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Blizzard!  by Nilmandra 6 Review(s)
perellethReviewed Chapter: 3 on 4/8/2005
Mmm, not quite sure if this is the most intelligent thing to do (reviewing each chapter as I read them..) but then, you'll let me know if you don't want your inbox flooded that way! ;-)

Smart girl!Yep! The guardian elleth! This is a girl with a sense of timing! It must have been really hard for them all to adjust to their lives again after those two years, and Tinania seems to have achieved a great deal of wisdom and maturity! I'm sure her words are the best medicine Legolas can receive, he trusts her and she knows what they all have been through!

Big brothers were great! It is so understandable how everybody gets frantic when Legolas goes missing!Still, Thranduil was quite calm and composed with the children! Poor one, I could not picture him just sitting there, and waiting, *once* again! (shudders in sympathy)

Author Reply: LOL! I don't think you'll hear me complaining about reviews. :-) I don't expect them per chapter by any means, but I admit I love knowing people's reactions to the chapters.

I do think Tinania had the most to adapt to when she came home - she left a child and came home having seen too much to still be one...she crossed into adulthood ahead of her peers. But, that makes her a great friend to Legolas and the house of Oropher.

Thranduil was supposed to stay home (says so right in the outline...) but when the time came he looked me square in the eyes and said 'not on your life'.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 3 on 4/5/2005
I think I'll review this by character this chapter - I tend to ramble off and skip around until even I get confused! :-)

Tinania has turned into such a competent, capable elleth. She's really grown up and gained confidence since the last I read about her. I like how she didn't just note the footprints and go on, but made some deductions from direction, lack of adult prints, and size of stride to feel like it was necessary she find the elfling running away from the palace in the midst of a snowstorm. Smart girl! When she finally finds Legolas, she remains calm, keeps them both as warm as possible and manages to address his hurt and insecurity caused by Abronwe in a manner he can understand. Such good advice about gossip, too!

Rawien is back, and just in time, too. He is quick to assess the situation and keep his wife from running off into a blizzard looking for Legolas. Another calm, competent elf! :-)

Tathiel and Elumeril both react with concern and fright - they do not wait awhile to see if Legolas will eventually show up. They inform Thranduil so a search can be initiated at once - given Legolas' upset of the morning, I don't think Tathiel overreacted at all. And he is really young to be disappearing like that and not cause some uproar! *g*

Bregolas is the commander/son/brother in this chapter! I really like the way he senses his father's presence or when his father is using his power to monitor his forest. He organizes his warriors quickly and efficiently, but still is the son when his father needs him to be.

Lathron's connection to his little brother is still very strong, and of course he is petrified to realize Legolas is asleep during the blizzard.

Thranduil almost broke my heart a couple of times here - he is still recovering from events in MTVPT, isn't he? He was so torn between wanting to search for Legolas and questioning the children..."he wanted to be the one to find his son, fold him into his warm cloak, hold him close, and bring him safely home. Nothing else mattered at the moment." *sniff* And when he tells Lathron he will not be left behind this time to can't blame him after what they all went through before.

Legolas is wonderful in this chapter. He wakes up covered in snow, in the middle of a storm, and after a little cry to relieve the tension, he thinks what would Bregolas do? Bregolas would not be scared. Bregolas would not wander around either, he would stay put in some kind of shelter. Then of course, there is the worry about spiders and bears, but he reasons things out...such a smart ellon when he's calm! When Tinania asks him what he is doing here, and he replies, "I do not know...But it was not very smart." I had to laugh, poor baby. It just hasn't been a good day!

The TREE is absolutely great! It gathered its branches together to shelter Legolas from the snowfall and set about comforting the distraught youngster. Wonderful!

Another terrific chapter - on to the rescue now! :-)


Author Reply: I think one of the things I like writing about elves is that they were for the most part calm, competent people. That can be limiting in that things usually don't go really wrong, either.

