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Fire and Shadow  by daw the minstrel 16 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 5 on 10/15/2005
Legolas seems to think he can perhaps help Amdir, be a responsible Elf, just because of Turgon. He is like Turgon, but not as bad I think... Legoas found Eilian not lettin him do anything, perhaps he is a little too protective.... But he has remembered some...

Author Reply: Eilian will do reckless things himself, but he doesn't want Legolas doing much of anything! And yes, Legolas is remembering.

caz - bazReviewed Chapter: 5 on 1/26/2004
i fell off! my horse slipped as it was taking off at a jump and went straight into the jump and i came out the side door. I landed on my feet though but i winded myself on the horses neck and i think i might of done something to my collar bone but i'll live - the horse was a bit winded because it went neck first into the jump but we got up and just carried on. Other than that it was a good fast day and we didn't stop long enough for me to get my hip flask out. hahaha.
Legolas seems to have been having an eventful time while i've been gone though. i'll have to read the rest later today i've got Physics now.

Author Reply: You sound like Legolas being upset because he fell off his horse! I need to warn you, Caz-baz, that what Legolas saw was pretty gruesome. It all comes out in Chapter 6.

DotReviewed Chapter: 5 on 1/25/2004
Yay, he’s remembered! What happened was obviously horrific so I do feel bad for being delighted but I can’t help feeling much better now that he knows. I mean, I don’t know yet what happened and I’m dying to know but Legolas knows so I know I’ll know soon and that makes me feel less stressed, y’know?!

Amdir really is cheerful! I thought his parents became really strict with him after Turgon’s death? I suppose that wouldn’t last very long if they weren’t really those kinds of parents in the first place. He doesn’t seem necessarily cut out to be a warrior. Maybe his friends were becoming warriors and maybe the dark times in Mirkwood took the choice not to become a warrior out of the hands of many elves but it seems he might have found something to which he was better suited – like a cook! As long as he didn’t have to do the washing up…

Such a touching insight into Legolas’ reasons for trying to guide Amdir along the right path. Obviously he feels responsible because Turgon died as a result of the two of them being where they shouldn’t and I always figured he must miss him, even though they don’t speak of him very much but the idea that Turgon was his friend right back to even before his mother’s death really struck a chord with me. We all have friends who we met at different times of our life but I know that there are very few who’ve known me for as long as I can remember and even if I don’t see them very often it’s still quite a special relationship. It’s more poignant for Legolas because Turgon represents his childhood, before so much changed. Annael has gone through life with him and knows him like a brother but he probably always sees Turgon as the impish elfling who was full of laughter and fun and never short of ideas for mischief and was there even more so than Annael as Legolas tested the boundaries of Thranduil’s rules. But he never had a chance to prove that there might be more to him, unlike Legolas, who was given that chance and probably feels added guilt for it. Oops, I’m rambling again…

It seems things aren’t going as well for Legolas as he assumed they would under Eilian’s leadership. It must hurt to know that his beloved brother still won’t risk sending him into danger, even though he has proved himself. It’s interesting, though, as I seem to remember Eilian feeling the same way as Legolas when Ithilden refused to let him scout.

Ithilden thinks that Dwarves are interesting, does he?! Fair enough but possibly the wrong thing to say in front of his curious young son… I love the way Legolas totally dismisses this as just one of Ithilden’s “quirks” – as though he’s slightly mad to think such a thing! And I can imagine Thranduil would have a thing or two to say if he heard his grandson wanting to talk to the Dwarves!

This is such a wonderful character chapter! I love all the little insights you give by choosing a relative outsider to tell his story, but still someone close enough to Legolas & co. to judge their reactions. Amdir thinks it’s Ithilden who is strict with Sinnarn? If he is it’s probably because he know the demands put on all of Thranduil’s family and is likely scared witless by any sign of recklessness in such dangerous times. I have this horrible feeling that you’re going to kill off poor Sinnarn one of these days;)

LOL! The Dwarf ran off with his sword! It’s so comical the way the two elves rush in all heroic and then stand there at a total loss as to what to do while Amdir is struggling to register the fact that Dwarves have children and there’s one sitting in front of him. Still, though, what a clever way to show how terrifying the whole situation is – the absolute panic of the child. So Legolas went after them? He must have been wondering where they were and heard Amdir’s signal. But I bet Eilian doesn’t know where he is either…. Oh, he’ll think Legolas purposely disobeyed him out of anger!

