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"I Have Guessed Its Purpose"  by LKK 6 Review(s)
LeawardReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/2/2005
I know at the end you say you broke canon, but I liked how you gave the foreshadowing dream to Denethor. It makes sense. It made me wonder for a few minutes as I was reading of 'Faramir's pointed ears' but you explained that too! I also liked the scene from the EE of the Two Towers. I liked that additional scene and it was nice to see as part of this story -- it fit so well.

LindorienReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/4/2004
LKK! I just saw your notice on the listserv and raced over to read your story. It is wonderful! I am honored. Thank you so much!

**Pause for Lindorien to get hold of herself and stop gushing**

Your explanation is quite logical and well thought out. checking out what Mithrandir was checking out in the library is exactly what Denethor would do. As bright a man as he would certainly connect all the dots. The dream is rather heartwrenching. It is disturbing to think that Denethor would still want one of his sons to go after that dream.

I hate what PJ did regarding that whole 'Elrond has called a meeting' thing, but you make it a lot easier to swallow with this fic.

My deepest appreciation,

Author Reply: You are quite welcome, Lindorien. I'm grateful that you found my explanation logical. I couldn't do anything about the "Elrond has called a meeting" since that is set in celluloid, so I tried my best to make it palatible.

I'm glad you found the dream heartwrenching, as odd as that may sound. Denethor never thought of it as an omen of his sons' futures. Although I certainly did, hence the specific number of arrows in Boromir's chest. In fact, Denethor misinterpreted the dream completely. Rather than see Boromir as susceptible to the Ring's power as Isildur was and being warned by the fact, Denethor saw Boromir's role as Isildur as a compliment to his son. And he didn't understand that the dream advised that Faramir should be entrusted with the Ring despite the danger because he was more like Gandalf and the elves and better able to withstand the risks. That's the trouble with prophetic dreams --- if you misinterpret them, bad things can happen.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a lot at your story, Lindorien. I'm glad you liked it!


ShirelingReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/3/2004
Within the framework of PJ's vision you have done a great job, I like the way you have interpreted Denethor's actions and reasoning. (Still hate him!!!)

Author Reply: I'm glad you liked my story set within the movie universe, Shireling. I don't think anyone likes movie-Denethor, but I appreciate that you could set that aside and see my writing on another level. Thank you!

KarriReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/2/2004
Well done! It fit quite smoothly into the movie. :-D (And it was even third person. Bravo! ;-D)

Author Reply: Thanks, Karri! I'm glad you felt that my gap-filler could fit into the movie. My intent was to make it the scenes the PJ didn't quite get filmed. They'll be on the 50th Anniversary Extended Edition. ;-0

It's funny you mentioned the third person. The night I posted this, I realized for the first time that I wrote it in third person and thought of you. LOL

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/2/2004
Oh, Evil!Denethor and Elrond calling councils! But you did fill in the gap in PJ's AU :p It is reasonable that Denethor could learn of the scrolls Mithrandir looked at, and thus fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Nice job on the movie-gap-filler.

Author Reply: Mwahahaha ....
Watch Evil!LKK study under PJ's direction.....
Watch Evil!LKK abuse canon.......

..... I think I need to rediscover my Smeagle side. I've spent too much time with my Gollum side. I gotta find me to elflings to write about next. :-)

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Nilmandra. I'm glad you thought my movie gap filler logic was reasonable!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/2/2004
LKK-- Nice job within the movieverse, although I found myself screeching at the same moments in this story that I did in the movie. Elrond is summoning a council! Ack! Denethor is a very bad father! Ack! Ahem. I calm down and say you did a nice job and PJ would be proud of you! :-)

Author Reply: LOL, sorry about bringing about the bad movie memories, daw. This story was a dirty job all around -- making tragically noble characters evil, twisting canon -- but someone had to do it. I feel like I need a shower with a good canon cleanser. ;-)

Thanks for the review!

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