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A Creature of Fire  by daw the minstrel 39 Review(s)
AnnarielReviewed Chapter: 10 on 9/3/2007
Bless you Thranduil and Beliond!!!!!!

Author Reply: Yeah, Beliond knew Legolas needed to go home so that's where he was going whether Legolas liked it or not. And Thranduil, as always, came looking for his lost baby.

tauvesaReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/22/2005
As always, I just can't help myself when it comes to your stories. I check the web site at least 4x a day for updates. When there isn't one, I just re-read another of your stories. You write them so well it feels like I'm watching an episode of LOTR TV or something. Your stories feel so completely plausible (for life as an elf) that I am reminded of when I first read The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. She created such a rich and wonderfully real world for her characters that you lost yourself in the story and could picture yourself there. I totally agree that Legolas did not seem like a married elf. And even though I admit I am a fan of letting Legolas suffer slightly, I found myself actually looking forward to how you would write it if he did bond (even though I knew in my heart that wasn't going to happen). Also, I can totally see Legolas, because of the way you have crafted his story -- and that of his family -- giving his heart on a love-at-first-site basis. Once again, you have enriched my world with your stories. THANK YOU.

Author Reply: Wow. This is very flattering. I'll just tell you I have about 1000 words of the next (and I think last) chapter done, so it's not going up today! I'm glad this all feels real to you because it seems real to me sometimes too. I think Tolkien left us a deep world to work with, with lots of history and a broad range of characters, so it's easy to borrow some of that richness.

I've never read any of Anne Rice's vampire stories but you're tempting me here!

I think that elves could fall in love at first sight, although Tolkien does say they were betrothed for at least a year and got their parents' approval so they behaved sensibly once they found one another. But he says they seldom made a mistake in who they loved. And he also says that marriage was the natural state for elves, so Legolas's seemingly single state begs for some explanation. This story is mine.

Thank you, Tauvesa.

esamenReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/22/2005
"Eliviel looked at him with anguish in her face, and Legolas knew how she felt. The body in the other room was the only tangible part of Tuilinn they had remaining to them. The funeral would make her absence complete."

Mmmm. This is so true. I always feel that when the casket goes into the grave, that's when the loved one is really, finally, completely gone . . . until then, the person still seems with us, somehow. This chapter was tenderly and beautifully written.

Thank goodness for Thranduil. What a timely arrival (and what a cliffhanger, too). Did Eilian arrive a few days ago and send him to Legolas?

And you know what . . . I would love some more visual descriptions of Thranduil. As I read through your stories I catch glimpses of him, and he seems to change from time to time. How do you visualize him now?

In fact, how do you visualize Legolas now? As in the films, or do you see him differently here than he appeared on the Quest?

Wonderful chapter and I can't wait for the next one.

Author Reply: Yes, indeed. Eilian got home and told Adar the whole story. Since Eilian and Beliond had planned that Beliond would bring Legolas home after he had taken Tuilinn's body home, Thranduil knew where to find them.

I still picture Legolas as movie Legolas. And I doubt if he had changed much from this age to that. He's an adult elf, so he would change only very slowly.

I have a picture that I use to help me visualize Thranduil. I like to remember that he'd look like a male in his prime of life rather than like, say, Theoden in the movie. (And I admired Theoden -- he just looks too old for Elven Thranduil). He's blond, unusually tall and broadly built for an elf, handsome, vigorous. All good things. I'll go send you the picture. :-)

IthildinReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/21/2005
I don’t know how you do it, but keep it up Daw! Those are three powerfully moving chapters. The silver ring was a surprising and very touching moment of the story for me. Beliond continues to be steadfast and brusquely caring and proves to be an immovable force when argued with. And then Thranduil arrives in his fabulous Elvenking way... Wow.

I’m looking forward to Legolas making some steps toward healing now; I’m eagerly waiting to see how you will draw this tale to a close.

I know you are limited by the singular POV, but I hope you can squeeze in a moment between Thranduil and dear Beliond (who needs some serious R&R himself) before you wrap this tale up and tie it with a green ribbon.

