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Blizzard!  by Nilmandra 8 Review(s)
lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 4/5/2005
The picture of Legolas trudging into the palace, head down, hood up, feet dragging until he walked straight into his Adar's legs and grabbed hold was heartbreaking. "I think the sun has just hidden behind the darkest cloud." A very appropriate observation! The very picture of dejection and hurt! Poor baby! And when he twines his Ada's braid around his fist like he used to do as a very young child...well, I was ready to howl along with him!

Thranduil was very calm, I must say, so as not to upset his little leaf any more (at least until Narawen's traveling while pregnant entered the discussion, which of course resurrected all his own guilt). Bregolas and Lathron were ready to track down the culprits responsible and I loved Tathiel's response, flaring nostrils and all! But nap and a belated lunch restored Legolas' balance somewhat, until he ran into Abronwe again. I didn't think that ellon could get much worse, but I was wrong! Now Legolas has run blindly off into the forest (I loved the trees' concern for him as he passed) and fallen asleep somewhere, which of course, does not bode well for anyone's peace of mind later! Great chapter!


Author Reply: I like the idea that elves as a people valued their children and probably all cared for and looked out for least for the most part. I am sure seeing elflings brightened the days of the guards, too.

It is good of the trees to look after their king's elfling - I like the idea of the connection with the forest.

Thanks for the review!

perellethReviewed Chapter: 2 on 4/3/2005
Oh my! Poor elfling! (Tissues have been very useful!) This Abronwë seems to be angered with Legolas for some particular reason! Children can be very cruel, and hurt children are even crueller! I loved how big brothers raged and set out to right things!

But then, poor Legolas, to make him doubt Tathiel! I liked (in a technical sense of course!) how you managed to picture the child’s point of view in the Hall, as he tried to catch Tathiel’s attention, and how his short stature caused him to be left out of the circle of bigger elves trying to comfort Tathiel and her child, and how lost he suddenly felt. It was so visual! My! Thranduil’s going to have a stroke when he learns his child is missing, yet again!!!!

Author Reply: Your Thranduil did not find his Mid-winter eve very pleasant at all. I think a lot of memories resurfaced, a lot of fear and reminders of those two years they waited. Poor elfling(s), indeed! And you will likely include Abronwe in that, eventually :)

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/28/2005

Wow, is this Abronwe kid the spawn of Sauron or what? Poor Legolas. I was so relieved when his ada finally got him settled down nice and warm and cozy, and then this unholy terror had to go and torment him again. He seems to know exactly how to push Legolas's buttons. Where's his mom? I want to have a talk with her! Poor Legolas. Nothing could be worse for him than being made to doubt Tathiel's love. And now he's all alone in the forest.

Author Reply: Oops, I might have made him too mean! Well, we'll see. Abronwe certainly seems to know what buttons to push, but just being mean in general is beyond what Legolas has experienced. He's only been loved since he's been home. I think Abronwe's Mom would fear your interrogation! She's never met a ranger.

DotReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/28/2005
Oh, Nilmandra, the image of the sad little figure trudging into the palace and wrapping himself around his father was just heartbreaking. And how terrible for Thranduil, Lathron and Bregolas to hear this and feel so helpless in the face of such a tale. I had tears in my eyes when Thranduil felt his anger well up inside him and Bregolas placed his hand on his father’s arm to bring him back to the present.

Thank heavens he was able to shelter Elumeril from Legolas’ pain. I’d hate to see her sad again.

I like that moment when Lathron and Bregolas leave without asking for permission for anything and Thranduil not questioning them. Whatever Thranduil might think, for now it’s the only way they feel they can help their little brother.

Abronwë really comes across as a nasty piece of work. Legolas was making quite a valiant effort by even staying there and talking to them. But the suggestion that Tathiel might care more for Emlin and prefer just to look after her obviously hit home. I cringed when Tathiel brushed him aside to look after Emlin. She couldn’t have known how much Legolas needed reassurance at that instant and of course, she had to take care of her injured child – but it just couldn’t have happened at a worse moment. And that suggestion that Thranduil couldn’t face raising Legolas because he reminds him of his wife… I’m angry just thinking about it! Poor Legolas. No wonder he ran off as he did.

Author Reply: I admit, I felt so bad for Legolas here. Welcome to the real world, elfling. :( He is so sweet and innocent that deceit and underhanded mean comments are just beyond the scope of his experience. Well, fortunately, he has a whole host of people who love him!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/27/2005
What a horrible child Abronwe is - but why? Why is he always quoting his Naneth, and why does shesay these things? Poor Legolas must wonder who's right and who's wrong at times.

Author Reply: Poor Legolas is right - his life just is, he does not think of it as normal or abnormal, so all of this is discomfitting - and he doesn't even know why he is angry. Gossip and half stories and repeating things one doesn't understand sure can lead to hurt feelings and damaged relationships, as Legolas finds out.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/27/2005
Legolas's sad march to embrace his father's knees was so realistic! I loved that. And I also really like the protectiveness of Lathron and Bregolas, although they do have to learn to let Legolas fight his own battles. I suppose after what he's been through, his family might be overprotective. In general, I like the relationship between Lathron and Bregolas too. It's understated but obvious that they trust one another and enjoy one another's company.

What a bad time for Emlin to fall! Poor little thing.

Author Reply: All the brothers are so different, and I suppose they really don't trample on each other's toes because of it. I really need to include Celebrinduil a bit more - I wish I had considered the hazards of having so many OC's when I started this. :/

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/27/2005
Go Bregolas and Lathron! (Not that you'll find yourselves able to kick 17 year old elfling ass when you find him.)

Those first tentative steps into the wider world are proving an alarming experience for poor little Legolas - and Abronwe is the big kid who says there is no Santa Claus.

Running off into the forest does not seem a good plan. I hope he's OK.

Author Reply: LOL! You're funny. No, they would not be able to at all, and like their father, once they cool down they will start looking for the rest of the story.

KarriReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/26/2005
I do not blame Bregolas or Lathron one bit! And I hope they get their hands and spiteful little Abronwë, too. I like Nathron, though. He seems like a sweetie.

Author Reply: LOL! They are very protective of their little brother - no one better mess with him! I am sure it took some effort to let him grow up and spread his wings.

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