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An Unexpected Meeting  by Bodkin 4 Review(s)
SharonBReviewed Chapter: 6 on 11/5/2004
Mithrellas seems to have had a nice time reminicsing about Imrahil's ancestors. And Imrahil and his children are certaily happy to listen about thier family past. But it seems that all in-laws have to prompt their offspring. Poor Mithrellas did have problems integrating into human society, but then again it can be hard to deal with an elven stare if you are not used to it. Imrazor seemed to love her dearly and would do anything for her comfort and safety. Fortunatly she was not like Nimrodel to expect him to give up his life and service for her. A much better love story, really, than Amroth and Nimrodel. This has been a great gap filler in the Tolkein canon.

Author Reply: Marriage can be hard enough anyway, without marrying a different species! It was probably just as well she married into the ruling family - I can imagine an elven stare would come in very useful at times.

Mithrellas seems to have learned a lot from observing Nimrodel and Amroth - I think, if anything, she would probably have gone to the other extreme to avoid driving Imrazor into forgetting his responsibilities, but at least as an elf she wouldn't be too worried about him being away for a year or two. When you're a couple of thousand or so, a year can't seem much.

I think she is really enjoying this opportunity to talk about the past.

Glad you are enjoying it. More soon.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 6 on 11/5/2004
Ah, yes. We should be happy about the horse lords. :-)

You've done a nice job showing the differences between men and elves. And I can really understand her fear of her husband's aging. A nice foreshadowing of Aragorn and Arwen obviously.

Author Reply: H'mm. Blond horse lords - they could definitely be considered a plus point.

The differences between men and elves - I can't help but feel that Elrond had a better grasp of why it wasn't a good thing to fall into a relationship than most. The trouble is that lovers are never thinking with their intellect and they are then left to deal with the fallout.

Mithrellas knew she wouldn't die a mortal death and Arwen knew she would. I wonder which is worse? To be left behind - or to step into the unknown? The anticipation or Arwen's fate might well seem worse, but the endurance of Mithrellas's could be more harsh. Dunno. Thought for the day.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 6 on 11/5/2004
I found the discussion about the length of pregnancy interesting, and Galador's development. Celebrķan's experience would probably be slightly different again, as her children were 3/4 elves, but her advice must have helped.

I can just imagine the mothers of Dol Amroth comparing their children - 'is he talking/walking/teething yet? No? Oh, dear!' Those milestones are a long time ago now!


Author Reply: Celebrian would probably be the only person available with experience that would be in any way relevant, though. And if anybody dated back far enough to remember Elrond the elfling, they might have some valuable input. Although I wonder about the dash of Maiar blook in Elrond's line. How would that have altered the mix?

There might be (and probably were) other half-elven children, but they were possibly the products of more short-term relationships and, as such, not talked about much. (And more likely to have human mother / elven father?)

Isn't it funny how much a couple of weeks mattered when somebody else's child took to its feet. We had a great Health Visitor who would shrug and say 'no-one ever starts school in nappies'. If only all Health Visitors were like her. And then there's the competition over whose child is on which reading book. I suppose it carries on in a way - who has passed the driving test / what degree / how important a job . . .

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 6 on 11/5/2004
Absolutely loved the banter about Mithrellas' eyes and their affect on men in general and Imrazor in particular. That was very well done. I also liked the discussion of the differences between elven/mortal pregnancies and this half-elven one. Very well done. I like the way you are tying this story of the history of Mithrellas to 'current times' in Gondor. Very interesting.

Author Reply: Thank you - I am glad this is working for you. It would be very scary marrying an elf if you dissolved into a puddle every time they looked at you! I think Aragorn must have been deeply grateful for years of training in Imladris - not only so that he could use his version of the stare on all the irritating people to appear in his court, but also so that he could stand up to Arwen in her less amiable moments.

I hope the whole thing continues to pull together. More soon!

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