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Interrupted Journeys: Part 3 Journeys Begin  by elliska 13 Review(s)
Jay Greenleaf ElfReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/18/2005
I'm really sorry that you had a bad day at work, although I'm still in school (almost finished! Yippeeee) I know what it is to have a bad day 'tis horrible. I hope my review cheered you up. And if you thought I was offended by not getting a reply I wasn't really, I mean there must've been a good reason so no hard feelings :). And about Legolas' wife, I understand completely, I just don't like Legolas romance, I think I turn an interesting colour of green. So there won't be romance with him as there was with Thranduil and his cousin (damn these names just won't stick, especially those complicated elvish names), don't worry you are not at fault, its just the way Tolkien made them (God bless his soul). When do you think the next update will be? I'm dying from curiosity. What happened to the ellyn that was right in the beginning of the series, the one that tried to seduce Thranduil, will she make an appearance, or is she the one that is at this moment trading with the Easterlings and the one scheming against Lindomiel, cause I cannot remember the ellyn's name in the beginning of the series?

Author Reply: Hi. No there will be very little Legomance in this story. There has to be some at the end to get him that daughter that we see in the prologue chapter but it really doesn't have a central role, honestly. I'm afraid to write a Legomance. They anger a lot of people.

I know what you mean about the elvish names. They are tough. :) I still have trouble with all of Feanor's sons.

I'm glad you are curious about the elleth that tried to seduce Thranduil--French Pony dubbed her the Black Swan and that name has become popular in reviews so feel free to use it. And I'm also glad you are curious about Tulus (the ellon). I will let you remain curious. *grin*

The next chapters (I decided this morning to split the last chapter into two parts) will be available soon. One tonight, if I can get one hour to myself to give it one last read through but work is once again conspiring against me. The one after that, I'll post the next day. And I hope to post the epilogue before the weekend is over. Those chapters are fully edited too. They just need one more read through.

You know, if you want, you can find my email in my profile (just click on elliska next to the title of my story). On the profile page, my email addy is at the bottom of the description. Feel free to email me. Might be easier than depending on the review function.

Jay Greenleaf ElfReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/17/2005
Aw no reply for me, boo hoo, I'm going to cry. Just kidding, you probably were to busy or something. I was just wondering if you could leave a reply for my request that I made about having more Thranduil angst. At the prologue, in the beginning of this series you mentioned something about the mother of Legolas' child, and was wondering 'starts fidgeting' if I could be her 'starts blushing'. My elvish name is Eruaina. Will you think about it and let me know? Plz don't think I want it to be a Mary Sue, Cause as I told Coriel, I really hate her, but I would really like to be the lucky one, If you know what I mean ;D. If you had someone else in mind, its alright, but I will be a tad disappointed. But no hard feelings will be directed towards you, perhaps if you have someone, then you could fit me with someone else if you want to. And this review goes ever on and on down from the word where it began, he...he.

Author Reply: :) I mentioned below--it was just a horrible day at work. Sorry for the delay, but I will always reply.

As for Legolas's eventual wife, she already has a name. Sorry. Actually this entire story is completely written. There are some parts where I never made final choices about how I wanted to handle certain things (the angsty parts, mostly). So before I start posting a part, I go through and clean things up and try to improve parts based on what I've learned from review suggestions about writing, reading other people's stories and conversations about writing, and then I post. I have really been amazed at how much I have enjoyed learning about writing as I have been posting this story.

If you look them up, most of the names in the story mean something. Choosing names is something I agonize over, honestly. For the most minor characters, their name is associated with some aspect of their life. Like the warriors all have names that are associated with war. More central characters have more symbolic names. The only exceptions to that are the character names that I made first and got too attached to/accustomed to to change later when I learned a bit more about Sindarin (Engwe is an example--I chose that name for its sound but the meaning is horrible if you look it up. Despite that, I had so identified that character with that name by the time I realized how stupid the meaning was that I couldn't bring myself to change it.)

