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The Minstrel's Quest  by Gentle Hobbit 113 Review(s)
shireboundReviewed Chapter: 12 on 3/18/2012
I just wanted you to know that I still read these stories, I still love them, and I'm so happy you wrote them.

Author Reply: Thank you so much for saying that. I'm so, so glad they still give you pleasure. What a lovely thought that you are still reading them!
*many hugs*

HolbytlaReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 11/30/2011
Your writing is so beautiful and poetic, I felt like I could hear the song you were describing. I love the emphasis in this story on taking the time to know about someone, and about giving a voice rather than just basing the lay on rumor. There is a real sweetness and thoughtfulness in your stories, and you do a great job showing the many sides of a character where it might be easier to give a simple portrayal. You also do a good job honoring the role of music in The Lord of the Rings. I feel like the song you describe would have given Sam the exact response he has in the book.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 10/20/2005
Gentle Hobbit, would you mind if I borrowed the wind playing the harp for Frodo for my current story? Please?

Author Reply: Please do! I would be intrigued to see how you use it. :) I have to admit that I've fallen behind in fic reading lately, but I see you have a "new" one taking place after the Quest finishes. I'm looking forward to reading it when I have a bit of time. :)

pebbles66Reviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 8/8/2005
Oh, this was absolutely lovely! A beautiful ending to a beautiful story. Thank you so much.

Author Reply: You're very welcome. And thank you for your kind words!

lovethosehobbitsReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 8/8/2005
Just wanted you to know how much I've enjoyed this story. You did a fantastic job with this other character and his developement and with our 'boys' as well. I really enjoyed it. tree

Author Reply: I'm so glad you liked Farohan! OCs are often reviled or come across as rather bland or typical characters, so thank you for saying that you appreciated mine!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 8/8/2005
"And so they listened, and Farohan felt the wind stream through the humming strings, and it flowed through the dark curls of the Ring-bearer's hair in a steady, never-ceasing motion." - What a beautiful image!

I enjoyed reading this story very much and to connect it to "The trial of Frodo Baggins" by bringing Farohan and Fellen together with Legolas as their teacher, is a wonderful idea.

Thank you very much :)

Author Reply: Ah, bless you. I'm so glad that some people remember Fellen and who think that he and Farohan have much to share. And you also picked up on one of my favourite images of the chapter. Frodo framed by the harp and with his hair moving in the wind...

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 8/8/2005
What a gentle, beautiful gift for Frodo, to hear the music of the wind and stars played on the harp of one who realizes Frodo is one of the few who would appreciate it. And on a ship, which will in the end bring Frodo to healing, prepare him for the day when his death will not be only mourned, but will be truly blessed on all sides.

Thank you.

Author Reply: You have touched on imagery and ideas that were central to what I was trying to express. Frodo is moving towards the time when he realizes he can go into the West, and it is exactly what you said--the ship, the wind and the stars were strongly in my mind... in connection with Frodo, as I wrote that scene. Thank *you*.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 8/8/2005
Frodo's face seemed younger, as if the light had smoothed away the fine lines that Farohan had seen earlier. But his eyes were of an aged soul, soft and thoughtful, but unhurried and at peace.

A truly beautiful story, Gentle Hobbit. In honoring the Ringbearer and his own need to express himself, Farohan has gained more than he ever dreamed.... not least of which is the respect of the Great, and a confidence that his song will live on.


Author Reply: It is both in his determination to express himself, and through his desire to give Frodo (and thus also hobbits) a voice that he does his best work, I think. Identity is such a crucial issue here. Thank you so much, Shirebound--I have appreciated (and looked forward to, I must admit) your feedback throughout this story.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 8/8/2005
I love the way Farohan takes Frodo on board ship to hear the wind playing through the harp strings. It is a moment when the two of them touch - but such a brief encounter. Endings are sad things - and the tale of Frodo sounds triumphant, but is very melancholic.

I hope Farohan goes on to have a terrifically successful career - and meets us with the hobbits again when the king goes north.

Lovely story.

Author Reply: I feel that Farohan will be successful in his own way--and what a thought! Perhaps he does go north...

Frodo's tale does include quite a bit of melancholy, doesn't it. I think that Farohan is subconsciously reacting to that in part (among other things) when he "plays" the harp for Frodo.

utfrog98Reviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 8/8/2005
An absolutely beautiful story. Wonderful beginning to my work week and I thank you for great pleasure.

Author Reply: I'm glad I was able to get your work week off to a good start! Thank you for your review.

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