seems Legolas remembers who he is, though, and is just as entranced.

Tinánia’s memory of another Yule was so moving. It really gives weight to this scene, them all sheltered together, waiting to be found but still able to feel some happiness.

I thought it was lovely that it was Thranduil who reached them first and was the first person that Legolas saw.

“You look like a big ripe berry.” LOL. Now that conjures up an interesting image… ;-)

Legolas is very cute in his apologies. He knows he’s does wrong and seems to want to make amends. There was no chance of Thranduil punishing him, though!! I thought it was such a nice moment when Thranduil told him that he does remind him of Narawen but reassures him that it’s a good thing.

“Adar, do you think Tinánia will marry me when I grow up?” I’m still smiling at that!

It was a beautiful scene where Thranduil spoke Tinánia as an adult and thanked her for all she had done. She has been such a blessing to his family.

Tinánia and Lathron?! Oh, yes! When does she come of age??!

Author Reply: Tinania is a wonderful young lady, isn't she? And I truly did not see the Lathron thing coming -she went out the door, ran into him and really blushed! I have often said I just write down what I 'see', and sometimes even I am surprised!

Mithrandir showing up in any story is a good thing and fun to write, since he's sort of this gruff old grouchy guy who has a limitless heart. He's very useful!

And Tinania should reach her majority in the next year or so (I'll check my notes!)!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/27/2005
I'm really impressed with how good a father your Thranduil is, with both his adult children and the younger ones. He seems to be able to treat Bregolas and Lathron more or less as equals. And he feels such a connection to his youngest that he knows to look in the snowdrift.

Tinania's memory of celebrating Mid-Winter in the cave actually brought tears to my eyes.

It's interesting that Legolas starts issuing apologies as soon as he's home and safe. He knows he did something foolish and he wants to be reconciled with those he loves. But they're so gentle with him.

You know, I can see Lathron and Tinania as a couple. As a matter of fact, I'd very much like to see that.

Author Reply: Poor Legolas - he knows it was a dumb thing to do, but how to undo it? He can't, and between his confusion over why he was angry and why someone would say such things, then he added his own foolishness - well, clearly sleep is the only answer when such big thoughts invade one's mind.

I would have a terrible time punishing him. Maybe Thranduil will have to let him choose his own, if he believes there is need.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/27/2005
What a good moment for Mithrandir to turn up. Legolas was very fortunate to end up in a snow cave with Tinania and Gandalf - with food, companionship and a heated staff. Not to mention a trail leading to them.

I'll bet Thranduil was a little relieved to find them safe and sound. Cross is usually the next parental reaction.

I'm glad they remembered to show their thanks to the tree - but they would! They're wood elves.

“You look like a big ripe berry,” What a picture!

And Thranduil is just a perfect Adar.

“Well, that proves to me that Abronwë does not know what he is speaking of, for I am glad that every time I look at you I see your naneth. I loved her very much, and I love you very much. You are a nice reminder.”

I love the idea of little Legolas wanting Tinania to wait for him so that he can marry her when he grows up! (And I'm with Tinania in thinking that Lathron would make her a very good beau.)

Author Reply: I just can't torture my elflings - when I considered it, how far could Legolas really go? How likely is it that no one would notice he was gone? He got a good scare, but then everything was okay.

I like the idea of Tinania and Lathron too. It fits her family as well - her motehr is a warrior and her father a diplomat/advisor. She sees Lathron as being like her own father.

KarriReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/26/2005
LOL! Mithrandir is in fine form is this chapter. It is too sweet that Legolas want Tinania to marry him when he gets older, and Tinania and Lathron, what an excellent couple they would make. :-D Wonderful! Must dash, though, another chapter to go...

Author Reply: I didn't see the Tinania - Lathron thing coming. Then she ran into him and he knew what poetry she liked...and bells went off in my head!

Glad you liked Mithrandir. I forgot to go back and read his speech mannerisms, unfortunatley, but hopefully my memory served me well.

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