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Sacrifice Under Shadow  by daw the minstrel 24 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/15/2005
Eilian is injured with some type of posion, it sounded as in the Orc was targeting Eilian...knew him. Legolas and him is alone, this is not good...

Author Reply: Eilian has been the captain in this area for a long time. I thought the Orcs might know him by now. And you're right. This is not good.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/22/2004
Beliond injured, and Maltanaur helping him. Both keepers gone, and Eilian attacked by the orc captain. There is something particularly pleasing to know that Eilian is a thorn in their side. Unfortunately, now the orc has put a thorn in Eilian's side. I think I should go help care for him, but frankly, I hate the cold and orcs, and am scared of this stuff in real life, so perhaps I will let Legolas tend to him. Its a good thing this is before the age of lightning speed communications, for by the time Thranduil hears the details, everyone will be fine.

Author Reply: You have offered to comfort and take care of Eilian before, and he is deeply grateful for that. The idea that the orcs recognized Eilian only occurred to me as I was writing the chapter and then I thought of course they would! He's been doing wickedly bad things to them for a long time.

brynReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/21/2004

Author Reply: LOL

DotReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/19/2004
*gasp* No! What did Eilian ever do to you?? In fact, what did your readers do to you for that matter?? I had only just recovered from Legolas’ memory loss, I’m not sure I can cope with a bleeding, poisoned, about-to-be-frostbitten Eilian… Alright, so maybe I did feel a teensy thrill of excitement, but that doesn’t mean I’m cruel or anything…;)

Really, what an exhilarating chapter. I liked Legolas’ observation that the times of extreme excitement in the patrol make ordinary times seem tedious. It really summed it up, I thought and gave a lot of insight into Eilian’s…addiction, for want of a better word, to it. Legolas is settling in well, though. I’m glad he can see what a good captain his brother is, but at the same time Eilian’s short tale about himself seems to have been enough to make him more aware of the different aspects of him. I like too that he admires Eilian enough to appreciate when he allows him to be more involved than he once would have and remains aware of the cost to Eilian of doing so.

The battle itself was completely absorbing. You seem to have a scarily precise idea of how Orcs would act in such a situation! *worries about daw a little*

Poor Beliond! Actually, strike that. Poor Maltanaur!

I seriously nearly fell off my seat when Legolas turned and saw that Orc! . “We have been after this one for a long time.” OMG! He was singled out. Wow, it really shows how good Eilian is, though, if he was enough of a threat that the Orcs wanted to be rid of him.

Maltanaur and Beliond are going to have several fits when they realise that both of the king’s sons are missing. Aagh, Thranduil! Still, I’m sure Eilian will be fine and he need not know… I have to say, it’s interesting to see almost a reversal of positions, with Legolas being now completely responsible for his helpless brother. How frightening for him.

I have no idea what could happen next, so I’m torn between being afraid for Eilian and really, really, really wanting to know!:)

Author Reply: This is such a great review! You've mentioned lots of the things I was trying to do in this chapter: for instance, Legolas's understanding of Eilian's adrenalin addiction and his continued love for and admiration of his brother, even though he increasingly realizes that Eilian is not perfect.

And I am so glad you were surprised when the Orc appeared and then saw how the Orcs' malice meant that Eilian was good. I think Beliond has been sent back to camp and may not know what's going on but Maltanaur stayed behind to fight more Orcs and I assume he's in a frenzy. He'll want to retrieve his charge and then smack him one. But really, Maltanaur should know better by now than to turn his back on Eilian.

And finally, Legolas gets to be the one who takes care of someone he loves. What a wonderful chance to return some of what he's been given.

Thank you, Dot!

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/18/2004
Oh your minstrelness, I think this is one of the best chapters you've ever written...and you know, this is high praise since I'm one of your biggest fans. The action was tight, and the emotional depth was mined like a vein of mithril. I like the way you showed the emotional connections in subtle ways: a look in Eilian's eyes, the feelings of satisfaction and love Legolas felt for his brother when Eilian allowed him to act as a competent warrior, the concern Legolas felt when Beliond was hurt and the calm, but well thought out care Legolas took of Eilian when he was wounded.

I thought when the scout returned and reported the number of orcs in the area and Eilian thought it was probably a raiding party with their eyes set on a settlement, that we were going to get to see Eilian save Celuwen's rear and maybe gain a bit of favor with her cranky ada. I have to say, I was surprised when everybody and their brother ended up wounded. Since Thranduil has such a close connection with his sons...especially Legolas...he must be on blood pressure medicine by now. Back at the palace, I imagine Ithilden is sitting on him to keep him from charging off into the snowy night! Of course, if the orcs don't think they like to tangle with Eilian, they certainly don't want to have a run in with an upset Thranduil, the Adar! It scares me to think about it. That's not to mention two 'keepers' who will be more than disgruntled.

Well, your dawness, you have left us especially, since I'll be out of town until Sunday and you'll probably post while I'm rocking in front of a fireplace in the mountains...just threw that in so you'll be jealous since I'll be in the dark about the next chapter. :>)

Seriously, great chapter. I'll have something to look forward to when I get home...assuming you post...and you 'are' unnaturally fast, but you're ours and we're stingy! :>) Karen

Author Reply: I am indeed gratified by your praise, Karen. You are a generous reviewer in several ways.

I wondered how Thranduil would be feeling right now, too, and I thought he was probably restless and worried, although Legolas is basically OK and he has the weakest connection to Eilian of any of this kids. This is probably a good thing, given how often Eilian has gotten himself in trouble. I figure Beliond was sent back to camp before he realized that Legolas was missing, but Maltanaur is undoubtely eager to retrieve his charge and then kick Eilian's butt.

