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To the Bottle I Go  by Pervinca 8 Review(s)
Esquire_of_RohanReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/19/2008
I enjoyed this! I loved that little poem!

powerwriterReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/3/2004
I read this for the first time last week. Why did I waste so long to read it??? I adored it!!! I liked how you went over everyone and talked about their potential love lives. You seem to have a nack for Middle-Earth's character's love lives ;) and you always go about them the right way! For some reason, I can see Eomer egging everybody on about that. Great job! I'm off to catch up on more of your fics...

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/27/2004
This was a good story! I'm on my way to your other story, but I keep getting interrupted by the rest of your library. And I *liked* your poem--it was great! I tried my hand at one (oh, and I'm *not* a poet--and it shows!) in Absence of Reasoning. Let me move on to another story...


Author Reply: I had so much fun with this one! Drunken antics are always good for a laugh (on stories as well as in real life). Let's just say the poem wasn't my best! (I wrote two little poems about Smaug and Gollum in the style of Sam's Troll poem when I was 13. I was so proud of them, and my English teacher loved them!). I'm off to read Absence now. Will let you know what I think of the poem! Surely it won't be that bad :P

lizzieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/25/2004
Wonderful little story, very sweet with many laughs as well.

Zebra WallpaperReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/30/2003
Oh, I adored this. My favorite line:
“The Took lads like to take their time. I shall have as many daughters as it takes to get to the lad!”
That made me laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing :)

Author Reply: Not a problem. I am happy to provide! :D

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/30/2003
I don't know, little sister, I think our dear little brother could give him a run for the money!! A wonderfully fun tale! I love how bashful Sam is about his Rosie. It is the only thing I really like in the Green Dragon scene in ROTK, his second sip of ale for courage and then over to claim his love!!!
Another grand story, sister!!

Pearl Took

Author Reply: That was a cute scene, wasn't it. Everyone in our theatre cheered.

Glad you liked the fic - I certainly had fun writing it!

(P.S. You probably didn't realise, that it's Kate - or brachan90 from This site is so much better than!!!)

Elendiari22Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/30/2003
Oh, this is excellent! I love the image of Eomer relaxed and toasting everyone. Great story, can't wait for more by you!

Author Reply: Thank you! I think I was somewhat inspired by the drinking scene at Edoras in the movie! And I have several fics posted here, if you'd like to read them *cough*shameless-self-promotion*cough* :P

HaiReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/30/2003
Lovely! I liked all of our favorite people together at the pub what a wonderful night for them! Thank you for the fun!

Author Reply: You're welcome! ^-^ I would have liked to have Aragorn there too, but he *would* be busy with Arwen, hehehe.

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