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The Warrior and the Boy  by Nilmandra 22 Review(s)
Sandalf13Reviewed Chapter: Prologue on 1/29/2022
What a wonderful story. I enjoy reading everything that you write, Nilmandra, and I am particularly drawn to several of the authors on your list. I do have a question: I have sent you and Rorrah (?) SEVERAL E-Mails regarding how to submit a story and never hear back. I thought that I might try to reach you this way. Please respond somehow if you see this review! Thank you very much.

nancylea57Reviewed Chapter: Prologue on 1/8/2009
i wonder how many years and how many special initiations they can come up with as he moves closer and closer to adult human.

Author Reply: oh, I imagine the elves are very creative in ways of making short lived mortals feel very special. :>)

LOTR loverReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 4/22/2005
Browsing through stories on the eve of my birthday this year, I came across this lovely tale written for my birthday last year! I'm off to bed now, with visions of heroic and loving Elves and Men dancing in my head. Thanks all over again, Nilmandra, for it made my night.


Author Reply: Oh, Judy, I am glad to hear that. And I'm really glad your back, too. Have a great birthday.

And this made me laugh, because this was the only 'Estel' story I have written, and last night I was working on one for a challenge! Good timing. :D

Avalon EstelReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 2/27/2005
Aw, such a cute story! I love Glorfindel, and this is a wonderful version of him. Little Estel was adorable, and the fact that he wanted Glorfindel to be the first to wish him happy birthday was even more endearing. In short, a beautifully done fic about two wonderful characters. And thank you for letting me post my work here!

Author Reply: Thank you, Avalon Estel. I am glad you enjoyed it. As I work on HLIII, its good to explore some of these relationships between characters, so they come across well in that story.

galadrielReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 9/24/2004
i really liked this story but you cut it too short, you needed to continue.

Author Reply: It will be a while yet, but we'll see more young Estel in HLIII. I am glad you liked this, though. A bit of fluff to brighten the day. :-)

DuchessReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 5/12/2004
Oh this was wonderfully fun and cute and touching, all at once! :)

Well done and I must say your writing is highly recommended by daw. I'm so glad I agree with her! *vbg*

Author Reply: Glad you liked it, Duchess! This was fun to write.

paranoidangelReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 4/28/2004
That was lovely and fluffy and nicely balanced by Gilraen at the end. I do love Glorfindel's line:

I do not need to tell Elrond I am wiser, for he is wise enough to know that I am wisest, he answered wisely

Author Reply: Glad you liked Gilraen - I am looking forward to HLIII already, and figuring out how she might interact with all these elves - especially with logic like Glorfindel's!

GershwhenReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 4/24/2004
Ohhhhh. Glorfindel AND Elrond!! I'm in heaven. I do like seeing those two mighty elves interact with children and elflings -- and you do it so well.

I loved Glorfindel's reaction to Estel -- especially when he heard that the boy had been waiting up for him.

This was lovely and has put a very happy smile on my face. Thank you.

Author Reply: I am glad this made you smile! Fluff is great for that - just a tender moment, a special day, and a child who feels loved. :-)

RenReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 4/24/2004
Absolutely sweet!! Family bonding...oh!

Author Reply: Thanks, Ren! I like the idea of every elfling (child) loved and wanted, and part of a family. :-)

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 4/23/2004
Oooooh, I wish I could celebrate my birthday with some elves!:) Way cool, I do love these fluffy little stories! This one brightened my day...and it's been a long one!

Author Reply: Glad to have helped end your long day on a brighter note! As for the elves, close your eyes and make a wish. . . :-)

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