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The Dare  by Dreamflower 10 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 5 on 10/26/2005
Poor Pippin! Thinking Merry is furious with him! And poor Merry! Not able to set things right...

“If that had happened, there is *nothing*--and I mean *nothing* that would have kept you from being flogged, marked and banished for causing a wrongful death!
(and they didn't learn their lesson, it seems...)

He drifted finally into sleep, chasing after the funny and sweet memories of the two cousins he loved like little brothers.
(what a lovely image you paint here)

The messenger nodded, but did not look at him directly. Instead he fixed his gaze on the rug in the front hall... The messenger spoke to the shrubbery at the side of the front step. “I can’t say, sir, I’m sure.” Which meant he had not been given leave to say, not that he didn’t know. Everyone in the Great Smials knew by now, he was sure. He stood there briefly, just long enough to make Clodio know that he was aware of the lapse of courtesy for not asking him in for tea, not to mention failing to offer the customary tip. Not that he expected one. The Mistress’s brother was known to pinch his coppers till they squeaked. “Well, sir,” he said to the doorpost...
(I chuckled at your messenger, got quite a lot of personality for a simple walk-on part)

Having Pip alive and able to experience his first hangover was lovely.
(how true--everything is indeed relative)

Author Reply: Well, of course, he was right, Merry *was* furious. But it didn't last long, and Merry was ready to set things straight after talking with Frodo and calming down.

No, really they didn't. Or let us say that the lesson didn't last long enough.

I'm glad you liked that phrase. I think that thinking of his younger cousins was often soothing to Frodo.

LOL! That messenger had *way* too much personality. I didn't *dare* give him a name, for I knew that if I did, he was going to hijack the whole chapter, darn pushy characters! As long as I didn't name him, I had a certain amount of control over him...

Yes, it all *is* relative; for Merry this would have been marvelous.

GryffinjackReviewed Chapter: 5 on 10/20/2005
"But this day looked to have a more hopeful ending. Pippin would live, and his Merry would not have to know the kind of grief and loneliness that had blighted his own life.

And Pippin’s bright spirit and great heart had been spared to them. In his fear for Merry’s sake, he had kept his own fear for Pippin at bay. But he knew what it would have meant to him to lose that precious little Took."

Poor Frodo! How he must have been silently suffering as he watched Pippin's life ebb away, hoping that it would return, and knowing what it would do to Merry as well. My word, I want to give him a hug!

That messenger must have really enjoyed delivering that message to Clodio, especially in the face of his rudeness. How Clodio could be related to Eglantine, much less to be her brother, is beyond me.

Merry at first was glad to see Pippin awake in the morning. He even seemed to enjoy to some extent the fact that Pippin had a hangover, probably considering it to be a well deserved punishment. Why else would he have been smiling as he opened up the drapes to let the sunlight in? What got Merry so upset with Pippin was not just his fear that he could have lost him, but that Pippin did not seem to even understand or care that he almost killed himself in his foolishness and was instead proud that he had topped his nasty cousins.

It really is at times like this that Frodo understands Pippin and is able to help him more than Merry. How like Frodo to put aside his own fears and hurt to help and comfort both Merry and Pippin. The more I see of Frodo, the more I like him.

I'm proud of Paladin for standing firm in what he had to do when he could have easily given into his son's pain and tears. It wasn't easy for him to do. Yes, he should have let Merry and Pippin at least say "goodbye", but he did stand firm on the one punishment that would really effect Pippin in a way that he would remember and learn from. I wonder if Paladin got the idea for the punishment from his brother-in-law, Saradoc. At least *he* let the two of them say "goodbye" to each other when Merry was punished.

Poor Merry must be crushed, to be torn away from his Pippin before he could explain or make up with him. Furious he may be, but he still loves Pippin with all of his heart and very being.

Author Reply: Yes, poor Frodo. Yet this in a way is the pattern of his life, to bear his own suffering in silence for the sake of other people. I think he must have had much exercise in this sort of strength, and it was what enabled him to resist the Ring for so long.

I had fun with that messenger. I had to be very careful not to let him have a name, for he was wanting to take over the whole chapter. Darn uppity OCs, LOL!

Yes, Merry at first is simply glad to have Pip alive to experience a hangover. Unfortunately, not being able to remember what happened or how serious it was, he had a typical adolescent reaction. For I do not think if he had realized what kind of trouble he'd caused that he would have been so blythe about it. And to Merry, hearing him boast of his stupidity was the last straw.

Frodo, of course, did realize that Pippin just didn't *know* what had happened, and could not have been expected to understand what he had put everyone through.

I'm thinking that for either father, keeping them apart for a time would be an obvious punishment--far more effective than "time-outs" or "grounding"--though in this case, Pip got those as well, LOL! It's quite clear that no other punishment would stick out in their minds as much.

Yes, he does.

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 5 on 5/26/2005
Hullo...I took two chapters today. :-) I liked how you had members of the family take turns caring for Pippin; very sweet and realistic. LOL...I also like your Paladin's firmness. In one of my tales, I simmered him down a bit when I brought it from to SOA, thinking I had portrayed him much too strict. I can't wait to see him react when Clodio arrives!

