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Eucatastrophe II: Everything Sad Come Untrue  by Dreamflower 10 Review(s)
nancylea57Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/10/2008
if wishes were granted it might have to be this on the big screen, love thin little universe you have built/

Hai TookReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/19/2007
I have finally decided to try out your Eucatastrphe Universe. I have so much to catch up, especially with your stories but these really have caught my eye for a while now so I'm jumping in with both feet! You are already off to a grand start! I have read a couple of stories about Frodo being able to come back but you do such a wonderful job of making it seem believable and valid in the Tolkien world.

The idea that the Three didn't fade is a grand idea! I have loved these little alterations, like Quickbeam being the one to get rid of Saruman, geat touch! You write Frodo fitting back in very well, his living with Rose and Sam and their children it wonderful, the little things have made it particularly good for me, like Frodo buying the carriage and Sam objecting, but ther condition for it being bought was wonderful! I'm realy enjoying this and one day I will have re-read/catch up on The Road to Edoras! Thank you for a lovely tale and nice alternate universe!

Author Reply: I have always been so intrigued by the casual way that Elrond dismisses the fact that "some hope that the Three Rings, which Sauron has never touched, would then become free, and their rulers might heal the hurts of the world that he has wrought". Who hoped that? Why was Elrond *so sure* they were wrong? After all, there was no way to put it to the test. When had they decided that this wouldn't work, and why?

When I got to thinking about it, I began to wonder--what if the idea had cropped up in the White Council? Saruman was supposed to be their "Ring expert". What if he had tried to convince them that the Three would fade if the One were destroyed? With the power of his Voice, and with the other members of the Council still thinking he was on their side, he would have been able to easily convince them...

Even if it *wasn't* true, he could *make* it true, if they only believed him.

Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 2 on 4/6/2006
Oh, Dreamflower, you simply must write more! :) I know, I know, there are two more to read, but when you love something...:) And I do love this! Such a beautiful AU! I had to laugh at Frodo's insistence that Sam finally stop calling him Mister--LOL! How long has he been trying, I wonder? And it was so wonderful to see Frodo truly able to enjoy the lay at last. He deserves it.
God bless,

InklingReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/7/2005
It was nice to see you take this idea a bit further and account for the fact that even the power of the Three Rings could not have prevented Saruman from doing his dirty work in the Shire—had he been around to do it!

What a happy thought that had the Shire not been so defiled, a ban against Men might not have been deemed necessary…I loved Bergil showing up at the party!

I think this was my favorite line: “…there was food in so much abundance that it actually looked at one point as if there might be leftovers…”

Thanks for making me smile!

Author Reply: Yes, in many ways Saruman was the key to a lot of what went wrong at the end of the Third Age. But without Saruman's backing, and an increasing influx of his Ruffians from Isengard, Lotho could not do nearly so much damage. And without Sharkey's personal malice and presence, much of the useless damage would not have happened at all. And I also believe that Sharkey's last words to Frodo were a lie--without the Voice, I think that Frodo very well *might* have been able to find a certain amount of healing and comfort in the Shire.

In my story, anyway, that is true,and combined with the healing properties of the Three Rings, and also of a voyage to within the sight of the Blessed Land *and back*, Frodo was able to overcome all but the minimal physical effects of his ordeal. That's eventually going to come down to no more than a few twinges on the anniversary dates.

Result: Frodo remains, Gandalf can come and go, and so can the Elves, no need to ban Men...

I'm glad you liked that line. I thought it sort of hobbity.

Thanks for reading and reviewing. It's always nice to hear more about a story that is not new any longer.

SharonBReviewed Chapter: 2 on 11/11/2004
Ah, what a nice break from the day I've had.

I see you've blended from your other stories too, Menelcar has shown up for Pip's coming of age. Oh, if you need another plot buuny how about the story of them meeting back up with Menelcar in Minas Tirith after the quest. That would be a nice one. And he sang the lay for Frodo. I'm glad it's not too embarrasing forhim this time.