The ending was brilliant! Amdir must be really frightened by Legolas’ reaction. His story is up next, right?! Bring it on! Whenever you’re ready, of course…No pressure…;)

Author Reply: Dot--I just wrote a long reply to your wonderful review and then I destroyed it somehow! Ack!

Mostly I was rambling about Legolas's brothers. I think that Legolas and Eilian need to work out a grown up relationship that will still keep the special tie they have and they haven't done it yet. And I think that Ithilden is a smart and independent guy, even though he does serve Thranduil so faithfully.

And now I should tell you that I just posted chapter 6. Legolas's memory is back, more's the pity.

LeraReviewed Chapter: 5 on 1/25/2004
My heart was pounding toward the end! Wow. What a weird thought: dwarf children. I can't even picture it. I thank God you're a fast updater. That's my one comfort every time you leave one of these horrible cliffhangers.

So I guess Legolas followed Amdir and Sinnarn, and was Beliond with him? Someone had to get Eilien and the troops(since Amdir and Sinnarn didn't!) but maybe the dragon flew over them first so they saw it and got there on their own. Or maybe Beliond did go back to get the troops and told them all to stay in the cave but Legolas realised he should get out and shoot, and Beliond got burned because he was trying to get to the cave where Legolas was and that's why Legolas feels guilty-ahhhhhhhh! My mind can't take it! *clutches head, while falling to knees to pray for chapter 6!*

Ok. I'm curious to see how the whole Legolas and Eilien conflict will work out. Amdir was smart not to get involved in that fight! I can see why Legolas is jealous of Galelas; Eilien is treating him the way he should be treating Legolas. It was interesting how Legolas wouldn't say anything rude about Eilien. If Eilien keeps Legolas always sitting around in camp for much longer, Eilien may find Legolas the ringleader of captain complaints.

The paralells between Sinnarn and Amdir, and Legolas and Turgon are interesting.

Great chapter as usual. I think I'm going to go try to draw a dwarf family and see what I come up with. That is just something I've never thought about. Ciao.

Author Reply: Lera, I'm not even sure what you SAID in paragraph 2, but I am grateful you are reading and finding the story exciting.

Legolas is a good and responsible warrior, but Eilian needs to see that. He can't expect Legolas to be more adult about this than he is willing to be himself.

The royal family must be fervently hoping that Amdir's family takes a ship west any day now!

brynReviewed Chapter: 5 on 1/25/2004
...In which I finally get off my duff and leave a long-overdue review...

I love the way you've written the timeline in this tale. Flashforewards and flashbacks--it reminds me of the movie Momento. Actually, I shouldn't say that because I haven't actually seen that movie. Rather, it reminds me of what I've heard about the movie Momento. You've taken a refreshing and novel approach to the art of storytelling. Yay daw!!! :) (And we, your fans, rejoice.)

I'm anxiously awaiting the reaction of Legolas' family when they learn of his memory loss. Shame on him for not telling them! I know he's trying to be all Elf-Warriorly, but... *snort* Isn't he going to cause MORE harm if there's something wrong with his head?
Brave Legolas the Elf-Warrior... Who cannot remember what the purpose of his mission is, who he's with, or where ON ARDA he's at ('Is this tree familiar because I've seen it before, or because I've passed it already...? I don't quite recall...'). Amnesiac border guards really aren't going to help the situation in Mirkwood.
Throw him into some girl's closet, and you've got a helpless Leggy Sue on hand. *shudder* Ughhhh.

I love Sinnarn, he seems a happier version of Eilian. And Amdir--oh his poor parents. He's going to come home one day to discover they've fled West. I like how you've portrayed Legolas' unofficial guardianship. It adds a bit more conflict.
*lol* Also liked Sinnarn's comments about how Ithilden thinks the Dwarves are interesting, and Legolas' ensuing eye roll. Ithilden seems to be the one most grounded in this tale. And Eilian... Eilian, Eilian, Eilian. *shakes head* He's gone rather snappish. He needs a good kick in the head, if you ask me. Either that, or he needs to get--on second thought, I won't type that rather inappropriate comment.
Come back, Celuwen!

Ai! What happened to the baby Dwarf! And Beliond? How's the old stiff doing?

