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Renewal  by Bodkin 11 Review(s)
Sophia_SilfaeryReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/19/2005
I loved this; I've read it before many times but decided now was the time to review and tell you I loved it.

"Naneth showed us what to look for,’ Elrohir grinned. ‘Daernaneth would glance at you and you would lift an eyebrow – her chin would go up and you would frown. Then one or other of you would shrug slightly. Naneth said that in anybody else that would constitute screaming – and possibly violence. She found it hilarious that half the world thought you had a relationship of polite indifference."

I giggled at that for ages, am still giggling now when I think about it. Sheer brilliance, you've managed to make them equals in a way that really works. I love the mix of romanticism with realism. Absolutely excellent!

Author Reply: Thank you! I think Galadriel and Celeborn would have fought with great ferocity at times - and I don't like to think who would win. Maybe, in the interests of safety, they agreed to take it in turns. But they wouldn't have been obvious about it. Not once they were past the courting, anyway. (And it would be very, very dangerous to get between them, too. Celebrian might survive it, but few others.)

I'm glad you've enjoyed it enough to re-read it too. I shall feel good for the rest of the day!

LeawardReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/18/2005
Powerful piece, Bodkin!

I loved seeing Thranduil and Celeborn walking through the forests together, discussing their wives. And Elrohir's revelation that there were signs the family looked for that he and Galadriel were in disagreement about something. But I also love how Celeborn could see beyond Galadriel's facade ... past what others stopped at ... of course he would have to.

‘I learned from the master,’ his daeradar smiled, ‘although I will point out that I taught her a few tricks along the way.’ and this line! LOL, I'll bet he did too. I think a lot of people forget that Celeborn has his own strength, and he would have to be able to stand against Galadriel in order for her to be attracted to him.

'trust in the Valar but be prepared', that gave me a good chuckle. And I wonder what ways they managed to keep the ship in Mithlond and yet not found by men ... elven magic, Hmmm?

Author Reply: Thank you! I find it difficult to picture C and G going in for open squabbles - but I'm equally sure that they had monumentally fierce disagreements. They have to have learned to deal with them, though, to be still together after a couple of ages. And he has to be every bit as powerful in a rather more subtle way, or she'd have crushed him (entirely involuntarily).

Maybe the ship in Mithlond is a bit like Lorien cloaks - you half see, but don't register. I wonder if it's where the legends of ghost ships come from?

alassecalaelenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/29/2005
I have finally gotten around to reading this and I hope to stumble across the sailing and the reunion of Celeborn and Galadriel one day.

There are so few of us who really understand this Prince among Elves. thank you so much for a truly wonderful rendition of him.

Author Reply: Thank you. I am increasingly fond of Celeborn and Galadriel and can't resist writing about their relationship.

There are others among my stories that deal with them - Healing comes after Letters from Home, then Interlude and Heart's Ease. And Ripe for Change, which isn't finished, and they are in Partings. They feature in others, but I think those are the ones in which they are main players.

Aislynn CrowdaughterReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/5/2005
Hi! Beautiful piece. I like the conversation between thranduil and Celeborn and their dreams of their loved ones making them want to sail finally. I like this story a lot. Please write more!


Author Reply: I wonder if there's a bit of suggestion from the Valar in those dreams, trying to encourage the last elves to depart before it is too late. It was hard for them to go, but I think it would have been harder on them to stay.

Thank you for your encouragement! I'm sure there will be more of Thranduil and Celeborn / Galadriel - I just love the way they react to each other.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/5/2005
Wonderful! I love these interactions between Thranduil and Celeborn in your stories--espcially when Galadriel is involved in any way. You just do that whole relationship so well. I loved this. There are too many great lines to quote them all. Great dialogue!

Author Reply: I like Celeborn and Galadriel - and Thranduil. I wonder if G and T manage to get over their ages-old bristling at the thought of each other in the Blessed Realm. Thranduil seems to like strong women, but ones who know their role - and that is supporting rather than ruling. I don't think Galadriel would ever choose to be seen as Celeborn's helpmeet. Good thing he can cope with it. (And, I sometimes suspect, can generally wind her round his little finger as easily as Laerwen can inveigle Thranduil into doing her will.)

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

MarnieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/4/2005
Oh, I do like this! Thranduil and Celeborn make great foils for each other - so similar in some ways and so different in others. The idea that the forest is slowly becoming numb to the elves is very sad, but somehow it's also a good thing, because without it the decision to go would be even more wrenching.

I like Elrond's instructions to everyone to bring each other by force! Well, he's excused; he's lost enough and I wouldn't wish him to lose any more family members :) And I loved Elrohir's description of what a stand up row between Celeborn and Galadriel would look like. LOL! Polite indifference indeed!

I think you've convinced me of how terribly sad it would be for them to stay. Maybe I am reconciled to them leaving after all, particularly as I already know that what awaits them is a grand adventure in an (almost) unexplored land, and all manner of reunions and new unions :)

We are as much exiles here as we would be in the Blessed Realm

Very true. Sad, but very true.

Would it be possible for me to put this on my website? I'd love to have it on there with the rest of the series.

Sorry if I'm being incoherant - I've got a stinking cold and I'm not exactly all here, if you know what I mean.

Author Reply: Post Christmas / New Year blues, when everything jerks back into normal and dull and there is no prospect of the sun shining for another few weeks. I'm not fond of January.

Of course you can put this on your website. Feel free.

One problem with immortality is that you could stay in exactly the same place and become alienated from the world around you as it changes and you stay the same. To me, in the end, people would become more important than a world which you couldn't help that now belonged to another race. On the other hand, leaving the trees that huddled as close as they could get to you would be a wrench and feel like disloyalty - but sometimes ends come and there's really nothing you can do.

