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A Conspiracy of Hobbits  by Dreamflower 4 Review(s)
PSWReviewed Chapter: 5 on 9/6/2016
Ha! Of course Gandalf isn't fooled. With as complex as this is getting, I'm not sure how anyone could be -- and I'm sure it will only get worse... :-P

GryffinjackReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/4/2005
I wish he didn't have to sell Bag End, especially to those awful S.B.'s. If Merry came up behind Pippin, I wonder if Merry saw Pippin listening in on Sam and Frodo's conversation. Although I doubt he did, Merry would probably have said nothing, just hoped Pippin didn't pick up on what Frodo really meant, and dropped it. Then he'd tell Sam to be more careful about where he has his private conversations with Frodo.

"Gandalf watched his four small friends closely. Something had changed in their way of interacting with one another; it was subtle, but there."

Having Gandalf as the observer is brilliant. Of course the wizard would be pick up on the subtle difference in how the four hobbits were interacting.

"He was going to miss the Shire. But the day was fast approaching when all his work would either be done, or end in total failure. Either way, his time here would end."

You know, Gandalf and Frodo really are very much in the same sort of situation. Of course, Frodo is in more physical danger than Gandalf, but that wouldn't really matter to Gandalf as much since he is looking at the larger picture. Both must leave the Shire to play their part in this rather high stakes game which will decide all things. And both sense that their time is coming to an end. For I always sensed in Frodo that once he learnt of the Ring and his role with it, he never really thought he had a future after that, but more that his role in life had become this mission and that was it.

The addition of Freddy and Folco only tangles things up even more. Can you imagine how nervous Freddy must have been upon seeing all who were now gathered together in one hole? He and Pippin are the only ones who know exactly who knows what, and he will feel a bit guilty toward Merry about telling Pippin everything. Plus he has to worry about keeping Folco completely in the dark, since he knows better than everyone else just how badly Folco can say the wrong thing at absolutely the worst time. And Gandalf's presence? He's a wizard who has been among elves and surely must know everything. The tension in that smial must be so thick you could cut it with that knife Merry gave Sam for a birthday present!

Typical Gandalf to ponder and then watch and see how things play out. I'm glad he realised the value of Merry and Pippin and did not try to interfere.

This story is quite a cerebral exercise!

Author Reply: Part of the reason Frodo sold to the S.-B.s (aside from the time factor, and the fact that there was a standing offer) was the knowledge that with his beloved Bag End in their hands, he would have to go--he wouldn't be able to stay and watch what they would do to it. It was a way of burning his bridges.

A lot of people forget that "Gandalf was hiding up at Bag End", as the neighborhood gossip put it. He was staying there as Frodo's guest, and as an astute observer could not help but tumble to what was going on.

And you are very right about Gandalf and Frodo. I don't think Frodo ever expected to return to the Shire--though I believe he thought he'd live his life in exile, the way Bilbo did. But once he had committed to carrying the Ring to Mordor, I think he really counted himself as dead.

Yes, I am sure everything was very difficult for all of them during this time--secrets will do that.

And I do think that is how Gandalf would have played it--his role was to inspire others to play their parts, and he would recognize when that had happened.

I'm glad you put it that way. It most certainly was for me as I wrote it!

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 5 on 3/29/2004
They were having to keep score with quill scratches on paper, as Frodo had forbidden his younger cousins to wager, causing Merry to cast his eyes to the ceiling, and Pippin to stick out his tongue behind Frodo’s back. - Dreamflower

That was too precious! lol... I liked your take on who's minding who...I was going to give it a whirl, but then ended up scratching my head. :-)


Author Reply: I just kind of thought Frodo might be a wee bit more priggish with his Baggins side, than those wild Tooks and Brandybucks, and he might not approve of their gambling. (More on that later)
Yes, I'm really having to keep track of who's in on what, and how much they know. It's not easy, believe me.

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 5 on 3/27/2004
I like this idea. It seems to be filling in the gaps very nicely. I look forward to more. I believe yours is the first story that I have read which includes Falco and I love when Fatty is involved.

Author Reply: We know so very little of Fatty and Folco, so it was somewhat of a challenge to come up with personalities for them. I'm having a lot of fun with this one, but I'm afraid as I get nearer the end that it's going to be a lot of work to keep it in line with canon.

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