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The Shaping of Samwise  by jodancingtree 4 Review(s)
CalimeReviewed Chapter: 9 on 1/26/2005
A charming and completely hobbitish story. :-) It was so Sam--and so Frodo. The disapproval of the hobbits for the fancy garden mechanism was believably characteristic, as well. Delightful, Jo!

Gentle HobbitReviewed Chapter: 9 on 5/23/2004
I enjoyed this. I liked the way there was an ending that did not easily lead to Sam's "clearance" in the eyes of all Hobbiton, or the final come-uppance of Ted, because so often in life, those things never happen, while so often in fics they do. The ending that does happen -- the forming of the solid bond between the two -- feels very "right," and whole.

Lovely story! Thank you.

Author Reply: I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Gentle Hobbit. You're right - the nice tying up of all loose ends rarely happens in real life...

Thanks for reviewing!


lovethosehobbitsReviewed Chapter: 9 on 5/21/2004
Jo- Wonderfully done, as usual. I have always really enjoyed your stories and look forward to more in the future. A great fic, and Sam's point of view from the very beginning, you captured the pure essence of his innocence and fighting spirit. Thanks again, tree

Author Reply: Thank you so much, lovethosehobbits! I do love Samwise - Frodo is more compelling to me, but Sam is fresh air and sunshine and good fresh bread!


LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 9 on 5/21/2004
I've already told you that this is one of my favourites. Glad to see you posting it here!

Didn't have time to re-read tonight. Have you made any changes? I look forward to a more leisurely time when I can go through the whole story once more.

Author Reply: Thanks, Lindelea! No, really didn't make any changes, I just thought it was time I had the English version up here (I'm going to send the link to a friend, and wanted all my stories here, in case he actually decides to read...)


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