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Dear Diary  by Lily Dragonquill 103 Review(s)
KathyGReviewed Chapter: 16 on 10/3/2014
Aww, how sweet! And poor Frodo--those nasty earaches are no fun! =( Where's a healer when you need one, huh?

"Buckland Spring" is the story of Dreamflower's in which Merry says his first word. Only, instead of "Fro," he says, "Fwo"! =)

Author Reply: Thanks so much for your comment, KathyG, and also for reminding me of Dreamflower's story. Earaches are no fun, but I think even a healer won't be able to protect you from every kind of illness.

TariReviewed Chapter: 21 on 2/23/2007
Thank you for completing this diary. I can't tell you what it has meant to me. I never was blessed with children, and that has left a big hole in my heart. You gave me an insite into what being a mother means which I had not experienced before. It was beautifully written.

Thanks again.



Author Reply: I am honoured to hear my story has touched you. In fact I am no mother either and only imagined how it would be.
Thank you very much for reading and letting me know how much you enjoyed this.


Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/11/2006
I somehow missed this update entirely.

Oh, you've got me crying now. This is what did it:

Mother, I wish nothing more than to have you and father back. I am so sorry for causing trouble and for keeping you so busy you did not even find time
for your diary anymore. I am sorry for complaining and for being cross with you. I promise, if you return to me, I will always do as you say. Auntie Gilda
says you can't come back, and though hearing that frightens me, I begin to believe her. I have to go on alone, don't I? I have to endure this hurt or die
from it. I don't want to die.

Oh, poor darling! But even while this is absolutely heart-rending, it's a fitting end, and I'm so very glad Frodo will have her diary to hold onto. If only he *could* have become a father himself.

You've done a beautiful job with this story, Lily; it really seems as if you'd lived it, every bit of it. If you hadn't said otherwise, I'd think it was written from real life experience. Congratulations on its completion and I can't wait to read it again!
God bless,

Author Reply: As I said in the notes, this has been a real challenge and I'm glad the story is received so well. The ending is bitter indeed, but I couldn't see it any different than Frodo getting this "gift" from his mother. Thank you very much.

BudgieloverReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/10/2006
Oh Lily, this ending chapter was heart-breaking. The writer in me was delighted to see the story 'ended' properly, in a cycle, but the Frodo-lover was devastated. I hear young Frodo's voice so clearly, and the grief in it breaks my heart. As are all your other 'entries,' this was beautifully and movingly written, and the entire work will stand as one of the best in the genre.

Author Reply: Thank you so much, Budgie. This chapter was written a long long time ago when Primula first mentioned the bond between her and her child. I suddenly had this in my mind and though it is painful, it seemed perfect to me that it should end so. Thank you for helping me form this story.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/5/2006
Yes, this is heartrending and heartening at the same time. Losing someone so close and well-beloved is difficult at the best of times.

I'm glad Frodo kept the diary, myself.

Thanks for this story, Lily.

Author Reply: Thank you for reading! :)
The diary seemed like the perfect thing for Frodo to keep. Something to remember his mother by.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/5/2006
I will try and fight it, mother. You didn't give up, you believed in me during your pregnancy and afterwards, so I won't give up now, I promise. I will try to go on, if only for you and father. Perhaps things will turn out all right some day.

Wow! Beautifully written and a perfect ending!
Yes, he will have to fight a lot during his life and he will never give up! For he's stubborn, you know ;-)
In the end he will not have the strength to fight on, but instead will be rewarded with all the time he needs to find his peace again. And after that he will see his beloved parents again. Of that I'm sure!

Thank you for this story, Lily! I very much enjoyed reading it :)

Author Reply: Oh dear, your review made me cry. I always think of the family reunited one day for this seems to me as one of the biggest rewards for Frodo - see those he loved the most.

Thank you very much for reading, my dear. *hugs*

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/5/2006
Internet never ceases to amaze me. I gave myself an hour to "waste" reading today. I just reviewed your story about Frodo and Shelob, here I am still reading and you send a reply. We are somehow connected by that wire across the miles. And those of us who love the tales of Middle Earth are connected by that love, also. Well. this last chapter made me cry the whole way. A very appropriate ending. I could not see how you could tell of her death from Primula's own point of view. It would have to be someone's eye-witness account...or, Frodo looking back. I have to endure this and go on...How lovely that in the previous chapter we saw the seeds of the friendship which would someday make him feel as if he belonged again. Beautifully done!

Author Reply: The ending of this story was written long ago. I think it came to my mind when Primula wrote about the bond between mother and child. I suddenly saw Frodo sitting at his desk filling the pages with shaky letters. It seems fitting that the diary's last entry is written in Frodo's hand. Primula filled it with all her love for him and Frodo does the same for her.

SlightlyTookishReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/5/2006
This one left me in tears. I was surprised at first to hear Frodo's voice instead of Primula's but this is such a fitting, perfect conclusion. I'll miss this story very much!

Author Reply: I cry every time I read this last chapter - four times in the last 10 days alone! Thank you, dear. Knowing that you're a Pippin-person makes me all the happier to see you enjoyed this. *hugs*

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/5/2006
will try and fight it, mother. You didn't give up, you believed in me during your pregnancy and afterwards, so I won't give up now, I promise. I will try to go on, if only for you and father.

Oh Lily, how beautiful and heartbreaking. You crafted a lovely story.

Author Reply: Thank you, Janet. I'm very glad you enjoyed the story and its - rather unhappy - ending.

BudgieloverReviewed Chapter: 20 on 3/16/2006
Ah, my heart is complete...

As I have said before, each entry in this series is lovely. You have such a gift for real insight into family life we all can relate to, and yet your Primula and Drogo retain their hobbit-charm. And in each entry, each chapter, Frodo shines with specialness. I loved that baby Frodo said "no" before "yes" - how very true of all babies! And the image of Bilbo holding that beautiful, adorable child and babbling to him while Frodo gazes up into his lined face ... you touch an emotional chord that every living soul can share. 'Lovely' doesn't really begin to cover these diary entries...

Author Reply: Thank you so much, dear. This means a lot to me, especially since this chapter was only written because you sent that bunny my way. I just felt that there needed to be something that showed the special bond between Frodo and Bilbo - and the two of them babbling together seemed just about right :)

I'm glad you're enjoying Primula's diary.

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