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Of Fish and Feverish Hobbits  by Anso the Hobbit 11 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 4 on 8/19/2004
Love the ending!!! Great all the way through....

Author Reply: Thanks! :)

MarceeReviewed Chapter: 4 on 8/18/2004
I'm afraid I've been a terrible lurker here on Arda's story page lately but I HAD to pipe up and say how much I LOVED this story. Merry is my favoritest of LOTR characters. I have to admit that I haven't delved into the novels (yet) but I have done a lot of reading since the movies caught my eye and pieced together a very tiny portion of what's gone untold from the movies. I'm not certain why Merry caught my eye, but he did right from the start. And by the time he helped Eowyn slay the Witch King and then Pippin finds him slipping into the darkness of the Black Breath...well, how can you not love this wonderful, brave hobbit?!?!

Now, getting back to your story. I've read a lot of Merry stories out there and I think the comments on your Live Journal are correct--that you normally see Merry being the strong one, the sensible one to be there to help Frodo (as long as he can before the break up of the Fellowship) and also look after Pippin. He's a care-giver, a trait that will do him well in the future as the Master of Buckland. However, there aren't a lot of stories out there where Merry is the one who needs help and comforting. Believe me, I seek them out!

Your story is WONDERFUL, Anso! And really...I would have never believed that English was not your main language. I loved how each member of the Fellowship was so caring for the poor, ill hobbit. I was really touched when Aragorn gathered Merry up in his arms and craddled him against his chest while he himself rested against the tree. Your Gandalf was also well done. He has known these hobbits since they were children...not to mention their families and background. Gandalf KNEW the ramifications of losing Merry, not only for his cousins Frodo and Pippin, but also the continuation of Buckland in the future. Of course, no one knew at that time how important Merry would become during the Quest--from his and Pippin leading the Orcs away from Frodo (at least as portrayed in the movie), his and Pippin's meeting with Treebeard, to his assistance in slaying the Witch King. Each and every contribution by the members of the Fellowship was vital.

On a personal note--I'm part Norwegian myself and even traveled to your beautiful country last year to seek out my grandfather's roots in the Sognfjord region (near Flam). I felt so 'at home' there and hope to return someday.

This story is definitely a keeper! I look forward to reading your other Merry stories!

Author Reply: Thank you for such a nice and long review! So, you`ve been to Flåm? I was supposed to go there this summer, but something came in the way so I have to do it later.

I`m glad you liked my story and thank you for reading!

I love Merry very much too, and Book-Merry is even better than Movie-Merry. Much better :) The movies doesn`t do him justice at all, especially ROTK. Allthough the movies gave him a face and appearance, I try my best to write him (or everything else for that matter) book-verse. Go read the trilogy - it`s wonderful litterature, I rearead over and over and over... :) Tolkien and the world he created are truly amazing!

And regarding English, you should see my fics before my excellent beta works on them :) but thank you!

there aren't a lot of stories out there where Merry is the one who needs help and comforting. Believe me, I seek them out!
And I try to write them, seeking the same myself, lol!

All my stories are Merry-stories, lol, and you`ll find them here on SoA.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 4 on 8/18/2004
What a wonderful story!
You are right, stories about healing Merry are seldom found.
It's as Aragorn says: Merry seems to be the most healthy of all four,
but inside (I think) he can be very sensible.

Thank you for writing this story.

Author Reply: He`s absoulutely sensible, that is when he chooses to use his hobbit sense that is, lol.

Thank you for reading, I`m glad you liked it!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 4 on 8/18/2004
Ah. Satisfied sigh.

(going now to look for "Heir to Buckland")


Author Reply: Thank you! I`m very glad you liked it. There aren`t too many h/c stories about merry out there, so I do my best to contribute to the lot. :)

Heir to Buckland is the first story I ever wrote, from one of Marigold`s bunnies, and she led me gently through it. You`ll find it here on SoA.

pipinheartqReviewed Chapter: 3 on 8/17/2004
Love it! How they all tenderly care for the ill merry. You can see all the love and concern for him with pippin and frodo,how they aren't far from his side,even sam wishes he brough thr honey.... Good job, can't wait to hear more...

Author Reply: Thank you for reading!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 8/16/2004
O my! So many little things...

the tonic that was not the foulest tasting, the tender care, the way the Big Folk carried Merry so carefully, the "attacking" hobbits, the thoughts of each member of the Company, and Gandalf's thoughts at the end of the chapter...

Eagerly awaiting more!

Author Reply: Thank you! I`ve actually always wanted to write a story like this, at least since I got obsessed with hobbits,lol!

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/15/2004
Really, like this... wonder why merry got so ill when pippin didn't... Poor merry, hope he pop's back soon...

Author Reply: I like to turnt things upside-down, but you`ll get your answer :) Next chapter will be up shortly. Thank you for reading.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/14/2004
Very nice use of detail: the clothes that were not as dry as they'd hoped, and Merry coughing so hard he sat on his backside hard enough to hurt!

Your hobbits sound very hobbity, with their light talk in spite of worry.

Am looking forward to the next chapter.

Author Reply: Well, you know, hobbits do talk light of things, as Merry says "We fear to say too much. It robs us of the right words when a jest is out of place." (chapter Houses of Healing, ROTK)

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/12/2004
Really liked this one,can't wait to hear what happens.... I wonder what is the matter with merry.... Keep up the great job...

Author Reply: Chapter two just posted, so you`ll probably find out a bit more now. Thank you for reading!

RogerGamgeeReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/12/2004
So this is just the first part, eh? I look forward to seeing how this one develops. I've been shuttling back and forth between Marigold's challenge site and SoA, so I didn't catch this one until just now. Good job so far...keep it up!

Author Reply: Yepp, more to come. Thank you for reading.

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