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Gandalf and the Seahobbit  by PIppinfan1988 4 Review(s)
FantasyFanReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/2/2004
I have just discovered your story and I am enjoying it. Gandalf's character is interesting - curiosity, surprise at the hobbits, but underlying it, fondness and a bit of wistful concern over their innocence. And, it's quite fun to see there was at least one other hobbit as impulsive and as mischevious as Pippin. I think I remember from the geneologies that Isengar 'went to sea in his youth', and I don't think ever returned. So I have a sad anticipation that your cliffhanger in this chapter means he has died. Poor Isengar, he never had any training in weapons, and he wasn't prepared for war. Was he trying to defend the family from invaders? And does the sight of him, motionless in a puddle of blood, anticipate Pippin's next adventure, lying broken in a puddle of troll blood? I'll make sure to look for your next update.

Author Reply: Thank you, FantasyFan! I apologize for not responding sooner, but if I did, it would ruin it for you in the next chapter...and as it may still be some time before you read it, I'll hold off and reply again later, but the chapter is up for the reading.

Thank you,

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/1/2004
OH, no! Is he dead? Is he injured? Who did this? You are a very, very, sneaky person to leave me like this! LOL (Guess I had this one coming didn't I?) Well, as you know, you are now even and I am waiting. Take pity on your other readers and don't make them suffer because of my actions!

Author Reply: Actually, the chapter was written before I read your little cliff hanger...but I did speed things up a bit...I'm so bad! The next chapter is posted, and I hope it's not disappointing.


ConnieReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/1/2004
O My Gosh! Aahh, a cliffhanger!

At first, I was more interested in the parts of the story that dealt with Pippin, but now I'm finding myself just a drawn to the parts about Isengar.

I like the parallels between Isengar and Pippin. Here they are seperated by 100 years, yet having so much in common. But,you do make it clear that their experiences are not identical.

Oh, this is so much fun.


Author Reply: Thanks, Connie... I wish I was as perceptive as you and a few other readers. Most of the time, I go into a story and get lost in it. I don't look for undertones or implied meanings--even though I sometimes put them in my stories. As what I've written so far, Pippin and Isengar are the same ages while on their adventure, and while each one is unique, they're similar as well.

I'm really having fun with this story, too. Though, I think I'm going to go hide somewhere until Chapter Seven is proofed! :-P


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/1/2004
I'm delighted with how often this story is updated! But... but... you're ending this chapter *there*? Omigosh. On the edge of my seat...

Author Reply: sorry! There is more to come probably....tomorrow? I'm just now starting chapter eight...I have to get crackin'! My poor counterpart isn't feeling too well today, and I do hope she's feeling better tomorrow. Thanks for reading and for your encouragement!


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