Poor Tinania - I have long thought that she probably had the most difficult time readjusting to her life when she returned home. She came hom an adult, having left the realm a child, and all of her friends are still children. I am glad for all of those warriors who just embraced her and made her theirs - and she is an awesome little archer and will be a fine warrior if need be. She did handle herself well, didn't she? And still so protective of her little Legolas! It will be fun to write them older.

And Legolas is fortunate to have all these good examples! What would Bregolas (the Great, at least in Legolas's mind) do if he were lost in a snowstorm? Legolas did learn an important lesson, though...hopefully he will not be careless in his anger or hurt again.

DotReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/28/2005
Hey look, it’s Tinánia! I just love seeing all your OCs again! And at least she’s on Legolas’ trail, even if she doesn’t realise it’s him.

“Adar, we cannot find Legolas!” Thranduil’s heart must have stopped for a moment. I love the image of them all flying into action immediately – Bregolas organising everyone, Thranduil and Rawien wanting to get moving, Lathron looking after Tathiel.

I thought it was so cute that Legolas tries to think what Bregolas would do and is so confident that his eldest brother wouldn’t be scared. Clearly Bregolas is someone to look up to!

I love that tree! There’s a sense that the tree recognises him and wants to protect him until the king finds his young son and that’s so endearing.

It was an amazing moment too when Thranduil attunes himself to the forest and senses which way Legolas went. So elfy!!

Tinánia is just incredible here. There’s such a wisdom in her born of experience even though she’s still so young. I hate the thought that people’s questions still cause her pain but she seems to have learned to deal with them. I thought her explanation that “sometimes children need different things at the same time and a parent must choose the order in which they provide for those needs, but they are determining what need must be met first, not which child is more important” was very insightful. I was glad that she understood that these questions were important to him and answered them carefully, yet honestly. He seems to have responded to that too.

I felt more for Thranduil having to face the children and their families than for them facing him! I was relieved that he knew to be gentle with Narthan, though. There’ll be time for more later. For now, at least they have something to go on.

Author Reply: Tinania is sort of the embodiment of children who have grown up too fast, earned wisdom beyond their years, and come out more compassionate, kinder and wiser because of it. There are so many wonderful stories of teenagers out there throughout the ages that have risen to do whatever they needed to do. I think she saw the needs thing clearly with Tathiel - Tinania was usually last in line for help not because she was less important, but because Legolas's and Earundra's needs were greater.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/27/2005
What a sweet little brother thought: "Bregolas would not be scared." I'll bet Bregolas was plenty scared when he realized Legolas was missing! But Legolas's family has taught him well and the trees recognize their prince.

The allusions to "May the Valar Protect Them" add depth to this story, I think. Tinania is growing up, I see, and able to be quite wise with Legolas.

Author Reply: LOL, yes Bregolas was very scared! I thought that was cute too - that his child's mind immediately thought of what Bregolas would do. Itwas interesting to consider how Legolas would relate to each of them - it is Lathron who holds his heart, Bregolas is someone to emulate etc.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/27/2005
Thank goodness for Tinania. What a star she is!

I love the tree making the effort to protect Legolas - and his attempt to recall the wisdom of big brother. And Tinania's answers to Legolas's worries were very sensible and totally convincing.

'“I think anyone who tried to prevent Tathiel from caring for you would have quite a fight on their hands,” answered Tinánia with a smile.' So true! Motherhood is more than giving birth to a child - and Tathiel is Legolas's mother in ways that go far beyond simple genetics.

Author Reply: I am glad Tinania was beleivable - and I thought that was very nice of the old oak tree! He knew the woodland king would be looking for that little one.

Legolas knows that Tathiel is his 'naneth' - he has just never had to consider that she was not, or that the situation was not 'normal'. He is fortunate, though.

KarriReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/26/2005
Go, Tinania! She is very good with Legolas in this chapter. I do not think Tathiel or Adar could have done such a fine job of providing soothing answers. The oak tree is simply wonderful! :-D

Author Reply: Tinania was in a unique position to help Legolas. She is not family directly, so she is more objective. She also has learned what it means to be looked upon differently, and perhaps of them all, she had the hardest time returning to her place in their community. She is wise beyond her young years.

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