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A Little Night Music  by Ariel 7 Review(s)
vivReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/20/2004
[The following is the comment I left for this story in the MEFA voting. I wanted to copy it here in case you weren't reading the MEFA site, and also because I just wanted to tell you personally how touching and evocative the story was. Thank you for writing it.] "Your shire is warm and wonderful and I could live a lifetime there. In this story, you've merged sex with the Shire itself, bringing a homey natural feeling to the encounter. And more than that, the twist at the end is so inherently Samwise, it was nearly inevitable."

Author Reply:

Thank you, Viv! That is very much what I intended to do. I have seen many varied and (very!) different takes on these characters but had never seen them presented as a real, happily married couple. This is the way I have always seen them, and the way I always imagined they felt living in the house Frodo left them. Since I'd never seen anything else written that was so down to earth, I figured I would try it. Thank you for letting me know I succeeded in your eyes.

I must also thank and congratulate you on having the resolve to read and judge fics in the MEFA awards! I started to and I think got through a handful of the fics that I wanted to read before finding myself completely overwhelmed! You are a better woman than I!

Nina the powerwriterReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/10/2004
I had seen this story posted a while back, and didn't read it because of the graphic content. After writing my own Sam/Rosie bedroom story, I came across this one again and finally read it :) WHOA, I am in shock. I've never read graphic content like that before (usually staying away from it with a ten foot pole, lol). It was like, whoa! Okay, I know I'm so not describing my review of it. It was good. I enjoyed it. Great way of wording things. Good job!

Author Reply:

Oooo! You wrote some het? Oooo! Can I see? *big grin*

*Cough, cough*

I, um, tend to be known for my appreciation of good het.

Hey, someone has to do it. ;)

Thank you so much for telling me of your positive reaction. *Grin* I write a lot of 'graphic content' but I do not believe in being crude. There is magic, beauty and power in the act and that is what I like to describe. That's what's worth reporting.

I'm off to search for your fic (if it's not here at SoA, email me) but I might have to wait till I get home to read it. You know, to have the husband handy afterwards, you know. ;)


ninielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/28/2004
I do too! I also know that boy's name! *g*

Ahhhh, what can I say? Wonderfully written? Don't you ever grow tired of this? LOL I loved it! Great piece of fiction and it reminds me quite clearly of a passion we both share. Very well written non-slash-fics. *sighs* Except for the Mae/ Frodo fic, this is probably the best piece of work I've ever read from you. I mean, I even a picture couldn't have shown me the imgages of those two involved any clearer.

I know I keep repeating myself, but I guess we know each other well enough, so that we can be honest with each other. You with me as well as me with you.

Ariel, honestly, how do you do this? Each piece of fiction that comes out of your briliant imagination seems to be even better from anything else. If this were a Frodo fic - hey, it would be perfect, I guess.

You know that I could write a lot more of such praise, but would it make any sense? You know what I want to say, don't you. Hugs, P.

Author Reply:

Awww... Sweetie, you are TOO good to me! Really! And I hope YOU know how much I appreciate knowing my work brings someone else pleasure.

In all honesty, I must defer some of this praise to M. Sebasky, my lovely and perceptive beta, without whom this fic would not have been nearly as easy to read. Like the sweet and equally perceptive Nilmandra (who once beta'ed a piece I was not happy with and turned it into something I was very proud to call mine - Swallowing Sorrows) she has been an incredible help and has taught me a LOT. So please, give M. Sebasky her due! Good betas are hard to come by (wink) and need to know how much they are appreciated.


LindorienReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/27/2004
Stay tuned - this challenge should be producing a few other good fics with married couples. I am most eagerly awaiting them.

I hope mine will be among the 'good' number.

Ariel - this is a lovely story. You should do Sam and Rosie more often and I wish you'd consider my suggestion to do one chapter per child.

This is a fun challenge and its nice to think of married couples having some fun. Seems to happen to little in the fandom.

thanks so much for this,

Author Reply:

One per child?! Ack! I would think it would become redundant after a while! Though you know at about kid 4 she wouldn't be thinking 'yes, yes, plow me you fool!' but 'oh, no, not AGAIN!' LOL!

OK... I've hinted it before but I am certain now - you are a closet pervy hobbit fancier, aren't you? Fess up! Furry feet turn your head don't they?


PervincaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/27/2004
Bravo! I think you did very well indeed! To be honest though, this is only the second "adult" LotR story I have read, and the first hobbit based (the first was a Faramir/Eowyn story). I tend to avoid them, worried that they will be plotless and, well, raunchy, like adult stories in many other fandoms. I didn't realise that this one *was* adult until I came to the little warnings page, but I decided to read it, and I am so glad that I did. There is no way that this beautiful little piece could be called plotless or raunchy. It was so full of love and sweetness! You managed to capture both of their characters perfectly in a situation that would have never been seen in Tolkien's works. Fantastic work. Thank you for sharing this lovely story :)

Author Reply:
LOL! thank you!

Well, a lot of 'adult' stories in fanfiction are simply an excuse to get the character into that situation and in those cases, there isn't much in the way of plot to be had (and yes, I have written a few of these myself), however I hope that any stories that I have published in communal archives, whether they have sex or not, do have a plot and purpose.

While it's got more angst and than sweetness, perhaps I could suggest another adult piece of mine - a gapfiller work called 'Heed No Nightly Noises' which chronicles an event that *might* have happened in the house of Tom Bombadil. ;) It's got a similar feel but with more 'magic' and with Frodo instead.

CuthalionReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/26/2004
Brava, really. I have seen more than one of your stories now, but this is definetely the one I like most. Well written with a delicate, artificial use of words, and lots and lots of feeling I know myself - for this is the love of two who are "used" to each other in the best way possible. I am married for nearly 13 years now, and I recognize a lot of those feelings very well. Whatever difficulties you may have had with the pairing - thank you that you did it!

I just established a new "adult" section on my site (if you don't already know it, here: Would you allow me to add "A Little Night Music" to the very small list of stories that pass me by on their way there? I would be honoured to translate it. (It is time anyway that a story of yours joins the work of Aratlithiel on my site!) It may take some time, for the list of stories waiting is getting longer and longer every day, but if you give me a little patience and your permission, I would really be glad.

Author Reply:

Oh, I would be quite honored! Thank you! I am glad you liked this one. I get so tired of people dismissing the married couples of LOTR, especially when Tolkien had such respect for the institution. I thought that they needed some celebrating.

Stay tuned - this challenge should be producing a few other good fics with married couples. I am most eagerly awaiting them.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/26/2004
O very lovely indeed.

I needn't tell you that I prefer married love, myself. It's something where one can fully give oneself up to the enjoyment and not have any regrets afterwards...

Author Reply:
Awwww! Thank you! I just get tired of people dissing Rosie and acting she was some kind of harlot that Sam didn't really love. 13 kids and a lifetime of devotion tell a different story.


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