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Instruments  by Beethovens7th 2 Review(s)
RhapsodyReviewed Chapter: 6 on 4/5/2005
Oh this was just a very beautiful chapter. You have shown me how Harmony played the cello and even more, the way you wrote Elrond gave me the shivers. I could picture him sitting there.. just playing.

The tenor range of her modified cello sang to her heart the most, calling to mind the kind Dunadain ranger who had sung to her for so many nights.

This is almost poetry. I love the build up of this chapter, I realise she has to go trough the pain first to recover, but I had tears standing in my eyes when I read the final lines.. Another masterpiece!

Author Reply: I can't begin to tell you what perfect timing your review has had. It is a long sad story though, so I won't go into it here, except to tell you that it has been a tear filled day. Imagine my hearts ease and joy to find such a beautifully dreamy review! It is reviews such as yours (and the other ones I recieve of course) that inspire me to go on with my humble work. I have so little time to spend on this silly hobby we call fan fiction, that it is very discouraging to recieve NO reviews or notice. Wow, just WOW, what a fantastic review. I was so nervous about writing Elrond, as I am with any cannon character realy, but i'm thrilled that you thought it went well. I hope you are just as pleased with how I write the cannon character she meets in the next chapter! wouldnt you like to know who it is?? I think you'll be pleasantly suprised.
Thanks so much again!!

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/26/2005
I am so VERY glad you decided to go back to this story! And a fine job you did with it, too, tho' it was too short! :-) Elrond is a such a complete healer here, not only dealing with the injuries of the body but also the injuries of the mind! I like the way he helped Harmony learn all that she could, too. But the ending, where he uses the music of her home to call those buried memories back was especially affecting. Bless her heart, I hope she will eventually find perhaps (????MAYBE????) that her little brother and sister survived that awful night. As for what Harmony still has to do, according to Elrond, you won't leave me in suspense too long, will you? (Not nice, precioussss, to leave your readers hanging on an evilllll cliffffffie...even it isssss a clifffff of different kindddd...) Great job! :-)


Author Reply: too short, yes, i agree. I argued with it, but the chapter said it was done. Don't you hate it when stories boss you around? I hope you liked my elrond, I was nervous about writing for him. I'm all into multi sensory memories, and having such a musical background, i thought that music would be a cool way to help her healing. I'm so glad you think it went well!! As for her brother and sister, alas, well, we'll see. Suspense, Oh dear, I'm not a quick writer, daily grind carries me away from writing all too often. I do have chapter 7 almost ready. I hope hope hope you'll stick with me!!! (nice crunchible birdses for the nice reviews, yesss my pressioussss.)

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