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An Unexpected Meeting  by Bodkin 4 Review(s)
EllieReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/21/2004
Wow! What a beautiful story! The feelings of loss and gain and acceptance and resolution were simply wonderful! Nicely done.

Author Reply: Thank you very much. I'm glad you liked it. There are a few more words to come in conclusion, but not a lot. This has made me think rather more about 'happy ever after' - I don't think elf / man romance had much potential for that.

SharonBReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/20/2004
AH, it still was a bittersweet reunion for Mithrellas. But so nice for her to see the family still go on. It sounds like she became somewhat attached to them even though she did not want to. Intersting that Imrahil gave her a copy of Galador's journal. It sounds as though Galador must of repented of some of his thoughts of his mother from what Imrahil said.

Mithrellas and Galadriel supported each other well when they needed it. Each has an edge to give the other the advice they needed at certain turing points. How wise of Galadriel to send her back. She did need to see them for herself and talk with them to feel right about leaving for the west.

Ah, but I see that you still have not completed the story even though it certianly is winding to a close. It this has been a great story so far, I can't wait to see how you end it up.

Author Reply: I think she saw Galador and Gilmith in Amrothos and Lothiriel - and was able to find them some consolation. I expect Galador was angry at first, but as he grew older he was better able to see his parents' reasoning.

It must have been good for Galadriel to have the company of someone who had similar 'Lady' leadership experience and an opinion worth expressing on some key issues. In fact, those conversations could be the underlying reason for the 'fate' that took Mithrellas back to the Wood rather than take ship.

Mithrellas did need to make this visit - and the journal might well give her even more reason for having made it. She and Imrazor will not be reunited, but happy memories might make her long wait easier.

Only one more snippet to come. (Although other thoughts are coming into my head as I type. No, no - that would upset the symmetry. Can't go beyond the circles of the world.) I'll stick with the simple ending.

Thanks for reading.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/20/2004
"Its exclusive tranquillity had fractured and the sound of the world beyond seemed to creep in through the cracks."--That's a great sentence. It shows what Lothlorien was like and what it lost.

I also liked Celborn complaining about the amount of baggage his wife and granddaughter were taking! I suppose he was on his horse, impatiently doing whatever elves do instead of honking the horn when they were late leaving!

What a lovely ending. Mithrellas is right. Her life with its joys and sorrows contributed to this outcome.

Author Reply: It must have been awful to watch Lothlorien begin to fade even as the leaves were starting to turn Eryn Lasgalen green. I wonder if Galadriel began to doubt her judgment about the rings. Probably not.

Yes - Celeborn's horse prancing around with impatience, and him asserting that there would be nothing they couldn't get in Minas Tirith if they needed it. And yet, getting really irritated if his favourite tunic or official Lord of Lorien mithril circlet had been left behind.

Nice memories for Mithrellas to take with her over the sea - completes the circle somehow.

Thank you for reading.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/20/2004
There were so many parts of this that made tears come to my eyes. I liked the contrast of Eryn Lasgalen and the Golden Wood--we know that from canon but you described it well. The 'too much baggage' comment had me laughing--too typical. Elrond and Mithrellas' conversation was sad but she was right and frankly, it probably helped Elrond to hear what she said. And Mithrellas' observations in the presence of her descendants were very sad. Galadriel's advice to go see them was characteristically wise. Mithrellas would have never felt...I hate to use a stupid pop psychology term, but 'closure' is the best word. I love image of her sitting in the garden that night, alone with her memories. And I hope we get a little glimpse inside that journal. What a wonderful gift.

Author Reply: Thank you. I don't think a male exists who wouldn't complain about the amount of baggage required for a wedding! And can you imagine trying to transport it all on horseback.

It must have been awful for the elves of Lothlorien to see the wood start to fade even as Eryn Lasgalen began a process of healing. And perhaps the first time that Galadriel really began to doubt the wisdom of using the rings?

I think Galadriel was wise to take Mithrellas to Gondor - and to send her back to make her farewells. Perhaps she was intended by fate to receive the journal at this time . . . It's unlikely to make more of an appearance though. Only one bit to come.

I haven't written anything today at all, and I'm suffering from withdrawal.

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