Someday you will need to write Legolas’ eventual arrival in Eressëa and his reunion with Tuilinn, his naneth, Turgon, Galeas and more… And surely you will convince Thranduil and Ithilden and Eilian and their families to come too! And Beliond, of course – you will have a boatload of characters sailing West…
Should be an interesting story – something happy to think about while you recover from this one. :)

Ever looking forward to the next chapter,
Ithildin *(

Author Reply: Thank you! My beta thought of the ring. She's very good at this kind of stuff! And yes, I would say "immovable" is a good word for Beliond. He really doesn't care what other people think if he believes he's right.

I'm looking forward to healing too. And Legolas will heal. He's strong underneath and he has a loving support system, but he needs to sort of process his grief and see what he has to learn from it. I think my Legolas needs to get less driven, more willing to enjoy the moment, if he's going to be like book!Legolas.

I've thought about that sailing story, but it would be tricky to do it without making it sound like a string of meetings. Bodkin has some nice stories set after Legolas sails.

tigerlily713Reviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/20/2005
Great chapter! I think it was good that Sinnarn was there in order to let Eilian know just how serious it was. It might not mean as much coming from any other member of the patrol. I can't wait for another chapter!


Author Reply: Sinnarn tends to get lost in my stories, but he's a family member and an insider. He and Legolas are actually closer in age than Legolas and Eilian are. And my guess would be that he's observed Legolas more closely than Legolas has observed him, because he'd have adored Legolas as a little kid. So I'd say he could tell what was going on pretty well.

Ms. WhatsitReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/20/2005
Me again. Are you considering maybe writing a short reunion fic between Legolas and Tuilinn in Valinor?

You've made me actually root for a Legomance. Congratulations.

Author Reply: You know, the one I've always wanted to show Legolas reuniting with in Valinor is Turgon! That would be so much fun.

Ms. WhatsitReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/20/2005
Oh, how terrible. These people would have been Legolas's in-laws. At least they've got an idea of how much Legolas loved Tuilinn.

Beliond is worried and I don't blame him--Elves can die of grief, and Beliond would be devastated if Legolas died. I'm glad he dragged Legolas home. And now our Elf can have a chat with Thranduil, who knows something about losing the person you love.

Author Reply: I hadn't intended to write about what happened in the village, just show Legolas leaving, but then I decided it was important for Tuilinn's parents to know how Legolas felt, and the history of their relationship was fairly complicated to explain, so I needed some time with them together.

Thank goodness for Beliond! He and Thranduil both know about surviving a loss, and they're a real lifesaver for Legolas.

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/20/2005
'He fell into the depths of her grief' - Bwaaaw, sob sniffle. Chs nine and ten are masterly, daw. I really enjoyed them, even if I then had to explain why I was all watery-eyed at work. Immortal but not invunerable, what a wonderful quality elves give to storytelling. Quite irresistible really.

Author Reply: mortal but not invunerable

That's a great way to put it. It captures exactly what seems to happen with elves. No wonder they grew weary in their long lives and sought to go to Valinor.

I was just telling Brenda G. that I'm startled by how many people say they cried over these chapters. It's a good thing people like angst!

Brenda G.Reviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/20/2005
Wow, your updating is faster than a speeding bullet!

Thanks to you, Daw the Minstrel, I will go to work tomorrow with swollen eyes, a swollen nose, and when I talk it will sound like I am trying to communicate through a wad of cotton (like Vito). I just might, by some minor miracle, be able to actually sing at choir practice tomorrow night, provided my nose has gone down and my throat has become uncloughed by then!

Like so many others who have already reviewed, I wept nearly throughout the entire chapter (sobbed so much and so loudly that it scared my cats!). It is uncanny... Like one of your other reviewers, I too have been to a funeral this week. And just like in your story, we were asked to rise and speak about the departed. I was the first of many to do so at that service, but by the time we left, our tears of sorrow had been changed to joy as we celebrated the life and our own happy memories of the deceased, rather than the fact that he had left us. I think Legolas too will be surprised by joy one day in remembering his beloved Tuilinn. She is not with him bodily, true, but she will always be a part of him--of his heart and his fea. Forever. There's a very deep, spiritual beauty and purity to that kind of love.

