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My Brother's Keeper  by daw the minstrel 25 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/1/2005
Something seems to be wrong with Eilian... Legolas is worried but them appears at the dance and wanting to argue until he was pulled away... Love it!

Author Reply: You're very nice to review every chapter like this, Pipinheart. Poor Legolas. He's very worried and no one else seems to be doing anything.

Estel_Mi_OlorReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/21/2004
Oh dear! My worry for Eilian is increasing! But it is typical of him, I suppose to chafe under restrictions and ill health. I hope Thranduil won't be too harsh on him. But, from Thranduil's POV, Eilian is old enough to learn to control himself. What a dilemma, but I'm sure you'll do an excellent job of resolving it!

Legolas and co. are so cute, observing the maidens. That's a good plot for another fic-and Thranduil's reaction. But who am I to tell you what to write? Never mind me!

The Ithilden-Alifrin drama is very tense. I love to see their courtship! I hope to read more about them!

Hmm but I can't stop wondering about that missing item in the infirmary and it's probable connection to dangwath. I hope it wasn't Eilian who took it. At least we know it wasn't Legolas. I love plot complications! I must fly now-but I hope to catch up on my reading as soon as possible. Cheers! Great fic!

Author Reply: Ithilden and Legolas each laughed a little at the others relationship with girls. I like it that Legolas is now old enough to tease Ithilden a little. Actually, he can probably do it more easily now that he'll be able to once he's a warrior.

Alfirin is not used to living in the public eye and I think she has to decide if she's willing to put up with that.

EmilyReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/18/2004
Y'know what? I believe I like Ithilden even more than Eilian. But then again, I suppose I'm not seeing Eilian in his best light. Even still, I'm loving Ithilden.

Eilian is definitely not doing so good right now. It was a very strong scene where Legolas doesn't watch the arrows but rather his brother.

What it must mean to be a son of Thranduil--practised at experiencing boredom at feasts! It's very sad that Ithilden takes it so matter-of-factly.

Ahh. Something missing from the infirmary. I wonder if it's coincidence, or if Eilian has been out a'thieving.

Author Reply: Oh that's so interesting to know. Ithilden was the OC I had the hardest time getting a fix on, and I've made a concerted effort to flesh him out more in the last couple of stories. Maybe I'm actually succeeding!

This story is fun to write because I can show a lot of it through Legolas's young eyes and when he's confused, we're confused too.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/17/2004
Legolas is such an observant little guy - you get the feeling that he's just absorbing everything around him through his pores. His comment about Ithilden always getting what he wants was great - although it's endearing of Ithilden to not quite share the same confidence. It was also funny when he pondered how Turgon always seemed to make sense until after everyone was already in trouble...he'll have to work on that one for a while, I think. Even at such a young age, Turgon was an expert button-pusher. Royal life sure is lived in a fishbowl - Ithilden can't carry on a courtship without an audience, and it looks as though Eilian can't have a meltdown without one, either.

Author Reply: Legolas is curious and open to experiences, which also stands him well later in life! I like the fact that he's now old enough to tease Ithilden a little. And I think it's hard enough for anyone to try to figure out if the person you're attracted to is attracted back, and if everyone is watching, you're in a bad spot. Especially since I think that Alfirin is reserved too.

Ah Turgon. Thranduil's nightmare of a friend for Legolas!

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/15/2004
That dagger is going to haunt us for a while isn't it? I think Thranduil's jeweled blade that he keeps on his desk has had a lot more character development than this one. I am sure he takes delight in reminding Ithilden that it is there. Who wouldn't? Legolas' concern for Eilian is touching. The youngest is usually the one being protected, it is nice seeing him in a more adult light. There is no way Eilian can feign health in front of the brat. The know each other too well. I guess there is even less of a chance that he can hide from Thranduil, unless Thranduil is very, very distracted. Ithilden and Legolas' little exchange over Alfirin was very well done. It is nice to see them bonding. Ithilden would rather talk to Alfirin than Beleg? Can you imagine? I don't really blame him - poor messenger.