Anyway, the mother of Legolas's child might not be a character who's fate you want. Remember--Legolas does not appear to be married at the end of the Quest when he goes off with Gimli and then to Ithilien. There is going to be a reason for that. More of that angst that you like. :) Legolas does not spend a lot of time with the mother of his daughter until the very end of this story. :)

Jay Greenleaf ElfReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/16/2005
I am so glad that u appreciate my comment about the details coz in myy opinion it gives u more of a backgroung to the story. Can I ask a favor? I know u hardly know me, but could u plz put in lots of thranduil angst and Legolas too but preferably Thranduil, coz there is so much Legolas owies and hardly any Thranduil, but I do luv them both, I just need one with an angst. Thx

Author Reply: Hi, sorry I didn't reply faster. I have had a brutal day at work. But never fear, I do always reply to reviews, even if it takes me until the next day. :)

As for Thranduil angst, I think Mirkwood is a difficult place so the poor elf must have experienced some angst naturally. I have surrounded Thranduil with a great deal of family and I will say to you what I have said to others--not many take a boat to Valinor. There will indeed be angst. And this story continues to focus mainly on Thranduil. There are only two parts that I can think of where the focus tips more towards Legolas. So I imagine you will get your wish to some degree, at any rate. :) Thanks again for the review and the interest in what will happen. I hope you continue to enjoy. :)

Jay Greenleaf ElfReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/15/2005
I've read both the stories in this series and the one now process, and it feels like I've been waiting 4 eva to have Thranduil decide to have a child, an I was glad when Lindomiel finally convinced him. I just hated it when she and her cousin (sorry, can't think of her name right now) got captured by those men, u really got me all tensed when they were about to kill Lindomiel. Any way thanks for making such great fics. I can c that u put a lot of effort into the slight details that I have seen some authors intend to neglect, not that I am comparing or anything, but thats how I see it.

Author Reply: It is always such a pleasant suprise to see a review from someone new! :-) Thank you very much for taking the time to review. I'm glad you've enjoyed up to here. I think Lindomiel agrees with you that she waited forever for Thranduil to give in. :-) And we all did wait a very long time. I suppose it's mean of me, but I'm glad I made you tense with the scenes with the men. There will be a fair share of such things in future stories. I appreciate the comment about details. I do have a lot of fun playing with details, both canon and from the OCs, so that was especially nice to hear. Again, thank you so much for the review and I hope you continue to enjoy. I should be updating this story again either tonight or tomorrow (busy weekend, this week). And there is only one more chapter and the epilogue before we move on to the next story in the series.

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/8/2005
I'm so sorry I didn't get to this earlier. The only possible defense I have to offer is that finals are upon me, and I had a 39-page project that chewed up inordinate amounts of my time.

I did read this right after you posted it, though, and I enjoyed it. I liked the tension as the hunting party tracked the Men and the ladies, and I especially liked that Thranduil and Aradunnon were somewhat less than useful, because of course they were blinded by worry.

I also liked the way that Thranduil is trying to pick up the pieces and put everyone back together. He could probably use a little of the same TLC that he's so bravely doling out to the rest of his family, though. But he's such a sweet, strong, loving Ada here that one could feel safe with him no matter what happens.

Author Reply: Hi FP! I remember the nasty grad projects all too well and I am VERY glad to not have them ever again, so I completely understand. I appreciate you taking time out of your recovery time to leave a review. :)

I'm glad it came across as tense to you. I can never tell how things will seem to others since I've read this about a thousand times. :) I felt for Thranduil in this chapter--I would not want to deal with a frightened little elfling or wife. Especially when, as you say, he needs some recovery himself. But I guess he can take out his frustration while finding who is responsible.

Good luck on your papers and your finals. I hope you took the summer off (or if you didn't, I hope you love your new classes).

Thanks again for the review!

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/6/2005
Wow! Another exciting chapter. I sat on the edge of my chair throughout.

The tension was great with both Oropherions so anxious that they couldn't think straight. Conuiön was a cool cucumber and handled them well. “That is lucky for lord Fengel’s guard. I am yours and I do not rely on luck. tell 'em! I liked that line! Oh and the poor guard who surrendered. Cold blooded!

