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Falling Out of Love  by Marnie 4 Review(s)
svadilfariReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/30/2005
"I would not force, but perhaps it could be encouraged?" Encourage it? Hah, had to laugh at that! I've ALWAYS loved your Celeborn and once again your aim in true.
And now time to rein in his younger kinsman, eh? So, that's how you perceived their time together? I always though it would be the other way round, Thrainduil still bossy and self-assuming himself best to take care of Celeborn who after all had to suffer marriage with a Noldo *snigger* A VERY independent, commanding one at that!

Author Reply: *g* Yay! Always glad to make another convert to the love of Celeborn :) But I think that my Thranduil is not quite the same as fanon Thranduil. I don't think of him as especially bossy; I see him as merry and on the whole very content with his lot. He's *kingly* but lighthearted, and I don't think that Celeborn really means it :)
Thanks for the comment!

annmarwalkReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/21/2005
I come here during my lunch break on a dreary afternoon, intrigued by breathlessly joyous recommendations in my friend allie_meril's live journal. I do not as a rule read much about the Elves; my heart lies on the border between Gondor and Rohan; but when my friends recommend, I feel honor-bound to at least briefly peruse their suggestions, to humor them, if nothing else.

I found this:"...And the flowers were so small they seemed at first a dust, but when he leaned to see them better they were revealed as a tower of ivory made up of many swan-white curving forms, winged as birds, but edged - with more than elven delicacy - by lines of sun-coloured saffron. ..." , some of the most exquisite writing I have read in months; and a wondrous depth of characterization in two whom I had always found cold and uninteresting. You have given me a whole new appreciation of these characters, with the gift wrapped and embroidered in your lovely language. I would swoon more, but alas, I must return to my post; but I will be back again. Thank you so much for sharing this wondrous gift with us!

mistry89Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/10/2004
Thank you, that was lovely. I'm not a fan of post-ROTK work, I'm always worried that there will be too much tempatation to alter the futures of the Fellowship (and close associates!), so it was nice to see not only Legolas being true to his bit in the Appendices, but also to see Celeborn - and to note that *he* wasn't Noldo, and that there would still be elves in ME afterwards .... Although I'm sad to see that Thranduil remains (of course, it was how I read it in LOTR too, but I preferred to think of the wood-elves choosing to stay and Thranduil deciding they didn't need him anymore ... drat). The whole "dwindling" thing is upsetting - especially when thinking of a powerful character like Thranduil.

It had never been a conscious thought of mine that the sea-longing *claim* worked in reverse - I knew that there are many references to the delight the elves (espec the wood elves) took in the trees and in ME ... so to hear Celeborn express his situation brought home (finally) that choices aren't always are simple as they seem, and that the Elves truly did live without the free choice given to Men.

Waiting until the "reaking of the world" to see your family again seems harsh ... and no guarantees that it will be like a meeting in the Halls of Mandos, it seems to me that if it is going to take place "beyond the circles of the world" then everything will have changed .... body, mind, memory .... bleah, I think I've head _Into The West_ one too many times recently!

Sorry about the waffling, I really enjoyed your story, and (obviously!) found it thought-provoking.

SphinxReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/6/2004
Thank you for writing a Legolas story that I can read without cringing every three seconds. Of late, there are very, very few stories that have been eable to do that, and this one certainly does. Deserves reviews wherever its archived. ;)

Loved the bit where 'he expected to play host to someone like Elrond.....' part. Very hard hitting, and so true. And also adored the conversation about Celeborn visiting the sea. His character is so, so vivid - I could almost *hear* him speak. And thats something that all your fics do - and it probably the thing I enjoy most about them.

Lovely vignette. I can only hope for more of a certain longer story soon. ;)

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