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Fire and Shadow  by daw the minstrel 19 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 4 on 10/15/2005
An unsure Ithilden, its nice to see the earliy years, you have to feel for his keeper him being the only son of the King a big responsibility...
Legolas is trying to find information, might be easier if he told someone, they might say what happened...

Author Reply: An unsure Ithilden is certainly a novelty! It's hard to remember he was an only child for about 600 years.

DotReviewed Chapter: 4 on 1/24/2004
And did you tell your beta what happens??! *dreams up ways to bribe Nilmandra*

Ah now, I really do have sympathy for Legolas. I’d just find it easier to feel sorry for him if he’d admit that he can’t remember so that they could all help by telling him exactly what happened….Yes? Hmm. I didn’t think that’d work but it was worth a shot…..;)

Those dreams seem to be getting more vivid – and a little bit clearer as well, rather than just muddled events. I really thought the two figures were Sinnarn and Amdir until I read further. Now I’m confused again. Unless, maybe it was Beliond and they went to his aid, or at least Sinnarn did, getting burnt in the process but not as bad as Beliond…Now, why would Beliond be in the cave in the first place….. *mind explodes from overuse*

I really like how at ease Legolas is in Ithilden’s presence and how comfortable he is with him. He seems so capable that he really inspires faith. It’s as though he will always make things alright. I thought the flashback really showed the makings of a great leader in Ithilden – even just the way he knew immediately how to deal with Suldur and Anilith and never let his own doubts show. The Orc battle was incredibly well written – so tense!

Wow, praise from Beliond! It’s so sweet to see how pleased Ithilden is as well! “I will tell you though, I would not have Nithron’s job for any kind of reward”. LOL! Ah sure, isn’t it reward in itself to be looking after one of Thranduil’s sons? Although, he might not think so while lying in the infirmary with burnt arms. I’ve forgotten how that happened – remind me again…?!

So, Ithilden is telling Legolas that Nithron was hurt while guarding him…just as Beliond was hurt while guarding Legolas…but it’s part of their job and they know that and so Legolas shouldn’t feel guilty…but Ithilden didn’t feel guilty…because it wasn’t his fault…then why would everyone assume that Legolas feels guilty over Beliond? Because it is Legolas’ fault that Beliond is hurt… And then Ithilden came so close to realising what Legolas is hiding! If one more person knocks at that door during an important conversation, I think I might just get violent. *breathes deeply and places every ounce of hope in Amdir*

Author Reply: OK, Dot. I just have to look at Nilmandra's typo corrections and I'm going to post chapter 5 and Amdir is going to tell everything he knows. We're getting there!

Ithilden is a natural born leader, I think, but he still must feel some pressure, poor baby. He's lucky to have Alfirin.

I'm going to go look at those beta comments now. :-)

LeraReviewed Chapter: 4 on 1/24/2004
Oh, that was harsh! Stopping right when he's about to find out what happened! Mean, mean, mean!
I'm really enjoying younger Ithilden. He's really a sweetheart. I'd always feel safe around him. I think maybe he needs a sweet little daughter to cuddle. And Sinnarn could use a sister to rough him up. I love Sinnarn! I forgot to say in my review on the last chapter, I was really glad he was being mature enough to admit that Eilien was right about whatever happened. A little thing like that shows that no matter what he did, he'll turn out all right in the end.
When Beliond told Ithilden he wouldn't want Nithron's job for anything, my reaction was the same as Legolas's. Personally I wouldn't want the job either. Well...

Hehehe, Amdir. I thought it was cool he was happy to see Legolas. Even though he finds Legolas bossy, I bet he sort of likes the attention. Great chapter as usual. God bless.

Author Reply: I'm sorry! I promise that in the next chapter Amdir will tell everything he knows. How's that? :-)

I think if I lived in Mirkwood, I'd want Ithilden running the troops. He's so competent. And he's lucky in his wife. She tries to make sure that there are things in his life that are not so serious too. Sinnarn will be fine, just as you say. He's a good kid at heart. He's just young.

And I think that Amdir admires Legolas and is flattered by the attention. I even have to believe that Legolas's attention sometimes does some good although you can't always see it. On the other hand, if I were Ithilden and Alfirin, I'd want Amdir shipped to an outpost that kept an eye on Radagast the Brown or something, anywhere so long as it was far from Sinnarn!

LKKReviewed Chapter: 4 on 1/23/2004
Legolas is getting close to remembering. His family is on the edge of discovering there's a problem other than physical. I can't wait to see who reaches the truth first.

