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The Warrior  by daw the minstrel 18 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/12/2005
Legolas is finally a warrior and going on his fist mission, he dosent seem to like his bodyguard though...
Eilian seems sad and lonly, especially with life. The one he loves dosen't want him that is something hard to bear on his shoulders...
Annael has someone who loves him and that is to be a comfort after his fathers death...

Author Reply: I had to give Annael some comfort. I'm so fond of him! Legolas and Beliond have some adjusting to do. And poor Eilian. The Shadow has really eaten into him.

Orophins DottirReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/2/2003
Drat! Thought I would read one of faithful reviewer's stories and reciprocate and already you have me snared. What can the poor Scribe do but backtrack and read some of your older works to get the background? Ah, well, 'tis a tough, dirty job but I shall gather my elven hordes and attend to it!

I like this. The interaction among the large (and as yet to me somewhat bewildering) cast is marvelous. I particularly like Thranduil. Poor loving, if misunderstood, Thranduil!

"And that was it. He was now a warrior of the Woodland Realm." Such an innocent start for one of the Nine Walkers. I always think of the Woodland Realm as somewhat like Sparta, so this fits into my mindset that they would not make a big fuss however significant the rite of passage. One wonders what the Imladrian crowd would make of their ceremony!

On to the next chapter!

Humble Scribe to his Majesty Thranduil

Author Reply: My OCs have spun way out of control. I consciously tried to explain who they all were in case any new readers should stumble into the room but there are so many of them now. Take it slow and gentle, Orophins Dotter. I recently had a reviewer say she had found my stories and read them all in a single day. The very thought made me want to go and lie down and I wrote the damn stuff.

Brenda G.Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/1/2003
Wow! Another story, and so soon upon the heels of your last one! "Warrior" has all the earmarkings of a great tale, and I am looking forward to its unfolding with much enthusiasm. So Legolas is now an official warrior. Now begins the road that will eventually lead him in the years to come to Helm's Deep and Pelennor Fields with companions other than his own Elven kin. It will be very interesting to see how his dreams of glory are tempered by the stark realities of life and death in the realm of Shadow. No wonder Thranduil hovered over him right up until the last moment before departure. No wonder that Thranduil placed Beliond at Legolas' side to protect him. I know that Beliond and Legolas have started off on the wrong foot, and both are misbehaving at this point, but when push comes to shove in the middle of a battle, I'm wagering all difference will disappear in the effort to keep one another alive. Nothing like getting down to what's really important to put squabbles on the shelf where they belong. Maybe Legolas will wind up "saving" Beliond. That *might* give the Dagorlad veteran some pause before he tries to again cut down his young charge with that blade he calls a tongue. That might, indeed, be a very interesting scenario.

I'm concerned about Eilian, but I know that the Shadow still weighs upon him. His attitude about Celuwen is sad but predictable. This "who needs her" slant will probably last for all of about two seconds in her actual presence. Love hurts, Eilian. Even the very best kind. Eilian won't be the last person to try to drown his sorrows in a bottle or find comfort for what ails him in the arms of another. Low tides pass, however, and Eilian will rise again! I know this much about Thranduil's middle son - when he finally, truly gives his heart away, it will be forever. "Weeping endureth for the night, but joy cometh in the morning." Hang on, dear Eilian. Morning is on her way!

Daw, you are a marvel - almost as much as your stories. How you managed to cook turkey and begin a new story at almost the same time is beyond my comprehension. But I like it! Another helping, please? (And I don't mean leftovers...)

Author Reply: Legolas and Beliond both have some work to do on their social skills! And I suspect that Legolas will find that leaving home is a much more mixed experience than he is anticipating.

But poor Eilian! I think of him as someone who does nothing by half measures, which is why he gets into trouble sometimes. And I think that he must get worn down after a while. He needs to learn to take things a little more easily and, as you say, have some faith in the future. Of course, I can see why that's hard to do, given where he lives.

LeraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/1/2003
Hey!!! A new story! I'm so happy! I'm glad you picked up right where you left off so we could see the cerimony. I loved seeing Legolas's excitement at finally becoming a warrior.

Goodness! Beliond and Legolas are sure setting themselves up for some good times. While Legolas isn't spoiled, he is used to being protected and sort of sheltered, so I wonder if he'll have trouble being around people who don't see him as a son or younger brother. He won't get much sympathy from Beliond!

Eilien! What are you doing? He's trying to avoid quiet moments? It sounds like maybe he needs some quiet time(in the corner!) to sort himself out. Actually, I feel sorry for him. He's trying to numb the pain thru wild play. It actually sounds like Thranduil's being sort of understanding of this behavior, he hasn't completely chewed Eilien out. And while Eilien is an adult, Thranduil still has the power to confine him to his chambers or something. Maybe Thranduil knows what Eilien's going thru.

