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Two Hands  by Nina the powerwriter

in which Rosie reflects

He was always there from the time I could remember. My mother and Bell Gamgee were close friends all their life. They would often visit each other. That meant the Gamgee children were around the farm at least once a week. When the Gamgee lads were old enough, they began to help out at the farm. I became close friends with Marigold, the youngest daughter. We lived slightly off from anyone else, so the Gamgees really were the only children I grew up with beside my brothers.

I liked them all especially Marigold. But, then there was Samwise. Of course, we were never called him by his full name. It was just plain Sam. That's the only way I can ever describe him is he's just Sam…wonderful, amazing Sam. I guess I could put him into words, but I probably won't do a very good job. He was different from his brothers - quiet with a pleasant smile and always willing to help and take care of us youngsters.

Sam was four years older than me. He was very strong and hefty for his early tween years when I was still a little child. He'd swing me and my twin, Jolly, in the air and we'd feel as if we were flying. We'd squeal with joy, and he'd laugh along with us. We always had a wonderful time.

I hadn't thought much of other lads until I was around them. I mostly came across other children at birthday parties, but my family didn't indulge in those very often. I turned twenty and was allowed to go to non-birthday parties with my brothers. That's when I noticed other lads were noticing me.

"May I have this dance?" "Can I walk you home?" "Would you get me another piece of cake while you're up?" So, some questions weren't as flattering as others, but they were still noticing me, and it made me a little nervous.

My brothers were protective of me, but when it came to lads taking interesting in me, they gave no heed of it! They let as many lads as could spare come up to me and bother me, when I didn't want the attention. I admit, I adored the attention at first but it got worn after a while.

On my fifth party experience - I had turned twenty-one a few months before - this lad named Brandles Proudfoot kept bothering me. He brought me food then when I wouldn't eat it fast enough, he'd eat it for me. We danced for some time, but when we sat down to rest on a bench, he threw his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into him! I tried to pull away but he would not let go. I felt so helpless!

That's when, I guess, someone finally noticed my distress. A voice came rumbling towards us, "I don't think the lass wants to be held anymore, Brandles Proudfoot. Let her go please."

I looked up to find a towering figure before us. To my eyes, a shining white rescuer stood there - a ring of flowers encircling his head. He was beautiful sight.

Before I knew it, the wonderful vision passed and Sam was shooing Brandles Proudfoot away from me. He asked me if I was all right. I was, of course, but I was in a bit of shock. I had never seen Sam in such a light before, and it threw me for a twirl. He was on my mind for the rest of the evening.

The next morning, I thought my sudden mania for him would fade - just a little crush. It wasn't. Sam came around and came around. I sighed and smiled and felt the same way I did that night.

Marigold and myself would bring our brothers luncheon in the fields during picking season. Sam told me my strawberry preserves were the most delicious he'd ever eaten. I was so flustered! I thanked him with a horrible little squeak of a reply. I was so embarrassed with myself. But, it was then that I knew I felt very strongly for him. I really did love him, always had but was afraid to admit it.

I needed to take action. I had to do something. My Mum had said, "The fastest way to a man-folk's heart is food". I thought I'd try her theory. Hobbits DO adore food especially the men-folk. I began making strawberry preserves, and giving a whole jar to Sam to take home every week. I did my best learning what his favorite foods were, and made those meals often.

I thought for sure he would show interest toward me. I waited and waited, thinking he'd start treating me differently. He didn't! Though he was still polite and thanked me for the food and talked to me as he always had. I tried my best not to get frustrated. Courting was terribly difficult when a lass is the one doing it!

Then one beautiful day in the field - it was always beautiful when Sam was around - I called him over for strawberries and cream. When he turned to me, there was a different light in his eyes toward me and I could finally admit to myself I loved him. That light was there from then on.

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