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A Different Sort of Game  by Budgielover 10 Review(s)
Shlain Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/18/2020
Ok, I'm going ga-ga for your stories at the moment. You bring the perfect amount of humor into your writing without over exaggerating. Your character personalities are well expressed. Love reading your stories and look forward to the rest. Any way you could help me get the ordering of the stories correct? *blushes* I blame the migraine!
Ps:pigs can swim?

Hobbit Lass21Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/1/2005
I like this one!! Yay for Legolas, not shooting the doe. Clams vs. bugs... *sarcastically* difficult choice. ^_^ *walks off licking lips and thinking about clams*

annmarwalkReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/25/2004
Very original, very entertaining!
(And I'm from clam country. Your story made me very hungry. Ummm.....fried clams.....)

Thanks for sharing with us!


ArielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/10/2004
LOL! I finally got a chance to read this (RL is being such a bother!) and wanted to tell you I enjoyed it. (And no cliffhanger! Wow! ;)) You write with such an easy style that it takes no effort whatsoever to read your work. It's always pleasure and the story just flows. After a hard day working or reading things I really don't feel like reading, your stuff is a nice reward. Thank you, and pass the cocktail sauce... ;)

ElenarReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/8/2004
Great story. I love the hobbits clamming and i love Aragorn bringing insects. They're all so cute.

Breon BriarwoodReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/7/2004
Well, yeah, when you look at it that way! ;) I guess they won't complain too much about rabbit when they consider what the alternative could be. And for once, the hobbits beat the men! w00t! Very cute.

Frodo3791Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/7/2004
This was a cute, gap story. I really enjoyed how you started out with Boromir's point of view to begin with. He's a very interesting character, one of my favorites from Tolkien's world. Nice work.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/6/2004
I recall Aragorn (Recovery in Rivendell, was it?) being rather patronising about the hobbits' ability to survive in the wild. I am glad to see they are proving him wrong - and without having to eat bugs, too. Just because they are small, it doesn't mean they can't find good trail food and actually, since they are small (and hobbits), they should probably be pretty good at finding savoury overlooked items.

I like Boromir's way of adding interest to their lives.

LKKReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/6/2004
Very nicely written. I liked how each member's cultural heritage was reflected in their acquisition or inability to acquire sustance. Legolas rejecting the doe because of the fawn. Boromir seeking the boar but it runs "cowardly" away. The hobbits going after the clams. But I gotta ask ... what is with Aragorn and his love of eating BUGS??!?! :)

girlofringReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/6/2004
how wonderful..I knew the hobbits had something up their sleeve. I used to go clamming and crabbing when we (my kids and ex)went to Hatteras,N.C.

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