Ithilden did very well in his first two tests as captain. He handled the personnel issue and the battle situation very intelligently. I can see why Thranduil relys on him so much now. It's not just because he is the oldest child, as I had thought.

I had the same reaction Legolas had to Beliond's statement about not wanting Nithron's job for any kind of reward. I laughed out loud.

Great chapter, daw. I'm looking forward to an undrugged Legolas hopefully remembering more than what we readers already know!


Author Reply: Things will unravel soon. Amdir is about to spill everything he knows.

Thranduil is exceedingly lucky to have Ithilden and fortunately he knows it. But Ithilden is lucky to have Alfirin to soften his life a little. And Thranduil lost much the same kind of influence when Lorellin died. Legolas sort of served the same purpose when he was little and Sinnarn may do so now. Poor Thranduil!

Estel_Mi_OlorReviewed Chapter: 4 on 1/23/2004
Wow can Legolas be crafty or what? I'm sure he'll use the Thranduil pyschological method of questioning on Amdir. Well good luck. Cheers amd update!

Author Reply: Legolas probably doesn't have to use any method of questioning Amdir. Amdir is likely to open his mouth and spill out everything he knows. How nice, thinks Legolas the Crafty.

JSReviewed Chapter: 4 on 1/23/2004
I love this story! And as much as it frusterates me, you do a great job of teasing the audience. :) Great suspense! I hope you post more soon. I, too, am anxious to hear what really happned.

I love your stories. I've been going back and rereading, and I got the author's notes on the end of one. I'm sooo glad you decided against killing off Eilian. He's such a fun character. It'd be heartbreaking if either of Legolas brother's actually died.

Anyway, exceptional writing, as always. :) I now go back to checking for updates. ;)

Author Reply: I can't imagine what I was thinking when I considered killing Eilian. I must have been deranged. I was sad for days when I killed Turgon and Siondel, and Eilian is such a charmer.

Suspense will ease a little soon, I think. Amdir is going to spill his guts.

JebbReviewed Chapter: 4 on 1/23/2004
This was a lovely chapter so full of little 'aah!' moments between Adar and Legolas and Legolas's thoughts on healers rang so true even today!
As for his reaction to breakfast LOL
Ithilden always thinking of his duty taking life seriously because he knows what he has to do Thranduil is fortunate to have him as his heir
thank you

Author Reply: I am afraid that Legolas's thoughts on healers are my own. ;-)

Thranduil IS lucky to have Ithilden and at least he knows it. But Ithilden has lived with so much responsibility from such a young age. It's a good think Alfirin came along when she did.

caz - bazReviewed Chapter: 4 on 1/23/2004
haha, i know exactly what Legolas feels. I want to know what happened cant you tell me? i'm getting really impatient, i want to know now.

well, i'm hunting tommorrow, riding one of the best horsies in the world. haha. well bye.

Author Reply: The answer is coming! Soon. I hope you enjoyed the ride!

FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 4 on 1/23/2004
Oh my what an exciting chapter, that is Ithilden taking a more active role in combat and such. I am happy to see Ithilden in this new light and I am really loving Beliond. Oh my gosh, I cracked up at Beliod's statement, "I would not have Nithron’s job for any kind of reward." Ah but he has Legolas and that is reward enough in itself.

Hopefully Legolas can find out more of what happened to him and who it was that actually was in that cave. I am so curious to find out how and why Beliond's arms were burned, maybe dragging LEgolas to safety, covering him, protecting him something of the sort?

Author Reply: I'm thinking that readers might wish Ithilden would just wait until later to tell his tale and let Legolas get on with his search for his memory! Poor Ithilden. I think that Amdir tale will at least make clear one of the reasons Legolas was so horrified by what happened. :-(

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 4 on 1/22/2004
I especially liked the bit about Ithilden forcing his heart to slow down as he and Nithron tracked the orcs - it was a nice bit of elvishness. And Beliond's comment about not wanting Nithron's job is telling - but Ithliden's gratitude for his keeper's help makes me think that Legolas would miss Beliond's presence when he leaves with the Fellowship.

It's evident that Amdir doesn't resent Legolas' 'bossiness' too much. Actually, he might appreciate it, given his family's lack of attention.

Author Reply: Thank you, Erunyauve. I find it hard to show my characters' elvishness sometimes. They seem human to me and that's not altogether good. Ithilden is grateful for Nithron's help, but he did reassign him as soon as he could. Of course, the realm needed the warriors too, but I suspect that once Ithilden got to a point of command, he found Nithron a little much.

I think you're right about Amdir. In some ways, he likes having Legolas fuss over him. He admires Legolas, I think.

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