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Some Nameless Place  by Budgielover 29 Review(s)
zGLNdytadbxcReviewed Chapter: 20 on 5/31/2012
Hi, I was wondering if this book (Nex) was suiabtle for a 12 year old girl? (My daughter) I have every intention of reading a copy myself and therefore finding out for myself if it's suiabtle, but I'm still deep in another book. I've not found any kind of rating for any of your books, apologies if I've just not looked hard enough!Cheers.Tony

dzjpMVvyeReviewed Chapter: 6 on 5/31/2012
Hi Grant,It's up to you whether you want to post all the catehprs. It may be best to only post the chapter you intend to read and give a quick recap of the events leading up to this chapter. That way folks won't be confused. If you simply want to e-mail the chapter to everyone and not leave it on the web, then copy and paste it into Mail Subscribers on the Dashboard. A copy will go out to everyone, but it won't save to the website. Cheers,Laurel

LaurelinReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/20/2009
wow!!!!!!1 this is really good so far!!!!!! hey weren't you one of the people 2 coment on that thing where aragorn is curing faramir?????? the name looks familiar haha!!!! any way im gonna keep reading and leave a coment on all the the chapters that people haven't already commented on :) haha jk. but this is really good it almost reminds me of the way jr tolkien writes!!!!! so congrats

AspenJulesReviewed Chapter: 25 on 1/17/2007
Oh, LOL... very very good! And the twist at the end with the town being called Ashville was hilarious!

I really enjoyed this introduction to Marly, Peter, Rich and Brion, and have a greater understanding now of the fellowship's pleasure at meeting up with them in Minas Tirith. And now I found out that my daughter read this a long time ago on and loved it too! Very very fun - I look forward to reading Leavetaking next, then Snowball fight. Thanks for such a wealth of pleasurable reading, Budgie!

AspenJulesReviewed Chapter: 23 on 1/17/2007
ARGH!!! They just can't catch a break! You are an evil, evil author-woman, Budgie!! I had hoped that Gandalf would have come in in time...

But I DID love Sam's muttered "Hasn't been so good for the town, neither." That made me laugh... and Merry's goodness in leaving them some gold. I was worried that they didn't have *any* of their money left with which to repay Marly and Peter's goodness, though I knew that eventually they ended up in Minas Tirith.

Ok, two more chapters - this MUST resolve soon. OH, and what is it about powdered myrhh? I'd never heard of it being a healing herb...

AspenJulesReviewed Chapter: 20 on 1/17/2007
And so the stage is just about set for the final confrontation. The only ones missing now are Gimli and Sam... and I'm sure they're not far behind. On to the climactic conclusion!

By the way, not this chapter but last chapter, I *really* liked the phrase that the fire "feasted on his sleeve*. That was really wonderfully put!

AspenJulesReviewed Chapter: 18 on 1/17/2007
Oh man - I should be fixing dinner! This is going to be quite a confrontation in the public gardens, and I HAVE TO LEAVE!! Ok... I'll read more later.

AspenJulesReviewed Chapter: 15 on 1/17/2007
I KNEW they shouldn't have trusted Merry! What was he THINKING?? (and that he could be Merry *or* Aragorn.) Didn't he think about the damage to Aragorn and Legolas' honor? Well, I imagine he's going to get an earful from Gandalf. I can just hear the conversation that decided Gandalf would be the one to talk to him... lol... The other two were a little too closely involved, and I'm not sure Gimli would have seen what the problem was, LOL.

Oh yikes... poor Frodo! That description was sickeningly brilliant, Budgie, and I think that that is all I will say about that except, thank heavens he fainted!

AspenJulesReviewed Chapter: 14 on 1/17/2007
Oh MAN! Stupid commander, checking all the coins...

It was a good idea of Merry's (though disturbing how easily dishonest ideas come to him! LOL) but I guess the Commander's grudge made him more vigilant.

Oh NO! Poor Brion - guess the idea of taking his shoes off had unexpectedly bad consequences! Sure glad I don't have to wait for the next chapter!

AspenJulesReviewed Chapter: 13 on 1/17/2007
Legolas and Aragorn are listening to MERRY now? Oh boy.... I hope they at least insist on hearing his entire plan first! I mean... getting Frodo, Pippin and Sam into trouble is one thing... but the Dunadan and the Prince of Mirkwood? Oh boy....

And now the other one... YIKES!

Well, maybe the two hunters will clash with each other and leave Peter and Marly and their family alone. Oh boy - I'm glad I don't have to wait!

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