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A Question of Duty  by daw the minstrel 2 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/11/2015
Ah, and welcome, Boromir. The Council now gathers, and in moments they will begin hearing one another's tales and learning just why the Powers have drawn each and all of them here at this time. And the reality of Isildur's Bane will be made plain.

Author Reply: Scary thought!

esamenReviewed Chapter: 4 on 8/8/2004
Elrohir nodded. “Stay and eat with us,” he invited both of them. “We have asked for food to be sent here so that we do not have to go to the Hall. I intend to go to bed early and I believe that Elladan does too, so you can still go to the Hall of Fire afterwards.” They both readily accepted and, joined by Elladan, they sat at a table on the balcony, sharing news.

Hello there daw -- I was scrolling through some stories and found this gem of a moment . . . . and I about fell over as I pictured it . . . all four of the biggest studs of Middle-earth gathered around one table on the patio! . . . . oh, my goodness, what I wouldn't pay for tickets to see this scene on film.

I am still rolling around on the floor. You must have had a great time writing this one. Do you keep all these fellas locked up in your closet and just let them come out to play once in a while? Can we come over?

Loving every word of it . . . esamen

P.S. Now, I'm picturing Thranduil when Beliond comes back without our blond one . . . do you have that crystal moment up your sleeve as well? There might be quite a story there, crisscrossed with flashback scenes of Thranduil when he was young and did similar things perhaps . . . I wouldn't want to inspire you or anything . . . but these words are just jumping out of my keyboard.

Happy writing

Author Reply: It *is* a pretty moment to picture, isn't it? :-)

In "Tide of Times," Thranduil thinks about going to Rivendell for the first White Council meeting and taking Ithilden with him. He thinks that Ithilden spent time with the twins. That's another moment I like to picture.

I've have several people ask me to write about Beliond's returning to face Thranduil without Legolas, and truthfully it's not very high on my list right now. For some reason, I have not been as interested in post-quest stories as I am in these pre-quest ones. But I am increasingly thinking it would be possible to write about what was going on at home while Legolas was on the quest, maybe cutting back and forth between them. The idea of using flashbacks to Thranduil's youth is intriguing too. At the moment, I'm outlining an adolescent Legolas story though. So it' wouldn't be any time soon.

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