I wasn't really sure what game was being played in Ithilden's office but I know you are up to something. Did Ithilden make Glarion wait on purpose so he could see something was amiss with Eilian? Did he think having more people watch Thranduil's middle son's actions would help the situation? The royals of Greenwood rarely do anything by accident.

I am glad our favorite elflings were on their best behavior. They are getting a little wiser. The archery competition would usually bring Legolas a lot of happiness but today it was only stressful. "His breath was so tight that his diaphragm actually hurt." what a great way to show his distress! Siondel was wise to send the little ones packing. It is up to Ithilden and Thranduil to handle the wayward warrior.

Ithilden's thoughts at the feast were entertaining. We seldom get to see his more introspective side on anything other than business. Elflings at that age must be a lot of fun to watch - as long as they are not your own. Alfirin will soon have him quite distracted.

I think I know what is missing from the infirmary... Miriwen? I had hoped she was long gone but I guess she is still around at this time. How about a curly haired elleth that needs a green ribbon... I feel sorry for Eilian.

Author Reply: LOL. The dagger with the emerald does turn up quite a lot in my stories. Legolas's will be more anonymous, I think.

Legolas is pretty observant and is loyal to those he loves, so he's having a hard time as he worries about Eilian. Everyone in the whole area seems worried about Eilian just now. Things got quite public.

Ithilden is talking to Alfirin in complete sentences now!!! What an improvement. And he is amused as Legolas discovers girls. But I'm not sure he should be laughing. He's not exactly Mr. Smooth. Miriwen is younger here than when Legolas first kisses her. You know though, I meant to go back to the curly haired maiden in "Tangled Web" and forgot. I meant Legolas to glimpse her doing relief work in Esgaroth. Shoot.

You think that Ithilden and I are up to something?

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/15/2004
I'm guessing the missing plant is dangwath and Eilian the thief. It's interesting that no matter how much everyone tries to steer Legolas around Eilian's problems, he's pretty perceptive about them.

'One day soon, one of them would cross the territory that separated them and, one by one, the others would follow. He wondered with some amusement if his father was ready for that.'

Erm, by Legolas' reaction, I would say that say would be soon.

'Legolas usually found Turgon quite persuasive when he was suggesting things they should do, and only noticed the flaws in his friendís reasoning after they were already in trouble.'


Author Reply: I think of the community around Thranduil's stronghold as being pretty small so I think Legolas is going to see most of what happens with Eilian whether his father wants him to or not. And he's a sharp kid. Except when it comes to dealing with Turgon of course. :-)

Now the girls are another issue. I strongly suspect they dared one another to walk in front of the boys.

JebbReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/14/2004
Oh dear I do not like the sound of this herb at all and I am sure Eilian has something to do with its disappearence. I hope I am wrong.
It would be so like him to try to hide his problems only to find himself in more trouble because of it.
Thranduil is going to be very unamused and worried
On the otherside I like the fact that even Ithilden can be eager to escape his duties occasionally and that Ada is very well aware of that fact.
and Legolas so worried and concerned you can already see where the adult version gets his caring nature and loyalty from

Author Reply: I think you're right that Eilian is someone who would hide his problems. He's lucky he has people around him who care about him and are not going to let him self destruct if they can help it.

Ithilden is still not exactly Mr. Suave with Alfirin but at least he's speaking in complete sentences, so that's a plus!

I'm glad you can see the beginnings of adult Legolas here. That's always what I aim for in these stories. They're fun for me in themselves but I think what makes them most interesting to me is the tension created by the knowledge of the future that hangs over them.

nanethReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/14/2004
O.K., I have to wonder. Are we being set up by both you and Ithilden? There has to be a purpose for the scene in Ithilden's office with his gossipy visitor. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

This was a touching and sad chapter. Well written, as usual.