Ok, thank you for the new story. I hope this review made sense, the tv is blaring far too close to my computer!

Author Reply: You're right. Legolas is used to going home every night to people who care deeply about him. I suspect he will miss that even as he enjoys the feeling of standing on his own two feet.

Eilian is behaving very badly and a long spell in the corner might do him a lot of good! I think that Thranduil is so worried about Eilian that he doesn't know what to do about him. He'd like to lay down the law but he's afraid of pushing his son away.

Ah angst! May it ever flow thick for the sake of all fanfic authors!

kalileReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/1/2003
I was struck by your opening scene with Legolas fingering the wear on one of the sides of his protection rune, caused no doubt, by Eilian wearing it for so long...It seems fitting that Legolas should have it. It must have some kind of magic if it managed to keep Eilian safe for so long.
I was saddened by Legolas shift in thinking of Ithilden as his brother to his troop commander and Thranduil from his adar to his king. It was consistent with the sadness Thranduil felt in giving Legolas a sword as a coming of age gift. What a horrible time to live in.
And (sigh) I miss Annael already. Perhaps Legolas would have found Beliond easier to bear with his friend by his side...but then again, I guess that would defeat the whole person of going away. Update soon. I'm entering "dead week" and could use a pick-me-up.

Author Reply: I'm thinking that Legolas hasn't realized that the rune was Eilian's own (although he knows that Eilian gave it to him, of course). I had to have Thranduil give Eilian a new one, though. I couldn't send him off without one.

The double role of Legolas's family (king/father, officer/brother) has always interested me and I think it make complications in his relationships with these people, making it harder to let go of problems at the end of the day because they come home with him. I miss Annael too. :-(

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/30/2003
I have a tendency to want to sympathize with Beliond - he fought at Dagorlad, for Eru's sake, and now he finds himself chief baby-sitter to the King's pup (a thankless job if there ever was one) - but that last crack of his to Legolas was certainly uncalled for! I don't blame the poor kid for trying to figure out how he had managed to offend. This situation promises to be endlessly entertaining. And what's with up with Eilian's behavior? I'll take your word for it that the healers have that Shadow issue under control, but maybe their methods are too subtle - it sure seems as if he could still use an attitude adjustment!

Author Reply: I would say that Legolas and Beliond are not a match made in heaven and have a way to go to achieve any understanding. I hope it's entertaining! Eilian needs to be busy and out in the woods but not so close to the source of shadow. He is behaving badly, though.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/30/2003
I enjoyed seeing Legolas' thoughts at this important occasion in his life. He is entering adulthood, leaving friends and family and going off with his patrol. No matter how much training, it has to be a shock. I look forward to seeing him and Beliond together!

My enthusiasm for Legolas was dampered with sadness for Eilian. He is obviously still down and sad. I am glad Thranduil replaced his rune, and especially glad it lightened Eilian's heart. Poor Thranduil - both sons leaving the same day! I am glad Sinnarn will be around for a good long while.

Author Reply: I think that being away from home, without even Annael, is going to be much more of a shock than Legolas thinks it is. Eilian really, seriously needs to have the Shadow go away. He's thrown himself into defending against it and he's getting worn down.

ANAReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/30/2003
Yes! A new story!
Loved your warrior ceremony, and in so few word, you managed to convey the feelings of each involved. Very touching! It will be very interesting to see the interplay between Legolas and his body guard/shadow. He's been so protected by his family that it might do him good to deal with someone who will not coddle him as much. I definately see fireworks between the two of them before they settle into a routine, if they ever do. Will we see Legolas in action soon? I get the feeling that the excitement of becoming a warrior will soon turn into a harsh reality check for the new warrior.

Author Reply: Oh, good point about people not coddling Legolas. Both good and bad would come of that, I suppose: some blunt words and harsh task assignments balanced by a sense of having accomplished something on his own. I hope I can convey that!

jebbReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/30/2003
Wonderful that there was a new story so soon and so sad for Thranduil and Ithilden that both Elilian and Legolas are now going away from their protection.
I don't hink Legolas really understands what he has given up and what he has pledged yet?
No doubt there are many misunderstandings and misplaced episodes of pride before he comes to realise what his minder is there for
great writing and characterisation
these people exist they do not live on a page or just on celluloid

Author Reply: I love the fact that my characters are real for you! And I'm hoping that the realities of a warrior's life help Legolas to grow some. We'll see.

MarnieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/30/2003
Interesting start :) Eilian's an intreguing character - lots more going on there than meets the eye, I reckon. I hope the feeling of foreboding I'm getting around him is not *too* justified ;)

Author Reply: Eilian seems to be a favorite of a lot of readers and I have to admit to being shamefully fond of him myself. He allowed me to weave a darker strand into this day that's a mixture of happiness and loss for everyone involved, I think.

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