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Interrupted Journeys: Part 3 Journeys Begin  by elliska 3 Review(s)
DotReviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/8/2005
Well, thank heavens for author alerts or Iíd never have figured out why this story appeared again!

I always loved the image of them all in the room and of Thranduil singing to a sleeping Lindomiel, as well as Amglaur realising how much Thranduil must miss Oropher. ButÖ uhhhÖ wasnít there a part where Amglaur sings and Thranduil slowly succumbs to sleep? I loved that! Oh well.

There was a marvellous sense of nervousness and anticipation in everyone leading up to the birth. I just love how involved they all are, but how respectful of Lindomiel too.

"Mother and father turned their attention to the bright presence that was their sonís fŽa, calling to him, soothing him, welcoming him into the world. Thranduil felt him respond, utterly innocent and completely trusting that he would soon be in loving arms." I love that! Itís so elfy and just so beautiful too.

What is it with people trying to decide who the baby looks like?! I can never see much of a resemblance. Most babies look exactly the same to me. I canít understand how mothers can tell which child is theirs when theyíre all in their cots in the maternity ward. LOL. Can you tell that Iím not a mother?!!

I also like the naming ceremony. I think I like the fact that itís mostly informal but at the same time thereís a great sense of its significance. And, of course, it brings loved ones close together Ė not just family but dear friends too. It made me smile to see the pride in Hallion and Engwe :-)

Arthiel. I was trying to think of her name earlier today and it wouldnít come to me at all.

Iíve always loved your explanation of Thranduilís name too! Iím glad Dieneryn was feeling mischievous enough to share it with us ;-)

Author Reply: I forgot it would go back to the front page and all that until after I made the change. It shocked me to see it there at first! Poor confused readers! :-)

You have an incredible memory! Yes, it did originally end with Amglaur singing and Thranduil drifting off to sleep. Somehow that detail didn't make it into this draft. That whole scene is really from my sister-in-law's second pregnancy. She was 2 weeks over due and wanted to go into a natural labor so badly so we all got together and did all the stupid things that supposedly make you go into labor (bumpy roads, walking etc) and then when it didn't work, we all sat around her room with her and talked until we all fell asleep. She woke up in the middle of the night in labor, called the midwife and got to have her natural deivery. She was so happy.

I'm glad this came off ok to you. I have never had a baby but I have been the birth coach for many natural labors. It was really hard to write. I'll probably play with it a little more but in the end, I decided Legolas's birth needed to be in the story about Legolas's birth, no matter how hard it is to get that scene right. :-)

I completely agree with you and telling who a baby looks like. They all look exactly alike to me. If I had a baby and it was in the maternity ward, I'd need a sign on it, I'm sure. :-)

I like the idea of a naming ceremony, even outside Tolkien's world--like you said: it would be a great reason to bring everyone together. And I had fun with Thranduil's name, putting his conception in the first flashback, and then refering to it here. The story may be a little racy / personal, but it is fun. And everyone at the naming ceremony is a parent--they all know how babies come about. :-)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the changes I made and leave a review. I didn't really expect people that had already read this to go to the trouble of reading it again. It is so nice to hear your reactions. :-)

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/8/2005
I wondered what was happening here.

I love the family-oriented group labour and the involvement of the proud adar in the delivery. And Amglaur being forced to concede that - having watched him very carefully over a couple of thousand years - Thranduil isn't too bad a husband for his lovely daughter.

(I'm still not keen on Gilbert, though! Although Aradunnon's attitude smacks of prejudice.)

Author Reply: I'll bet you did wonder! :-) I forgot, honestly, that it would send notices and go back to the front page and all that until after I'd posted the change. Still, this chapter has been bugging me, so I would have changed it regardless.

I'm glad you thought the additions came off ok. I struggled with this and it still isn't what I want, but I think including it is important because this part of the story is about Legolas's birth. Even if I can't get that the way I want it exactly, it should be there. So there it is and I will probalby continue to change it. Drives my beta nuts.

Amglaur cracks me up. Old meany.

Aradunnon's attitude caused problems, as we know. It was wrong. No doubt about it.

Thank you so much for reading this and leaving a review. I didn't really expect people who had already read to read it again. I really appreciate it.

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/7/2005
I like the expansion of the birthing scene. It seems very peaceful, with everything happening in its own time, and everybody being cool and letting Lindomiel set the pace. More births ought to be like that. And that's as far as I go before I turn into my sister and rant about the superiority of home birth for fifteen minutes until someone hits her with a pillow.

Instead, I will just say that I laugh every time someone looks at a baby and tries to figure out which adult family member it looks like. The only adult I could ever see in a baby's face was Queen Victoria, in her "we are not amused" pose that you see on postage stamps. All babies look like unamused Queen Victoria. End of issue.

Author Reply: Thank you so much for reviewing this--for a second time. :-) I like it better with the birth in it too. It always bugged me. I just couldn't get the birth scene the way I liked it so I left it out but I decided that I liked something better than nothing. So here we are...

I will also refrain from the rant on homebirths. Suffice to say I've been the birth coach for both hospital and completely natural home births and the home births went better every time (even though all were either breech or a shoulder caught on mom's pelvis--even with complications, home births went better). So did I say I'd avoid the, good thing. Imagine how much worse that would have been if I had gone on the rant. :-)

I sooo I agree with you about the 'baby looks like XX' thing! That kills me. All babies are red, wrinkly, grumpy, tiny things. I'm not a mother. I guess mothers can tell them apart. Me, I'll wait until they are toddling at least.

Again, thanks for taking the time to go back and read the change. I didn't really expect people to, so it was so nice of you to do it and leave a review too.

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