I needed some nice reading today and this was it. Thanks

Author Reply: How lovely that I was able to make your day brighter! *blushes*

Well, I thought it would be nice if he showed up. As to the plot bunny, Marigold already stuck me with--er, I mean gave me--that one. I'm keeping it shut up in the hutch right now, while I get a few other things finished.8-D

And *thank you* for your nice reviews!

KittyReviewed Chapter: 2 on 11/11/2004
Why, oh why couldn't Tolkien write an end like this? Even after ... maybe 10 times reading it and after 5 times watching the movie at the theatre, I can't stomach the Grey Havens. Every time I start weeping again - it is much too sad! *sigh*

Your end is so nice - I don't mind if it is AU, as long Frodo is happy again in his beloved Shire. He deserves it so very much! And the thought of the Elves returning instead of leaving and helping to restore Gondor is somehow reassuring. It may be Tolkien's end is more fitting with his story, but I am hopeless romantic and love happy endings so much!

Author Reply: JRRT had his reasons, and the truth is, he thought this *was* a happy ending: Frodo was alive, and going to be healed. But in spite of that it is so sad and bittersweet, that he cannot enjoy the Shire, and that he will be away from those he loves, and of course they will miss him as well. I've read the books so many times in the last 37 years that I have completely lost count, and it *still* tears me up!

I'm a sucker for happy endings myself, but I don't think I would have written it if it had *just* been JRRT's ending I had to deal with. So many fanfic authors come up with AUs that have even *worse* endings than that. I just decided to create the happiest AU I could imagine!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 2 on 11/11/2004
Now that's what I call a happy ending.

Just rewrite the earlier part of the book to save Boromir, will you? It always seemed unfair to me that he should be sacrificed.

Author Reply: Well, that's what I was hoping for!8-D I know the ending JRRT gave us is really better in terms of story, but gosh darn it, sometimes I think our lads just suffered enough already.

I actually tried to think of a way to work that in, but couldn't. If I ever do that it will have to be another AU altogether, I guess. *sigh* But there are some lovely "Boromir lives" fics out there!

eilujReviewed Chapter: 2 on 11/10/2004
Very neatly put together. And it's nice to see Menelcar again.

Author Reply: Thank you! And I thought it would be nice to see him again, too. I have another plot bunny (thanks to Marigold) involving him, but it's on the back burner right now.

viresseReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/10/2004
Oh, no fair! You're gonna make me eat my words about disliking AU stories, aren't you!?! When it was just the one 'Eucatastrophe', I could keep my dirty little secret. But now? I'll have to come clean. I do like these, and your weaving of Tolkien's own words into this AU version. I really liked the first one as I am a sucker for truly happy endings.

Are you planning to re-title the first one since it is chronologically so much later than this one?

Author Reply: I don't care too much for most AU stories, as the majority of them tend to make things turn out darker and even worse than in the original story. And the whole reason I write them is that I, too, am a sucker for a truly happy ending!

I will probably not mess with a title change, as the last time I tried to mess with anything like that I messed up the whole posting. But this *is* a prequel to the other as you point out. Although I don't think it really matters which order you read them in.

Hope you think this ending is happy enough! 8-D

SharonBReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/10/2004
Oh dear and how will this affect what happens in the Shire? But I guess that is why this is still in progress. You wove this so nicely around parts of the book, it will be interesting to see what differences you extrapolate for the Shire when they get back home. And clever to use the "Sharkey's End" part from the books when he died and was denied permission for his spirit to go back to the west.

And what an outcome of Wormtongue in this, he can't win in any version.

A very intersting universe you are creating here.

Author Reply: Thank you for the kind words! I like the Eucatastrophe Universe because sometimes I just get enough of the angst, and want some nice things to happen to our hobbits.

This one is kind of a prequel actually to the first story, but in other of them the key is Saruman.

No, I'm afraid Wormtongue gets his, no matter what. I'm not too sympathetic to the bad guys, LOL!

It's fascinating to speculate on the changes that could have happened, isn't it?

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