Author Reply: Bryn, you are bad! While I think you may be right about Eilian, you have put an image in my head that is making it hard for me to concentrate on writing the next chapter. :-)

I think of Ithilden as a smart and relatively open-minded leader. Thranduil is very lucky to have him and his son has learned some things from him. When Sinnarn finally grows up, he will be an elf worth knowing.

Legolas is not going to be able to continue the charade after his current panic attack. Adar is on his way down the hall even as I type.

Estel_Mi_OlorReviewed Chapter: 5 on 1/25/2004
Yay, the mystery is slowly being solved. No wonder Eilian reassigned them. I'd kick them out of the realm. I see I'm going to have to wait another chapter to find out what Legolas's part in this incident was. Great chapter!!! Keep writing!

Author Reply: Now, now, Amdir and Sinnarn were irresponsible and Eilian probably got grey hairs (if Elves do that) but they weren't so bad! Legolas's story is coming right up.

JebbReviewed Chapter: 5 on 1/25/2004
Oh dear!
So now he knows and probably wishes he didn't I like that Sinnarn is showing an interest in dwarves fostered by Ithlian.
Also like the different take that we got through Amdir's eyes of Legolas as a warrior.
LOL at the thought of Eilian having to go back to Ada without the information he wants! How true
This is a truly fascinating story that keeps me wondering just what is going to happen.

Author Reply: Ithilden is a smart, open-minded leader and his son has learned some things from him that Thranduil didn’t teach. If Sinnarn lives long enough, he will be an Elf worth knowing! Amdir’s admiration of Legolas is nice to write about. Legolas deserves that!

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 5 on 1/25/2004
Well, Amdir has some sense - even he knew better than to get involved with the quarrel between Legolas and Eilian.

I can also see how Sinnarn and Amdir ended up in the Home Guard - if I were Ithilden, I'm not sure I would ever let them out of it. Honestly! What if orcs had come along while they were swimming - I have a feeling they would have done more than steal a sword.

It did occur to me that Legolas should have been more creative when he had Amdir at Imladris. He should have arranged a cook-off marathon between Amdir and Sam and wouldn't have had any trouble with Amdir.

Author Reply: LOL. Amdir stays well away from Legolas's relatives if he can. They are all scary, so far as he is concerned.

And the Home Guard is a good place for Amdir. I think it's kind of too bad that he's a disaster as a warrior but the strict discipline of the military is probably good for him. Maybe he'll actually learn something!

I want to taste his cooking, actually. I wonder what Elves consider good cooking?

Camp6311Reviewed Chapter: 5 on 1/25/2004
So Legolas has his memory back, your readers aren't so lucky, we were left somewhat hanging. (not sure if lucky is the right word from the apparant horror on Legolas' face)
I just shake my head at Amdir. Eilian's last orders were to stay close to camp, keep your weapons close at hand and be prepared, and Amdir thinks he didn't violate orders 'that much'. I wonder what he would consider much to be! Eilian obviously doesn't want to find out.
And in case you've forgotten, Ithilden is still down in the forests near Dol Guldur. I will be glad when he is home safe and sound (or at least back to camp), but I am sure you have horrors in store for him too.

Author Reply: We'll hear Legolas's memories in the next chapter. :-(

Amdir is lucky that he got transferred and not left in Eilian's hands. That might have been painful!

And I haven't forgotten Ithilden. I need to get Legolas's story out in the open and then we will hear from him again. I thought that most readers had forgotten him though!

ANAReviewed Chapter: 5 on 1/24/2004
Legolas' heart wasn't the only one pounding. So was mine when I came to the end of the chapter and I heard myself saying, more, more, more, please Daw. Was Legolas trying to protect the dwarves in the cave, with the help of Sinnarn and Amdir, only things didn't go quite as planned? Though if they can aleady hear the dragon, then they really didn't have much time to plan or to seek extra help. Really hope you update again soon (I know, getting greedy here) so I can stop driving myself mad with all this guessing. Great chapter and Amdir, well, one really doesn't know whether to hug him or smack some sense into him. Maybe both.

Author Reply: I'm so glad you found this exciting! These chapters are long by my standards, about 5000 words, so I guess it's a good thing if people don't want them to end. At least they're not boring.

You're pretty good at guessing on your own anyway. And what Amdir really needs is for the Shadow to go away so he can swim and cook and just be a Wood-elf. Poor baby.

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