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We Were Young Once ~ I  by Conquistadora 6 Review(s)
mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 2 on 11/11/2019
Interesting that Oropher's wards address him as 'adar'. Is it a custom or they do it because they want it? Oropher is a great father.

Author Reply: I thought it would be nice since they've essentially been adopted by him. :)

mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/31/2019
Glad to meet Oropher's wife. Can't wait for Gil Galad.

TithenFeredirReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/15/2005
The story moves forward, but what is most enjoyable at this point is the little bits of characterization and the hints of what daily life has been like for those refugee elves. I tend to think of male elves as very powerful beings of great presence,more so the way you write them,so the image of them in the kitchen is so fun. I imagine all of their sauces were completely without lumps! I really liked the way you wove in all those references to how they were all having to deal with their grief and how they chafed under the subtle oppression of living in debt under the Noldorin culture. They are all ripe for a change, whether they realize it or not. The best thing about coming to this late is not having to wait for the next chapter! *gleefully rubs hands together* TF

Author Reply:
It would seem our conception of wonderfully masculine Elves coincides nicely. ;) By all means, tear on through and enjoy yourself!

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 5/3/2004
All right! An update! I was taking a peek to see if I Return had been updated and saw this instead - almost hurt myself getting here to read it ;)!!! This chapter had a little of everything - life changing announcements, Elven recipes, and lots of adopted children (Oropher may be a bit of an intimidating, belligerant elf, but his heart is definitely as big as Arda to take in all those orphaned children!). Galadhmir is the same as Aldamir, right? I liked the way Thranduil "found" himself again...I can hardly imagine him not looking everyone head-on. And I loved that line about not dwelling in the past forever. Very informative addition....moremoremore (*slaps self* :/ sorry!)


(BTW, was this Linhir the father of Lorivana and have you written a story about Lorivana and Legolas? Judging from some other comments I've read, you might have. If so, where could I find it? If not, are you planning on it?) :)

Author Reply:
I Return slowed on me, so I decided to get some practical work done elsewhere in the interim. Plus an update by Marnie, which are always dreadfully inspiring. ;)

Yes, Galadhmir and Aldamir are one and the same; we'll get his name worked out once and for all toward the end of the Second Age. And yes, Lori was Linhir's daughter. I haven't got anything Legolas&Lori posted at present, since romances really haven't been my cup of tea, but I am considering treating them with greater detail here when the time comes.

Don't hold your breath, but we'll get there someday. ;) At this very moment, I have "Dawn of a Third Event III" in the burgeoning stages, as well as a half-baked update for IR. Shuffle that around an essay, two open-book tests, and a lot of history reading, and you'll know most of what there is to know about my life at present. :)

Ms. WhatsitReviewed Chapter: 2 on 5/3/2004
"A smile crept across his face at the rediscovery of what had once been only natural, as he was reunited with the other half of him as though with a dear friend he had unfortunately lost for a time." That whole part about Thranduil "rediscovering" himself was great. I love your characterization of him, and I especially love what you've done with Oropher--we know that he was a bit belligerent, but people like that are also often generous and loving though they like things their way.

It's also nice to see some of the minor characters from "I Return." Is Linhir Lorivana's father, or am I imagining things?

Author Reply:
Discovered! Yes, Linhir later becomes Lori's ada (and Illuiniel her nana, btw). He's usually not so grumpy as this, but he was a bit frazzled at the moment. :)

Oropher is proving to be quite an interesting subject. I thought this setting would put a more human (for lack of a better word) face on him. Heavens, if he was constantly grouching and shouting, I would have to conclude Loriel hadn't known him long before she married him!

Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 5/3/2004
I'm so glad you picked this back up again. I love I Return and I am looking forward to seeing your early Thranduil and definitely Oropher.

Author Reply: I'm juggling this and I RETURN at the moment. When plagued by writer's block, jump in elsewhere. ^_^ Glad you're enjoying it so far.

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