I *am* jealous about the fireplace and mountains. Have a good time, Karen.

FirstMateReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/18/2004
This was another wonderful chapter! First of all, I loved the play on words with the chapter title: Brothers in Arms. The dual meaning was quite clever (and I DO love 'clever')! Secondly, the battle scene was so well written. I actually don't read all the details on most battle scenes ( he swung his sword again and lopped off an orc's head again...and then turned around and did it again...big deal), but you managed to write a scene that showed a good sense of tactics without overdoing it and making it boring (once again, clever!) Thirdly, and of greatest importance in my view, the interaction between the brothers was great! Eilian (BTW...I read your other review responses and was SO pleased to see that you pronounce it the way I always have!!) proved himself to be a wonderful captain while still managing to show Legolas with that brief hesitation how he cared for his little brother but wouldn't smother him. And Legolas, of course, managed to do a fine job fighting the orcs but still kept an eye out for his brother. When I read the first chapter, I wondered if Eilian's story would make Legolas lose some respect for him, so I am really glad to see the story developing in a different direction. Can't wait for the next installation of your fine story!

Author Reply: You are the first person to mention the pun in the title and I was pleased with it myself. ;-) I skip battle scenes when I read too and I fully expected readers to skip most of this one, so I am glad you read it and found it at least interesting. Brotherly interaction is my favorite part of this too, although I am about to start the next chapter with young clueless Eilian in it again and that's fun too. Thanks for the kind words.

ANAReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/18/2004
Now that I've caught my breath from reading this very exciting chapter, I feel that I must make one more comment. The way that Legolas muttered "fool" when Eilian tried to stand really caught my attention. Is that Legolas' counterbalance for all the years that Eilian called him a brat? Very nicely done. Just that one word alone brings out the role reversal for the two brothers. At the risk of sounding a broken record, I really hope you post again soon.

Author Reply: You know, I don't think Legolas would have called Eilian a fool when he was younger. It just seems natural now because he's trying to take care of Eilian, as he himself has often been cared for. So you're right.

I'm going to start the detailed outline of the next chapter tonight. I have a list of stuff to go in it but it needs straightening up and fleshing out.

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/18/2004
Life in the southern patrol is very exciting for the sons of Thranduil. Having the scouts return to map out the area was a good way to give your readers a mental picture of the area. Eilian is not as impulsive as he once was but he is hardly a pillar of patience. I was glad you had him plan out a calm strategy rather than go rushing in blindly. He is maturing well. Legolas' excitement was very much in character given his relative youth and newness to his posting.

Once again you did a great job with battle strategy. Deploying the troops to several positions, including the high ground, gave the elves an advantage that their numbers did not. Sending a few warriors after the archers was prudent as well - it kept their backs protected during the fracas. Legolas was momentarily diverted by his brother's dash but I was happy to see him regain his concentration quickly. Again, he and Beliond fought well together. The gash on his arm sounded painful but Beliond's wound must have been poisoned. You would think all of the warriors would have some basic first-aid/anti-poison training. It's not like they don't have enough time...

When the orcs know you personally, you must be the bane of their existence for an extended period. The orc leader's recognition of Eilian must have been something of an honor. Nice set up - Legolas is left alone with his wounded brother. Now their situations have completely reversed, Mr. Protective Eilian is wounded and helpless and Mr. Sheltered Young One has to look out for him. Legolas did a great job diverting the orcs and setting them on a false path. I am afraid the scent of Eilian's blood is going to attract them to the wounded captain. I hope he doesn't have to re-open that shoulder to lead them away again. Looking forward to seeing what happens next and the reaction of your "keepers."

Author Reply: Eilian is a good captain for this patrol. He's daring but not careless (although Maltanaur is probably ready to strangle him at the moment).

I struggled with the battle scene but then was pleased with how it turned out. I can't write them *at all* if I have no idea about the terrain or how the elves are arranged.

And yes, I thought the orc's recognition of Eilian was a sign of how good he was. And role reversal is the order of the day!

Antigone_QReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/18/2004
No, not Eilian! You haven't written a story yet to reassure me that Eilian is going to get home safe and sound and marry Celuwen!!! And Beliond wounded, too! How could you stop the chapter there? And it's not just your loyal fans - you're going to give Thranduil that awful sinking feeling again, too! Speaking of Thranduil, I wonder if he would feel that Maltanaur leaving Eilian alone was justified? Maltanaur had better start beating the bushes looking for Eilian pretty soon, I think.

Liked the beginning of the story, too, FYI. I don't want to skip over that just because you're about to give me a heart attack worrying about my favorite Elves. Thinking of the Elves moving so silently and nearly invisible through the snowy trees gives me the shivers. And isn't it odd how Legolas spent so many years telling his brothers and father not to worry about him so much, and now in the heat of battle he's distracted by his worry for Eilian?

Author Reply: I suspect that Maltanaur is having a fit right about now. He turns his back on Eilian for five minutes and what happens? He has no idea. The last he saw, both of the king's sons were in reasonably good shape, but who knows?

There is some role reversal here for Legolas. At least, that was the plan. :-)
My own happy fangurrrl moment was when Eilian led the elves through the cave and unexpectedly appeared at the entrance. Sigh. What a guy!

AnyReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/18/2004
Aye!!! Bad, bad cliffie! I'm literally on the edge of my chair!!! *gasp* Will the others find them in time? Will Legolas be able to save his brother if they don't? And what about any starved creatures that might smell the blood and see poor Eilian as an easy prey! Ooh, why did you have to stop there! So cruel! ;)

Can't wait to read more!


Author Reply: 'Cruel' is my middle name! The brothers are in for an interesting time, I hope. And for once, Legolas will be the one taking care.

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