“A five-year-old could follow this trail, Conuiön,” he exclaimed. Conuiön was smart to not underestimate the men, but the in the end, he gave the men too much credit. The men aren't the brightest bulbs in the pack or they wouldn't be aligned with Evil! Elleth. The dumb lugs...or their leader...would see that she's got an agenda that she doesn't mind sacrificing them to obtain if they had half a brain. Ah, greed, the great blindness.

I couldn't help it; I worried all the way up to the point that Thranduil had his hands on Lindomiel. I kept waiting for someone to get that last stab in and finish the queen. I have to say that I'm glad that you didn't kill either of the wives. I didn't find this version wimpy at all, but quite exciting and absolutely down to the wire as to whether anyone would croak. You did a great job of maintaining the tension.

Good Ada! Thranduil did a nice job with the little ones in explaining the nature of evil. Tough thing to explain. Why are there bad people? An question for the ages and one that no one has a satisfying answer for. But Thranduil did a good job of answering an unanswerable question. Of course, the little guys getting to see their nanas was the most reassuring thing that could happen.

Thranduil is slowly winning Amglaur over. It's only taken, what? Several thousand years? :>) When the chips were down, Amglaur saw that his son-in-law would go the distance for his daughter. That goes a long way with any parent.

I'm sorry that we missed the interrogation of the prisoner, but those scenes are hard to write. I think it's better to imagine what sort of things happened rather than actually seeing them. I don't think the Elves would actually apply torture, but I can see Thranduil and gang letting the guy think that they would and just the cold and angry stare of the woodland king could be considered torture in some circles. But the bad guy did sing and now, the elves have some idea who they're looking for. Evil! Elleth's days are numbered. I think the king will start to put two and two together. There was a torn tapestry...a nasty elleth...a dismissed guard....Come on, Thranduil....THINK!

Great chapter! I can't wait to see the next one...and the next one.... :>)


Author Reply: Hi Karen! I felt sorry for Conuiön in this chapter. I would not want to try to restrain Thranduil. :) I'm glad you liked that line. I kind of giggled over him saying it when I wrote it. You'd have to have nerve to say something like that and I think Thranduil's guards would have to be strong to work with him. But fortunately they stepped it up because, as you said, the men weren't too bright. They were nervous and heartless. I sickened myself writing about killing someone that had already surrendered.

I'm glad this kept you on edge and it didn't sound too wimpy.

I also felt sorry for Thranduil trying to explain the inexplicable to the children. You're right though--what they really needed was their nana's and a little time for their fright to wear off.

I think this went a long way towards Amglaur finally accepting Thranduil. As you said--about time! :)

I wrote the interrogation but I really hated it. I agree that Thranduil would never actually torture a prisoner. I think he let the man believe he would do it and let his imagination loosen his tongue. They need to do a little more investigation and then put the pieces together. We'll see where that leaves them.

Thanks so much for the review!

BrazgirlReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/5/2005
With the risk of sounding silly: thank you for not killing Lindomiel! Oh, it breaks my heart to see him motherless so young!!!
And wow what a chapter! I read it so fast and things kept interrupting me!!! Very nice scene you wrote when Lindomiel leaned against Thranduil when he released her and asked him what he was doing there. And send a hug to that captain... he trusted his king's sense of haste!
So. You say you planned and wrote Amoneth's death. Oh, that would be horrible for the men of her life.. her husband and children. Dolgailon would suffer too much being far from home. I love the way you wrote Thranduil speaking with the children in his lap, answering their questions as if they were investigating him!!! Very nice. Amglaur was so nice to his son-in-law! What a pal!!!
I hope Thranduil find those creepy elves and kick their... you know. Bastards!!! Sorry... I get emotional with people who try to harm beloved Thranduil. Great chapter Elliska!!!! You made my day. I mean, I came home from work with a stupid headache and just connected to internect to check my mails. In the end of the chapter it was gone!!! hahahahha!!!

Author Reply: Hi Brazgirl! I agree. I could not have killed Lindomiel while Legolas was so young. And Amoneth's death would have been too hard on Galithil especially--in the end, it just didn't seem to fit with the next parts. I'm glad the chapter still made you read fast (and don't you hate it when people try to interrupt important things like reading facfiction :-) )

I'm glad you liked the scene with Thranduil and the children. That was hard to write because these aren't really questions with answers. Even adults don't really understand things like what the children were trying to understand. Poor things.

