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Of Pipes and Poetry  by Thevina 4 Review(s)
powerwriterReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/5/2004
Very well done! This story is an awesome example of why there needs to be more fics dealing with Gumli and Legolas' friendship! You did this one so well, please write another one :)

Author Reply: Thank you so very much! Next to Eowyn and Merry's friendship (mostly ignored by Tolkien, as opposed to Legolas and Gimli's odd friendship), I adore writing about the awkward fondness between these two. I'm thrilled that you liked this story- and I have been working on another Legolas/Gimli friendship story, now complete. Go forth and read "Fathers and Sons" about Legolas and Gimli (plus some Merry humor thrown in) and some corresponding legacy information drawing on "The Hobbit."

But thank you so much for reading and reviewing "Of Pipes and Poetry!" That Gimli... you just never know what acerbic thing he will say next. ;)

Orophins DottirReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/30/2003
This is wonderful. "We are mysteries to each other" is a fine summation of the relationship, my favorite in Tolkien. Daw's review brought me to this and I am certainly glad. Thank you, both. Please continue writing!

Author Reply: Thank *you* for reading it! It was a joy to write. I just had this vision of Legolas choking on pipe smoke and Gimli, rather unwittingly, forced to share something very private. Besides, what author doesn't wince when his/her work is being read by another?? Hence why even the most stout-hearted of Dwarves has to go away for a little while...

More stories soon. :)

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/29/2003
I really liked this. It's odd, but while Tolkien made much of the friendship between Legolas and Gimli, it is often absent from fan fiction. And Gimli, I think, is the least explored member of the Fellowship. This piece treats the friendship delicately and tells us things about Gimli that we might not have expected. Well done.

Author Reply: Thank you, Daw. You're right; the awkwardness of the "clashing of cultures" between Legolas and Gimli is often overlooked in fanfiction in favor of either coupling them or pretending that they get along like a house on fire, when Tolkien shows time and again that they are very different characters.

Many, many thanks. I do feel that poor Gimli is underwritten in fanfiction. If only I had more time to write about him!!

Shaan LienReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/28/2003
Very nicely written. Please continue.

Author Reply: Many thanks!! You will soon see more stories...

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