I'm still not convinced (and Beliond certainly fears)that Legolas may be fading. As I recall, our wee blond elfling couldn't eat after his nana was killed either. His stomach hurt, and the healers explained to Thranduil that these pains were manifestations of his grief. Even embraced by his family, Legolas has a ways to go before he will be himself again. Is that even really possible once your heart has been forfeit to another? Ah, well, time heals all. Recovery will come, but slowly. Until he claims her again in the flesh at some far future point, they meet upon the path of elven dreams. Sigh... You know, for someone who basically is anti-angst and anti-Legomance, you DO write them well!

Beliond is my hero; Thranduil the undeniable object of my admiration and lust--er, I mean, trust(shrugs and grins sheepishly). What would our Legolas do without them? Good thing he doesn't have to find out anytime soon. eh?

I seem to recall pronouncing the chapter before this one as "perfect." At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this chapter was "perfect" too. Wanna try for three in a row? This is some kind of powerful writing, Daw!

Can't wait for the next chapter.


Author Reply: I have to admit I'm startled (and I guess gratified) that I made so many people cry. Your comments about the memories people voice at funerals reminded me of times I've been in that situation too, and it's true that those memories help you to be joyful about the person's life as well as sad about their death. That's a good point. I think Legolas will be particularly glad to have gotten these glimpses of Tuilinn's life before he knew her.

Your description of the love that Legolas now has is also very telling, I think. It seems consistent with the way Tolkien wrote his elves. I'm hoping I can use this incident to soften the character of my Legolas a little. He's pretty serious and book!Legolas is more playful. But maybe having this certainty about love and also a better perspective about what's important will help him to relax a little and take more joy in his life.

Beliond and Thranduil are great. Legolas is lucky to have these people caring for him and taking care of him.

RitaReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/19/2005
Yet another angst-filled chapter, Daw. I hope you're happy that you managed to make me cry again. I broke down when the villagers were speaking about Tuilinn at her funeral. Just the descriptions of her life and thoughts of their loss (and Legolas's loss, of course) had me weeping. I hope Tuilinn's parents were comforted by the fact that Legolas had good intentions towards their daughter. They must have felt so helpless to see Tuilinn wait for a visit from Legolas for 11 years. I'm glad they were able to understand and welcome him to stand with them at the funeral.

I think it was quite telling how deeply Legolas was grieving since he followed Beliond for half a day and didn't realize where they were going. It was great to see Beliond put his foot down and threaten to take him home by force. And I'm glad that Thranduil was able to come because Legolas realized he can't pretend he's feeling normal. With his father he can't hide anything since nothing gets past the king.

I'm sad to hear this story is almost ending. It was nice to read about the responsible adult Legolas, even though he was in shock and grieving for part of it. Just a question, Daw: will you wrap up the plot about Legolas and Galelas (or whatever it was between them) or will you leave it for another story? I'm curious to know if Galelas will still be resentful to Legolas.

Author Reply: It's so sick of me but I am glad I made you cry, Rita. I think the good memories of Tuilinn that people raised at the funeral will eventually help her parents and Legolas celebrate her, as well as mourn for her. They let Legolas see parts of her life he hadn't known. And her parents will be glad she found love. It's hard to know how elves would react to all this. They know she'll be released from the Halls of Waiting to Valinor some day, so there's the comfort of knowing they can see her again if they so choose. But that would mean leaving Middle-earth and that would be a wrench too, from what I can tell. They seem tied to the woods.

I plan to have a short scene with Legolas and Galelas in it that will show them a bit more at ease. I have a story set around the time of the Battle of Five Armies and they're still a little leery of one another then, so they can't get too cozy with one another.

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