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Battles Won  by daw the minstrel 42 Review(s)
endorearwenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/1/2013
I think this is the most amusing chapter I've read yet, Daw!! I had a ball living the fun that Eilian and Legolas shared through these pages! There bond is so touching - and strong. I wouldn't have thought to use winter as a setting for a story... yet, it was the most perfect time to let our warrior recover from the stress of his duty! And, I loved the poetic justice of the 'winter's war' ending! I'm happy to see Eilian's mischievous character hasn't been irreparably damaged by Shadow - how I would miss him if that were to happen! I really like the way you have used Lorellin's memories to help 'guide' Thranduil in his quest to better understand his middle 'problem' child. Despite Eilian's antics, I think there is much comfort for the King in seeing how much of her character this son has inherited. I wholeheartedly agree with Eilian about Ithilden's needs! I do hope you've taken care of that in coming chapters... :-)

PS - I'm totally enjoying reading these elfling stories all together! Although they may have been written years apart, being able to read them in one fell swoop is like becoming a part of the family! I get to share in the everyday adventures they encounter, experiencing the waves of trial and happiness right along with them. Besides, who could ever have enough of an elfling Legolas - repetitious or otherwise?! ;-)

Author Reply: One of the things I loved about writing fanfic was the chance to try out various aspects of writing without any risk. This story was an experiment in writing from the first person POV, and it surprised me in a lot of ways. Eilian could think things like what Ithilden needs when I probably wouldn't have written that in third person.

Ithilden will eventually get what he needs. :-)

My beta (Nilmandra) used to tell me my stories were really about family, so if that's what it feels like to you, then it's yet another proof that Nilmandra is always right.


pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/19/2005
This was a sweet story with Legolas and Eilian playin gin the snow, even at his age.... Also loved the end where thier father and older brother get involved, they all need a day to relax a bit from the duties they have...And Eeilian was surprised at his father hugging hi...
He was always the playful child anyway...

Loved it...

Author Reply: Eilian needs his father's approval more than either one of them realizes, I think. I had a lot of fun writing this story and deciding who they should throw the snowballs at. Girls? Of course. The tutor? Yes! Maldor? Tee-hee. Ada and Ithilden? Yes! Yes! I'm sure Legolas will remember the day that his father and both brothers played with him.

nautikaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/19/2005
I came here looking for another one of your fics, but I'm really glad to have discovered this one. I dont remember reading this series before, even though I'm sure I've read some of your fics. Now I have to read them all. Is there somewhere that you have them flagged or are all of them with the same big brothers? I love how each character is so developed and how well they interact with each other. Thanks for sharing!


Author Reply: I'm so glad you liked it!

If you go to my author page here

I have a list of my stories in chronological order of Legolas's age. They all use this same cast of characters more or less. I hope you find some of them worth reading and enjoy them.

RedeReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/29/2004
I fell out of my chair from laughing so hard. Twice.


Author Reply: I giggled the whole time I was writing this story, especially the second chapter. I made a list of everyone they could throw snowballs at and kept getting more and more excited. The tutor! Of course. Maldor. LOL. Oh! Oh! Thranduil and Ithilden.

I imagine that Legolas will treasure for a long time the memory of this day when both his brothers and his father played with him.

KalimaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 11/8/2004
Warm a heartwarming gem! As I mentioned last night, I've been archiving the connections to everyone's stories, but I've rarely found time to read them. I'm so glad I decided to play hookey from my duties this morning to read yours.

I was a good player, and I loved digging out caves in the snow drifts over the steep edge of the hill our house was perched on. This story made me very nostalgic, and I wonder that my own children need to be forced outside. Times have changed, and not for the better. These passive entertainments are not good for kids, not a lot of them anyway. (My mate and I don't see eye to eye on this: I keep them away from TV etc. while it's daylight most of the time, but I'm not always here.) I'm thinking I will tell them that they are now in elf training: they both love the LOTR story, and my daughter has read it as well. So thank you -- I didn't think to use this angle before.

I can't think of any constructive criticism, and to tell the truth, I used to try to think of something to say in that vein because the review sites often prompt such. After the discussion we've had in the "group," I'm becoming shy of saying anything anyway.

But truly, I think this story was just right. I've printed it to reread and for my daughter. I hope this is okay with you.


Author Reply: Thank you, Kalima. This was my experiment in first person point of view, and it was fun being in Eilian's head for a while. I was raised in snowy country but I never made snow tunnels. My beta did and suggested them and then after I wrote the story, lots of people told me they had done it too. I am afraid I was not an outdoorsy child. I wanted to stay inside and read a lot of the time.

And I am deeply flattered that you printed the story, and especially that you think your daughter might like it.

EmilyReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/20/2004
Dear me! You had me so scared at the end of part 1! I had Legolas's caretaker's words about staying out of trouble in my mind, and then they built the elvish equivalent of igloos. Just what my siblings and I did one year after a blizzard. It was fun until the snow collapsed on my one brother and he couldn't get out. I'm so glad you had a different plan.

