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When the King Comes Back ( Brandy Hall )  by Dreamflower 4 Review(s)
PSWReviewed Chapter: 10 on 9/6/2016
Poor Frodo. I think that once you have seen the evils of the world there's always a bit of melancholy underlying the joy -- it's the way of things, and maybe even part of the maturing process on some level. Joy has a special poignancy when you understand what might have taken its place. But it's definitely harder for some than others, and after all that Frodo's gone through its no surprise that he was ever able to recover, even as he was helping the Shire to recover around him. Sad, but no surprise.

Glad Beri was warned to be polite to Sam -- there's just no sense getting everyone all riled up if it can be avoided... :-P

GryffinjackReviewed Chapter: 10 on 12/26/2005
I love looking at things from Berilac's POV! It is refreshing to see things from one outside the Fellowship, one who did not go through the travails and wants to understand and appreciate it and be a part of that special bond. It really is becoming much clearer as to why Berilac went on the journey On the Road to Edoras. I am so glad I read all your stories through once and am now reading them again in chronological order! I'm really picking up a lot more of your details, set ups for future stories, and characterisations this way and getting a better appreciation for them.

The contrast between Merry's and Berilac's reactions to camping out by the cart are striking. For Merry, it is nothing new and he takes right to it and staying up guarding the camp as easily as Strider had when the four travellers yet were novices inn defending their camp from any interlopers. But for Berilac, it is an entirely new and uncomfortable experience and one he does not care to repeat any time soon. This was a wonderful bit of writing, as was the way Merry was fresh and ready to cheerfully help Frodo and Sam the next day when Berilac was not. It is a measure of Berilac's quality that despite this, he willingly helped Frodo and Sam nonetheless without complaint.

Again, your voices are so spot on! I especially appreciated Sam's voice in this chapter. I could just picture Sean Astin delivering those lines and hear his voice in my head.

I like how you have Frodo helping. So very like Frodo to not shirk work where a spare pair of hands was needed, particularly to clean up and rebuild Bagshot Row. Oh, and the way Saruman had been hardest on the part in Hobbiton near Bag End to punish Frodo further! How right you are! That is precisely what this fallen wizard would have done. This was a brilliant idea of yours.

"“Oh, aye, Mr. Merry. I know what you mean. Cleaning out wickedness, it is, one way or the other.”"

Wonderful line! So full of meaning.

Well done, my dear!

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 10 on 3/23/2004
I loved this chapter; the comparison between a 'hardened' Merry and a 'soft' Berilac. Oh, yes...nothing like a hard day's work while running on half a tank! :-)


Author Reply: Merry was enjoying himself, I think. Somewhat a reminder of the days on the road with the Fellowship. And he likes seeing the Shire get itself back to normal. I believe Beri is only a softy in comparison to Merry; but he's game!

Bluegrass ElfReviewed Chapter: 10 on 3/23/2004
Great story! I can't wait for more!

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