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Pause  by Sphinx 5 Review(s)
LevadeReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 12/8/2005
There are interesting parallels between Aragorn and Tuor, and both are so very worthy of admiration. I love Tuor, and not much is written about him in fanfic, but he is a rather quiet fellow. He gets the job done though, without fuss, and is such a solid, honourable rock. This is a lovely story and his reflections on Earendil are touching. Even less is written about those two as father and son! I love that every word counts and meshes to form a beautiful picture of him standing there, watching the sun, the sea (which meant so much to him) and thinking on his life. Really lovely.

svadilfariReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 12/7/2005
Yay, a Tuor fic! I love my Gondolidrim and Tuor's certainly the best mortal in the First Age. I know there's Beren, but still...Curiously, if you care for a review so late after posting (and certainly to late to wish Aragorn) what are your thoughts to his and Idril's fate? I believe him to have landed in (at the very least)Tol Eressea, the only mortal to be counted among the Firstborns with his wife. This of course, excludes Earendil who after is still half and half and later chooses the choice of his wife. Tolkien does say Earendil to be the first Man to step in the hallowed ground of Valinor but, who knows how long it would have taken the two to have arrived?

LindorienReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 3/1/2004
You do write pretty elves. Not that I understand them in the least, but you do write 'em pretty!


Author Reply: Is that a bad thing? :)

*hugs* As long you were able to make out what exactly was going on, and the timelines were okay, I'm happy.


BejaiReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 3/1/2004
Tuor! Who does Tuor? Oh, wow, that was excellent. It is easy to overlook the story of Tuor and Idril; it is engulfed by the Beren-Luthien story, and Arwen-Aragorn. I'd never thought about Tuor before. Why the heck not? Elrond's human granddad, who dared to love an elf maid and sailed off to a mysterious fate. You always do this with your vignettes -- propose things I'd never considered that, ever after, get stuck in my head. Must go find more stories to read about Tuor. They probably don't exist. Arrgg.

Wonderful story. Took me a few minutes to get up to speed, 'cause I've ignored Gondolin most of the time, but then my Silm history returned to me. Great stuff, Sphinx.

Author Reply: Hmmm. Not everyone does Tuor. 'Tis a pity, because he's my favourite Man in Silm. But you're right....I think he tends to get dwarfed by his more illusitrious cousins,namely Beren and Turin.

Go look for stories on Tuor in's Silm section. They're there, but few.

Thank you for the review!!!!!!

*Aragorn glares coz you didnt wish him*

Kitt of LindonReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 3/1/2004
Oh, yes! Aragorn's birthday is today! *smacks face* Must make cake...
Love Tuor's insight. After all, how often do you read a story on Tuor? Not much, my preciousss. What is wrong with Tuor, we askss?
Ahem, I think it is sweet when Elros comes to his grandfather. (It's kind of creepy thinking that Elrond and Elros had grandparents.)
Enough rambling for me. Great story!

Author Reply: Thank you!!

Why is it weird imagining them with grandparents?? That's probably because they're a couple of millenia old in LOTR the First Age, they're just elflings. :)


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