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Instruments  by Beethovens7th 2 Review(s)
RhapsodyReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/8/2005
Yes!!!! Thank goodness. I could just hug Tharon. I am not sure if Harmony will ever heal after what she has gone through.. or if she can live with her guilt regarding her parents and siblings. One can only hope, but I have to tell you this: I was glad finally a ranger or rangers stepped in. For a moment I though she would suffer more, but they just came in time..

Author Reply: I logged on to find my mail box full of review notices!!! WHat a WONDERFUL suprise! I can't thank you enough for wandering over here to check out my disobedient story. It is fighting me, i'm stuck ona part, and i haven't been able to find time to wrestle with it. But for the sake of the couple of readers i've seemed to pick up, I'm giving it more thought than i have in a long time. I swear i'll try to get back to work on it. As for Theron, yes, i adore him as well. When writing him i have Ewan McGregor in mind. He is also making cameo appearances in another author's stories at this site, Leaward's story 2 of 32 he is briefly mentioned, and in another story she has planned, he has a bigger role. I was thrilled to lend him out. I have ideas to maybe write a story about him at a later time. He really grew on me. As for healing, she has a long road ahead of her, but with the help of the elves. . .

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/1/2005
Yep, heavy duty smiting, that's exactly what was needed!!!! I did SO enjoy watching the Rangers (yay!!! the Ranger calvery to the rescue!!) make pin-cushions out of those 3 evil jerks! Tharon seems the heroic type - I like him already and was elated to see Elrohir and Elladan with this group headed for Rohan. (Hey, I take my 'elf-fixes' where I can get them!) :-) This was a much easier chapter to deal with - just as good - but easier because now Harmony is in the kind hands of those who only want to help her, and she is headed for the best healer around (BTW, you did a very good job of describing Harmony's slow slide into complete despair)! I'm glad the twins and Halbarad decided to send her on to Elrond. That is just another example of their noble, caring hearts that they would take the time to send one of their men with Harmony to Imladris. Wonderful!

(ok, I'm gonna start badgering you absolutely MUST finish this...........PLEASEEEEEEE?!)

Author Reply: Weee, isn't Ranger smiting fun! and OMG, Pin-cushions! That is exactly the word i was using to meself.! As for Elf fixes, you are right. gotta love em. I was worried about writing them though. And tolkien doesn't make it easy. sometimes they are joking and singing(the hobbit), but then in LotR, they tend toward the more serious side. I hope i did okay with them. I do like Original character stories, and in them I love to see cameos by the tolkien characters. (it's like meeting someone famous.) BIG thanks for the BTW above. What she went through was mega traumatic, and i imagine that since she wasn't immedietly taken into loving arms, the slide would be alowed to continue. I'm glad i did a good job

As for finishing. egad. I'm having a rough time of it. I'm stuck. I know where the story is eventually going, but the spot i am at is just not coming to me. Ah well, I'll just keep staring at that blinking cursor. . . .AAHHHHH.

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