This story was fun! I think I'll enjoy Eilian's POV even more once I know the character better. I loved the part when Eilian threw the snowball at Legolas's tutor. Even better was when Legolas threw the snowball at the novice master! And the little guy had the guts to face his victim! Priceless.

More good Ada Thranduil. And good big brother Ithilden. I'm very jealous of Legolas. He's so blessed to have such a loving family, even though Nana is gone. It's the times of grief that either bring a family together or drive it apart. I'm so happy that this family is hanging in there.

A very nice day in the snow! A welcome relief to a hot August night.

Author Reply: Why is it that despite growing up in Michigan, I never built snow tunnels and everyone else seems to have done it? My beta grew up in Minnesota and she's the one who gave me the idea. They used to dig the tunnels in the piles of the snow the plows left by the side of the road. It all sound kind of dangerous to me, as your brother would attest.

I think you would like chapter 2 better once you knew what Maldor (the novice master) was like, for instance. Legolas is just too little to know any better than to greet his victim politely. LOL

This family is doing better with Nana's loss in this story. They have a much harder time in "When Shadow Touches Home" which is set a few months earlier.

Is it hot where you are? We are having a very cool summer here in Iowa. It's been in the 40s this week when I get up.

rhiannonReviewed Chapter: 2 on 4/12/2004
Another great story, although 'Watch This!' is still my favorite. I love reading about Legolas as a little elfling. I can just picture as a little elfling running around, getting into trouble. Love the message about play being so important, even to 'grown-ups'.

Author Reply: Thank you, Rhiannon. I really enjoy writing about Legolas as an elfing. I imagine him as just unbearably cute, but I also have this real pity for him because of his mother's death. But then, he has this loving father and brothers, luckily for him!

AvonReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/19/2004
That was very nice. I haven't read all the rest of the series so I daresay I am missing some things - but it stood well on its own. I'm fond of 1st person and I thought you managed it well here. I did think that you got more comfortable in it as time went on. I love the love the family have. I'm jealous of the snowball fights though - how come it doesn't snow over here in Sydney, Australia? ;-)


Author Reply: I'm amazed that this stood on its own, so thank you for telling me. I keep trying to write the stories so that a new reader could still make sense of them, but by now I have a lot invested in these characters and it's hard to tell when I'm explaining too much or too little.

Right now, you can have all the snow you want from where I live in the midwest US. I'm sick of it!

LeraReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/11/2004
I enjoyed that so much. I like reading about battles against the real enemy but sometimes it is refreshing to read about a battle like this one. Snow caves are so fun. My best one was demolished by the snow plow.

I love Annael and his family. I'm glad they got a pass. It's sweet how Annael feels protective of them and the part they've played in Legolas's life is wonderful.

I know you've mentioned Gelmir at other times, but I've never really paid attention to him before. I like him. For whatever reason I really noticed him when he stopped Turgon from launching an assault on Galeril. He knew what Eilien was doing I guess. As close friends they have an understanding.

The whole thing with Maldor was hilarious. Brave Legolas had no idea who he was attacking. And then he so politely greets Maldor, that made me laugh. I wonder if later on in life Legolas remembers this episode and wishes he'd thrown the snowball harder?

It's so good for Thranduil and Ithilden to play too. Nobody's ever too grown up to play. It amused me to see Ithilden wrestling like a typical brother with Eilien, especially after their little chat earlier in the day.

You have a talent of ending all your stories on such a warm note. I think Thranduil needs to hug Eilien more often. God bless.

Author Reply: How is it that everyone else seems to have built snowcaves and I missed doing that? I certainly grew up in snow country. I hope you weren't in the cave when the plow came by.

Annael is a sweet thing in general, I think. He's a great friend for Legolas, one Thranduil much prefers to Turgon. I also have to admit to laughing to myself at the image of Gelmir's hand reaching up to grab Turgon's wrist.

Given Legolas's later history with Maldor, the snowball incident was fun to write. The elfling has no idea! Why does he think that his brave older brother is cowering in the tunnel anyway?

It was funny watching Ithilden stop being the commander and become simply a big brother tormenting his younger sibling. And you're right. Thranduil needs to let Eilian know more often that he's appreciated.

FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/10/2004
Oh Daw! This was quite beautiful. Touching, funny, full of warmth and love all at once. It was great to see Legolas and Eilian enjoying each other so much and the last scene with Ithilden and Thranduil was as much fun as it was touching!

Author Reply: Glad you liked it, Fades. I quite enjoyed writing the whole thing and particularly chapter 2. I'm sure Legolas will remember playing with his father and both brothers and then sitting on Ada's lap in his jammies, clutching his blanket, while Ada helped him eat because he was too sleepy. ;-)

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