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A Question of Duty  by daw the minstrel 2 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 6 on 6/11/2015
I have always loved the responsibility displayed by the northern Dunedain. At least Legolas and his fellows are beginning to find reason to respect these Men.

Author Reply: The part set in the angle was interesting to write. I'd never thought about how it would look or be like, so it was a chance to develop a whole new setting with a different culture. The Dunedain were tough and loyal. Their hard life still had room for love and joy.

CorielReviewed Chapter: 6 on 10/1/2003
You know, I often wonder how Aragorn's smoking habits fared after his coronation and marriage. It wasn't a customary habit in Gondor, as I understand, and I can't imagine Arwen was overly fond of it. :) There were probably *smoking* and *non-smoking* areas indicated in the palace! I doubt she let him teach Eldarion. And when Legolas gets his own place in Ithilien, he will have to deal with both Aragorn & Gimli!

Author Reply: I too have trouble picturing what Aragorn did with his pipe in Minas Tirith. And where did he learn it? Not at home in Imladris! It must have been from the other Dunedain, I think.

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