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Smoke and Fire  by Anso the Hobbit 3 Review(s)
periantariReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/12/2005
omg the ending gave me chills~ :*)
very nice 2nd person introspection... rare to find 2nd person stories but this one was done very well. awww Merry so dedicated to Pippin and the bond you describe between them is a sweet one indeed.
nice job.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/8/2004
Lovely... You capture the heart of it..Merry's love for his cousinand him wanting to protect him from all harm.... When at last he is in pippin's arm he dosen't fear for he is with the one he loves...

Great story....

Author Reply: Thank you. Both Pippin and Merry are such great parts of the otherīs soul and none of them could really face living without the other I think.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/7/2004
The summary alone sent a chill down my spine!

So it was here that the last day of your life would be spent, for so you thought it was.
You set the tone for the rest of the story with this seemingly simple statement.

(so there are Oliphaunts!)
Funny how our brains can be so detached and cool in the midst of terror and turmoil...
Your battle description pulls the reader into the middle of the chaos.

Merry's sudden realisation breaks into the picture you're building with shattering impact.

The hope that comes with the thought of Gandalf lifts the reader as well: you have excellent timing!

Somehow, Pippin always seemed to be on top of things.
Nice glimpse into his character.

Merry's "death" (his acceptance, anyhow) seems natural and believable, going into his last act with no reason to think he'd survive, his last thought of Pippin and prayers for his cousin's safety, and it flows naturally into the "Are you going to bury me?" that comes next.

Lovely ending. You could have taken it "dark", that it was all right to die, knowing Pippin was safe, Merry slipping away in his beloved cousin's embrace, but I like your hopeful ending better.

Author Reply: Thank you!

I`m not really sure how this story came to me, I just started writing and this is what it became. Writing 2nd person pov isnīt the normal thing to do, but I`ve done it twice before (with Climbing and a story thatīs not published yet) ... :) Iīm glad the battle was realsitic, I havenīt written that before, but having seen the films a good amount of times helps with the imagination.

I owe that Oliphaunt thing to Marigold, that was her idea.

I couldnīt write Merryīs or Pippinīs deaths I believe. But Merry didnīt think he could live after this day, he was sure heīd not survive, but things happen that we do not see, and so it did for him too.

Iīm glad the ending was hopeful! With such drama and action in a little story, I think itīs good that it did not end tragically.

Thank you for reading and for this great, long reply.

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