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Red Fire, Black Blood  by Sphinx 3 Review(s)
svadilfariReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/7/2005
Wow!, such brilliance! And your A/N the clincher! Yicks, certainly never thought that! Maedros the Orc! I enjoy this fic very much as you do not discount the evil of Morgoth that I sometimes encounter in other fics. And Tolkien for all his love for them, certainly never spared his Quendi. I however, strongly disagree with Morgoth's belief that 'Passion does not befit the Eldar'. I think that is why I have always and will always love the First Age Elves rather than the later ones. Legolas has a sweet, innocent and naive disposition but he lacks the OMP! of the earlier elves. Of course, he actually survives war, unlike all of my beloved...but, oh well!

BejaiReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/3/2004
Ooh, interesting. I've never seen quite that spin before. Maedhros and Morgoth. Huh. In the end, their passions are similar, and lead to a downfall. Possession -- of jewels or Arda. Must think about it more.

I always respect an author who will spin a tale with Morgoth -- he scares me too much to do it myself. But he's facinating. And he'll be back; an ominous promise of menace far greater than Sauron.

Great story.

Author Reply: Thank you.; ) Praise indeed from one of my favourite authors.

This is my weird!fic - call it cathartic writing, if you want. I just sat one day, and typed for an hour, and what you see is the fic.

Thank you, always.


LindorienReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/3/2004
The heart. What a wonderful invention for torture.

I must thank Eru for creating it the next time I meet him.

Would you mind terribly, dear Sphinx if I stole that line? I'm sure there is SOMEPLACE I can use it.

Don't mind me, I shall simply go off an gnash my teeth at how talented you are.

Author Reply: Steal on. :)

I'm honoured that you would want to steal from me. *hugs*

And no gnashing required. All you need to do is read 'Free Fall', and you can go off and pat yourself on the back as to how talented you are.

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