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Oak and Willow  by Marnie 2 Review(s)
whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/17/2008
Events have taken a most delightful turn. I like how you portray Celeborn as both youthful and wise and I can't wait for him to meet Galadriel.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/10/2004
"Ah, Lady," Thingol said, raising the linked hands to his lips, "You of all people should know that the Quendi value freedom over safety. I will not ask the Green-kindred to abandon their lands. Not while I have strength to defend them."

"But our strength declines daily," Celeborn broke in. Since the formal audience was over he left his place at the king's left hand to sit on the steps of the dais. "Unless we can somehow learn to breed like orcs, we will soon by overwhelmed by sheer numbers."

"You have a foul mouth, nephew." Grief at the knowledge that the words were true did not prevent Thingol from a bitter smile at the way it had been put, "And clear sight."

Love this interchange. Thingol's statement is exactly right for the way I think elves would feel about this and Celeborn hits the nail on the head with the problem.

I am really glad I found this story here on SoA. I prefer reading stuff here.

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