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When the King Comes Back ( Brandy Hall )  by Dreamflower 2 Review(s)
GryffinjackReviewed Chapter: 12 on 12/26/2005
"Sam shook his head. “Mr. Frodo’s not happy with me right now; he’s that kind-hearted, I think sometimes he’d even feel sorry for Sauron himself.”

“He probably does,” replied Merry. “But isn’t that one of the reasons we love him?”"

Spot on brilliant summation. Frodo really is a special hobbit with an unusal amount of love and compassion. Although Gandalf may have helped him along in this by pointing out how Bilbo had taken pity on Gollum and spared him, I think that Frodo would have found his own compassion for Gollum when he had actually met and seen the creature himself. For Frodo to have this same compassion for Grima Wormtongue, Saruman, and now Ted Sandyman... the people of Minas Tirith had the right of it to bow to him, and not just because he saved Middle Earth.

Poor Ted Sandyman... thinking of him turns my thoughts once more to On the Road to Edoras... *sigh*. Frodo was right in his compassion.

Author Reply: Oh, I agree, definitely. Frodo's remark about it being a "pity Bilbo did not slay him" was made off-hand out of irritation at the results, not anything he actually *meant*. And certainly, when he came upon the creature, he soon did pity him. One of the reasons I make Pippin so forgiving and compassionate is to reflect this same quality of Frodo's.

Yes, poor Ted. Yet Sam was right, the miller *had* planted what he reaped. That is so often a sad thing to happen.

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 12 on 3/25/2004
Merry (and Frodo) has such a kind heart! Love him...and Pippin! What the heck, I love *all* hobbits! :-) This is a fantastic story. Onward...


Author Reply: Isn't it amazing how hobbits can just get into your heart? I often wonder what it is that makes them so darn lovable!

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