Which story is it that Merry gets the better end of the stick with those two numbskull brothers? I'd like to read that ;-), but trust me--I'm not violent in the least! My sister is a nurse, too--and yes, I've picked her brain on several occasions. Helps to have one of those in the family. :-) See ya tomorrow.


Author Reply: I think that would be the way hobbits would do it. In my Shire, at least, a sick or injured person is always attended by someone, usually a family member. But in this case, it was even more necessary than usual, since Poppy did not at that time have an apprentice. After this, she made sure to get a new apprentice before the other one moved on.

I have read a lot of stories where Paladin is downright *harsh* and very unreasonable. My Paladin *can* be that way, but it usually does not last once he has calmed his Tookish temper down. Stories in which Paladin and Pippin are estranged for years on end disturb me. But he can also know just when to lower the boom.

The story when Merry finally gets to act on the Bankses is "A New Reckoning". It is a very long post-Quest story (over 70 chapters) and about the middle of it the Bankses make an appearance and do something incredibly stupid. And Merry is in a postition to finally do something. Which he does with relish.

But it wasn't the *complete* end of them. My new story, "The Road to Edoras" deals with the rest of their punishment--at the hands of the King of Rohan and the King of Gondor and Arnor. Yes, it was *that* stupid!!

Hai TookReviewed Chapter: 5 on 8/4/2004
Oh,dear, after an argument with Merry the two are now seperated which means they will actually both be stewing in distress and wondering if the other is angry with them! Perhpas th punishment is going to be more then Paladin thought! I hope they are able to do what is right and get everything resolved! Looking forward to more!

Author Reply: Yes, the separation is harder right now, since Pip thinks Merry is angry with him, and Merry has not had a chance to apologize.

Ch. 6 will be up as soon as my betas finish with it.

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 5 on 8/2/2004
Aw, poor Merry and poor Pippin! Paladin may as well have just cut off their right hand or something. Those two are nearly inseperable. Though he is right about it being the only punishment that will have any effect on Pippin.

And I wouldn't be surprised if that messenger got a whole barrel of ale bought for him for his gossip!

Author Reply: Yes, being apart is going to be rough on them. It's harder for Merry, since he didn't do anything to deserve it.

That messenger! I was very careful *not* to give him a name. If I had named him, he would have taken over the whole chapter, I know. He was just lurking there in the corner of my mind, telling me all the interesting things he could say in Underhill, if I would just give him a name! Darn pushy characters, think they'll tell me what to write.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 5 on 8/2/2004
This is very good!! I'm putting it on my reminder list :)

Author Reply: Thank you. What a lovely compliment!

KittyReviewed Chapter: 5 on 8/2/2004
I see, the others have already said what I would - this is a punishment for Merry as well as Pippin. Really, Paladin should let Merry in at least one time to set things right! It would be too hard for both of them to depart after Merry had yelled at Pippin. Maybe Frodo can talk with Paladin?

Oh, and I look forward to the next (and if I understand correct, last *sniff*) chapter! Surely you will tell us what Paladin has to say to the Banks father? This will be interesting.

Author Reply: Of course, Merry was too distraught to tell Paladin why he was so upset.

Yes, you will get to see what Paladin has to say to Clodio. The famous temper of the Thain.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 5 on 8/2/2004
I agree with torturing Pippin, who needs a lesson - but for Merry's peace of mind he should have been allowed to make his peace with his little cousin.

The beastly Bankses seem to have got off rather lightly actually - although I suppose a lifetime's fear of Merry + gelding iron might have made some impression.

I don't suppose Merry thought of actually explaining his final cryptic utterance, did he?

Author Reply: Yes, unfortunately Paladin's punishment is falling equally on the innocent as well as the guilty.

The Bankses did get off a bit lightly for now. Just remember ten years down the road. 8-D

Merry was a bit stunned at the moment. And I don't think the explanation at the time would have been a lot of help. But there's another Chapter yet to go.

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 5 on 8/2/2004
What a mess! Paladin is right about his choice of punishment, but the note on which Merry and Pippin parted will make things almost impossible. Loved Paladin's speach to the Banks brothers and I look forward to their father's arrival. Should be quite an interesting exchange. Now, I do hope that you are also planning on writing the tunnel story. LOL When you mentioned it here, I realized that I want that one too. Sorry, but I'm greedy when it comes to good hobbit fiction!

Author Reply: It's true: Paladin did chose the one punishment guaranteed to make Pip sit up an take notice. Unfortunately, it is just as hard on the innocent Merry.

Yes, Clodio is not going to be thrilled with his offspring.

People keep asking for the tunnel story. I'm letting it percolate. I'm sure I'll do it sooner or later.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 5 on 8/2/2004
really good... poor pippin,but I feel so bad for merry...pippin's father punishment was sever,but maybe the only way he will understand.
merry is right he dosen't understand,he won't see pippin for a while and the last words were angery ones.
I hope those cousins of his fathernever lets them visit again....
Update soon,can't wait to hear more....

Author Reply: Yes, Paladin did not think it through, that he would be punishing Merry as well as Pippin.

One more chapter to go. It's with my betas now.

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