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An Unexpected Meeting  by Bodkin 6 Review(s)
lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 11/24/2004
Nimrodel and lovers if ever there were any! It was interesting to watch Nimrodel's attempts to manipulate Amroth through Mithrellas' eyes. Mithrellas is actually a very practical elleth, if somewhat blind in her loyalty. Maybe not blind...she certainly saw through Nimrodel's little fits and such...perhaps easily swayed by her friend is a more apt description. Amroth knows his duty and should have told Nimrodel where to get off, but as Galadriel noted, he was lost to his "obsession" with her. Question: Was Amroth related to Galadriel and Celeborn somehow? A son, or nephew, perhaps? Just wondering. I loved the way the forest mourned their leaving and how Mithrellas mourned with them. Also, her ending explanation of how Silvan elves, through their more carefree, careless nature could come to harm on the trip to Edhellond revealed a great deal about the nature of those elves. Great chapter, Bodkin!


Author Reply: You can't help but feel that a couple who head off to safety when their home is in danger don't have a lot of staying power. I thought that Nimrodel was probably one of those very charismatic people who seems to be making a lot of sense when she's in the same room - but the longer you are away from her, the more the bubbles of wonder pop to leave a rather tacky aftertaste. And Amroth of course is also being hormone-driven here - once elves were committed to love, they didn't really seem to find changing their minds easy. (Well, Nimrodel could probably have managed.)

One of Tolkien's many possibly threads made Galadriel and Celeborn Amroth's parents, but I decided not to go with that, because I really couldn't see either of them taking too kindly to their son throwing up his duty to chase after an elleth - and felt that Amroth's early training would have made it far more difficult for him to do it. I went with Amroth son of Amdir - who would have been kin to Celeborn, (as was Thranduil,) but wouldn't give C and G the kind of parental authority that might have controlled the situation. (Just started explaining some theory that doesn't come into this chapter. Ooops.)

I'm glad you liked the chapter!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/27/2004
It's interesting to hear Mithrellas's story - how sad to watch those around her grow so swiftly.

The tale of how elven blood came into Imrahil's line is one that has puzzled me before - thanks for explaining it!


Author Reply: Elf / Man bonds must have been really painful on both sides - but at least for the Men there comes a natural ending. Elves who committed themselves to humans must have suffered grief over the ages without hope of reunion.

However, it's not the kind of thing people pay attention to when they fall in LURVE, when a few years of happiness seem worth any price.

The story of Mithrellas and Imrazor is in the Word Of JRRT, but, fortunately, it is quite short - leaving scope for playing.

Thank you for reading.

SharonBReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/26/2004
Oh my those Silvan evles certianly were complex and Nimordel a little more than self-centered to not realize or care how she was tearing Amroth apart in demanding he follow her or else. What was it that Mithrellas loved about her so?

I wonder if Mithrellas would really stay in Middle Earth under other circumstances. Certainly not with her human family as that would be too much to bear seaing them grow old and die repeatedly. But some elves obviously never did leave.

You are bringing up all sorts of intriguing questions with this story. Please post more soon.


Author Reply: I think Nimrodel must have been one of those people with bags of charisma - the sort who get you to do things that you never would if you had room to think.

The whole elf / mortal thing is very difficult - and in some ways those granted the same fate had the best of it. At least Beren / Luthien, Arwen / Aragorn and Idril / Tuor ended up together.

The sources don't really say what happened to Mithrellas - she could have stayed, but the age of the elves was over, and wherever she would not be reunited with Imrazor.

This is quite fun to work on - the information is so limited.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/26/2004
Now this is a topic you don't see dealt with very much in fanfic (or at least I've been missing it). I very much enjoyed seeing Nimrodel and Amroth debating over coming or going. I imagine this is how it must have gone. It would be one heck of a decision for Amroth to make, leaving Lorien leaderless to follow his love. It honestly makes it hard for me to respect him or especially Nimrodel. I really am enjoying this. The loss of Amroth is a central topic of one of the parts of my story so I am very interested to see how you handle it.

And I love how it is framed by Mithrellas' conversation with her many times great grandchildren. How amazing that would be (in all senses of the word) for everyone involved. This is very clever. Looking forward to the update.

Author Reply: Quite! I'm afraid I find Nimrodel to be irresponsible and insensitive - and manipulative. And it is hard to have any respect for an Amroth who, when danger threatened Lorien, ran off after Nimrodel and promised to carry her off to safety across the sea!

What type of leader is that? Not the Thranduil sort, for sure. Not the Galadriel and Celeborn type, or an Elrond.

Amroth and Nimrodel are really peripheral to the Mithrellas / Imrazor story once Mithrellas is separated from the rest of them - and their story then becomes more general knowledge rather than personal experience.

Wouldn't it be - unexpected (and not altogether welcome) - if an ancestor from a thousand years ago came round to tea! I don't think it would be possible even to hold a mutually comprehensible conversation.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/26/2004
Wow. It's before 6am and I'm totally absorbed in this. I have to say I don't like Nimrodel. I don't like her manipulativeness or her playing with Amroth's love.

Author Reply: There doesn't seem to be a lot about Nimrodel and Amroth, but it's one of those stories that is superficially very romantic (like Beren and Luthien) - until you think about it.

Balrog arrives, Dwarves flee, Lorien under threat - and what does Nimrodel do? Run off to seek safety, followed by the Lord of Lorien, whose duty is to protect the wood and those in it. He then promises to carry her off to eternal safety across the sea. Well, excuse me! Here we have a pair who deserved their miserable fate.

6 am, huh? You get up and read long before dawn, just as I do!

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/26/2004
Ah, lovely! Please keep going... I want more!

- Barbara

Author Reply: OK. Service will be continued shortly. (I've almost got Mithrellas and Imrazor to meet - but it's a long way from Lorien to Dol Amroth.)

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