Author Reply: Thank you for the review, Naneth. It would be very sad to see someone you loved falling apart as Eilian seems to be doing.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/13/2004
Why do I get the feeling that this might be a hard story to read? I don't mean that in a bad or critical way, but in an emotional sort of way. You have described such a clear picture of someone in trouble and in their own way, crying out for help, that I can't help but feel fear and sorrow for this person. We see it in his restless pacing, his shaking hand and foot, and in his boisterous behavior. And this person is our wild child and most beloved Eilian! Of course, if I didn't feel these things, then I think I would be missing the point of the story, and I hope that's not the case. I hope you know that I mean this as a compliment in that you have captured the on-the-edge personality and the erratic behaviors of someone who is teetering on the brink of disaster. To watch someone self-destruct is an emotional experience. And I've had a different emotional reaction to this story than I normally do one of yours. Again, I mean this as a note of your accomplishment. You've gone deeper into this family and their relationships and found something that all people and all families possess: darkness, the midnight of our greatest and most secret fears. This journey is more frightening than the ones we have taken before. The aftermath of Lorellin's death was terribly hard for the king and his sons, but here, we are given a complex view of far more than an immediate reaction to tragedy, but its lingering affects combined with personality traits and other external pressures. We don't know yet, or even if we ever will, what the internal workings within this character are at this point, but we can see well defined external clues as to what his mental disposition is. Certainly, the shadow is to blame to some extent, but I don't think even the shadow could create something in anyone if it is not already present. It seems to me that the shadow's greatest tool and most useful weapon is to uncover its victim's worse fears or his most sensitive insecurity and turn it against him. The shadow is the switch that turns on this preexisting and often, unstable, underlying current. We've always known that Eilian resists authority, and that he's a lovable wild card with self-destructive tendencies, but this is looking like a stark examination of who he really is and what he will make from it.

The lighter side is, of course, Legolas's insight into Ithilden's 'crush' on Alfirin, the little guys seeing elleths as something possibly more pleasant than previously assumed, and Turgon's constant pull to a mischievousness that looks downright innocent in light of Eilian's troubles.

You've added a whole new layer to your characters in this story. You delved deeper and found that even in dark places you can discover mithril.

I know it's hard to tell by this windy review, but I'm nearly speechless. Wow!


Author Reply: I think that Eilian is, in one way, resistant to shadow, because he is naturally cheerful and optimistic. But I also think he has a lot of self-doubt. He has trouble living up to the expectations of a father who is very different from him. And he is capable of being very self-destructive. But he's also valiant and daring and generous. Quite a combination.

And in the meantime, the other two brothers are exploring the idea that girls have something to off. Ithilden can now deliver coherent sentences to Alfirin! Yay! And Legolas and co. notices that the little girls are somehow different. Yay, again! Poor Thranduil. Who'd be a parent?

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/13/2004

Legolas and his not-so-subtle reminder to Ithilden that "I am OLD enough now to carry a dagger - so there! *VBG*
Ithilden and Alfirin - the chase is on! I like watching the oh so proper Ithilden get all bothered when Alfirin's around! :-) (If you ever watched the original episodes of Star Trek, there's one where the Enterprise takes some hippie-types to a type of Eden...the loose and easy "flower children" call Capt. Kirk "Herbert" cos he's so "stiff"! Ithilden is definitely a "Herbert"! *grins - imagination is out of control here!*)
The festival/party - the girls walking back and forth in front of Legolas and friends - how uncomfortable was THAT time of life? :-/

Now, Eilian (did I finally spell his name right?) - this is surprisingly hard reading about how Shadow has affected him, and how he is now in the process of falling apart! After the last story where he was so funny and carefree and flirting and getting up to his usual tricks, to see him so...weighted down with despair, and denying it, is terrible! And poor little brother is seeing it clearly, while the others...well, I'm wondering if they have even the slightest inkling what is going on with Eilian. I know they know he's sick...but do they KNOW how sick? Something missing from the infirmary? Gee, I wonder what THAT could be? This is a SAD circumstance...*sniff* Great chapter, daw! *sniffsniff*


Author Reply: Ithilden is at least talking to Alfirin in coherent sentences now! That's an improvement. I think the poor guy is in a tough position because nothing he does is going to pass unnoticed. Maybe he needs flirting lessons from Eilian. Legolas is just figuring this stuff out. Do we think it's a coincidence that the girls walked back and forth in front of them twice??? No, we do not.

Eilian is having a very public meltdown. Not much chance of keeping that out of the local gossip.

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