In the end (not of this part but of the series in general) the creepy elves get what they deserve. And I admit I enjoyed writing that because I love Thranduil too. But you will have to wait and see them make Thranduil's life difficult for a while longer. Sorry. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and that your headache went away. Work has been giving me headaches recently too so I sympathize. Thanks so much for the review!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/5/2005
By the way, we're on Part Three. Just how many parts does this exciting tale contain on the way to Valinor? If it's not a state secret.

Author Reply: Not a state secret, no. :) I'm almost afraid to say because people will freak! It depends a lot on how many little Legolas stories I post. Some are just fluff, so I could skip them or post they separately from this main story. But there are about ten more central parts that I will definitely post. Not all of them are as long as these first ones but the gap filler ones are fairly long. Especially the one closest to the War of the Ring. We'll see if people want to read them. :)

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/5/2005
I found this at 5:30 this morning and knew I wouldn't get to it to read for a while so I confess to scrolling down to see what happened. Thank Eru! And now I have time to read it.

Next to him, Aradunnon’s finger tapped rapidly on his thigh where it rested. Mouth a tight line,
I know that seems an odd quote to cut and paste, but when I saw it, I admired it because of the way you physically convey Aradunnon's emotions. From my own experience, I know that's not always easy to do.

Conuion has a difficult job! He does it well though. And poor Thranduil, having to explain death and war to children. I remember asking my mother why there were wars. It just seemed inexplicable to me.

I laughed at Amglaur's warning about the tea. The males have to stick together.

Interrogator Thranduil is scary, but I can sadly understand it.

And I have to say, I am deeply grateful that this is the version of the chapter we got. I hoped all along that Lindomiel survived, so I was never as pessimistic as other reviewers were. And I sympathize. I know how hard it is to kill an OC you've working with for a while. I once considered killing Eilian, had it in my outline even. And you'll notice he's still alive and kicking.

Author Reply: I get up early so I can have time to relax and read a bit before work and sometimes it's just maddening because I find something updated that I really want to read and there just isn't time. Drives me nuts! (It also drives me to read at work sometimes and I have to be careful of that. Bad employee!) I am very bad about scanning to the end too. :)

Conuion's job stinks sometimes, I think. I would not have wanted to be him in this chapter. And I definitely would not have wanted to be Thranduil and have that conversation with the children. Those are things you just can't explain because they are indeed inexplicable.

I'm glad the tea amused you. It did me too. I can see them sticking together on things like that. :)

Interrogator Thranduil I think would be very scary. I do not really believe that elves would abuse prisoners, but the man might think it possible. So if Thranduil implied the right things, I think the man would talk and talk fast. I wrote the actual interrogation but I ended up not liking it much. I never considered including it.

I am glad you noticed that line that you quoted, actually. I liked it too. It is very hard to come up with ways to make the character's physical actions show how they are feeling. I think you are really good at that. It is something I am trying to edit into the story as I go to do a better job of it. It is tough.

I am really relieved that people are ok with this wimpier version. :) And I am even more relieved that you didn't kill Eilian. :) It is definitely hard to kill OC's. Though some will definitely die in various parts of this story, at this point, killing Amoneth seemed almost gratuitous and really didn't fit the way Galithil is written in the next part. So I really felt this ending was better. I'm just glad it came off ok to others.

Thank you so much for the review!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 13 on 5/5/2005
I must admit, I was expecting Thranduil to find Lidomiel dead - eventually :(
It's the angst-demon in me!

This is much happier for all concerned, and I'm so glad Legolas hasn't lost his mother. I read this through at top speed to find out what happened, and will now go back and read slowly, so I can savour the chapter.


Author Reply: Yes, I know a lot of people expected that. I admit I intentionally teased that way by not putting her in that opening prologue. I'm mean, I know. :) But I never intended to kill her in this story. She will live for a bit in this story yet. The other version of this was much angstier--you probably would have loved it and I was tempted to post it but it just doesn't fit with the next part (which I am editing now) very well. So I went this way. There is plenty of angst to come.

I'm glad it made you read fast. :)

Thanks so much for the review!

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