I imagine Celeborn and Galadriel's fights became less obviously fierce over the years - I should think they almost came to bloodshed once or twice in their earlier years, before they learned to accommodate each other - but they would still be heartfelt. I wonder if they worked out a system - taking it in turns to let the other decide, perhaps or controlling different areas. Which might work on minor matters, until they felt really strongly about something - like rings, perhaps. That must have been a humdinger of a row.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/1/2005
This is a lovely, thoughtful piece that leads right into the other stories you've written about Celeborn's and Galadriel's separation. It was so sad to listen to Thranduil and Celeborn talk of the forest and land becoming "numb", and only the trees closest to the palace still being able to hear the voices of the elves. Then the foresters report that the...I almost have come to think of this as a new kind of "shadow" advancing through the forest...areas affected by this numbing are moving ever closer. What was it Sam told Frodo in FotR (movie) when Frodo explained that the elves were leaving Middle-earth, never to return? "I don't know why, but it makes me sad." Well, it makes me cry that the land of their birth would turn against them in the end. No wonder many were driven to despair! I think it was in one of your other stories where you describe that desperate journey to the Grey Havens that they make - it was absolutely chilling! You wrote that only the strength of the great Elf-lords (like Celeborn, Thranduil, and Glorfindel) enabled the group to make it through that trip...dang, Bodkin, they almost waited too long, didn't they?

But this piece shows the thought and doubts shared by all before making that final choice to go. I thought your use of the recurring dreams of loved ones already gone was a masterful tool in calling them home to Valinor. It would appear they were being "nudged" in the right direction! :-)

Celeborn's thoughts of Galadriel, and subsequent discussions of her with Thranduil and Elrohir were priceless! They truly are well matched - and the Lord of the Golden Wood is no one's lapdog!!!! There were many places I could point out, line by line, that were just great (really, I almost yelled at Thranduil to get himself to Valinor...Laerwen is waiting on you!!!!), but this review is already somewhat disjointed and looooonnnnnggg!

Great story, Bodkin, as I have come to expect when I see new updates from you! (I just love your portrayals of Celeborn and Thranduil...not to mention others of the elven persuasion *g*). I hope you have a wonderful, happy New Year!


Author Reply: I think the ride to the Havens was in Healing. I had a look back at some of the other stories to see if I was contradicting myself. (Answer: a little, but not too noticeably, I hope.) How much, do you think, did the presence of the elves keep the land responsive, and how much did the responsiveness of the land hold the elves? And would the land become less alive as the number of elves diminished? They only just left in time, I think.

I'm glad they were nudged to choose when they did!

Celeborn and Galadriel are well matched - they are at the same fighting weight, and although she might seem showier, he equals her all the way. I think they have worked out their own balance. And it's about time he returned to her. (It will take Thranduil a while to realise that Laerwen is there - they have to arrive, settle, get Legolas married and produce some elflings before they head west and he gets his own reunion. But what is a few years to an elf? He's been waiting for over a thousand years already.)

I'm glad you enjoyed this. A Happy New Year to you too - and I hope the killer squirrels don't give you too much stress in 2005.

BejaiReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/1/2005
Ah, Bodkin, I adore you and all your wonderful stories. This one was an excellent look at their reasons for leaving. Lots of good stuff: Celeborn not wanting to leave the land because it is the land of his family, but slowly realizing Valinor holds his family as well. Celeborn's clear view of his wife, but also his great love. The comment about becoming the younger kinsmen again if they did sail. Elrohir's comments about watching his grandparents

"We talk of the pride of the Noldor – but to linger, unwanted, would be a similar display of vanity" -- Nice.

And I loved the description of the trees, creeping closer and closer.

I could go through this line by line: "oh, this is good, and this, and this." Suffice it to say I enjoyed this very much.

Author Reply: Goodness, you're making me blush! I wanted to write this because it appears that quite a lot of people don't like Galadriel - but, I think, Celeborn does! He sees her faults quite clearly (as she sees his), but their relationship has a huge amount of give and take - and at times, each of them will accept some course of action because the other believes it to be right. It's not a bloodless relationship with plenty of soft focus and silly smiles, but occasionally fierce and always (after a millennium or two) disciplined.

It is the land of his family - but that family has, pretty much with him as the only exception, been killed and will presumably eventually find themselves re-embodied in Valinor, so even for their sake he should go. But wouldn't it be difficult to suddenly find yourself 'young Celeborn . . . He can be a bit impetuous, you know.' (I think Galadriel would hate it - especially with parents and grandparents reminding her of all her youthful misdemeanours.)

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/31/2004
I truly love the way your Celeborn thinks about Galadriel, Bodkin. "The sweet greeness of her." What a lovely phrase. And I like the way they are all dreaming of the ones who have gone before them.

You're so prolific, you make me feel like a piker, Bodkin!

Author Reply: I love Celeborn and Galadriel. The only ways he could possibly deal with her are a) the lapdog option or b) the equal. And it takes one special elf to be her equal. (I can actually see him being quite capable of getting the better of her, too.) But, on the other hand, she's pretty remarkable, as well. And tough. But pliable.

I think the Valar are hinting that they'd better get a move on and take ship. They are being tempted!

Prolific in short bursts and frivolous conversations. You do plot and character development and still manage to update lots. I hope your plans are coming on well for the next episode in the Collected Histories of Mirkwood.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/31/2004
Am interrupted, but lovely characterisations thus far. Am looking forward to sneaking online later to finish reading.

Author Reply: Thank you. Glad you like them. There's always so much to do this time of year - although I do my best to avoid New Year's Eve activities!

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