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Washed Clean  by Larner

Tears of Healing

            Frodo’s expression was distant as he described his sojourn in the Fanes on the west side of the island.  “Estë brought me back into my body, and Vána danced for me.  Aulë gave me this--” indicating the mithril circlet he’d worn.  “Yavanna fed me.  The breath of Lord Manwë warmed me.  Námo comforted me, and Vairë clothed me in these garments.  And Lady Nienna….”  He swallowed, began again.  “She wept, cleansing me.  I could properly weep again, and I wept with her, and I was cleansed inside and out.  It was good to weep out all of the griefs….”

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