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Across Arda's Ages  by Rhyselle

Nov 19: Bitter (TA 1552, Harad)

We stand on the walls of our city, in the glare of the sun, and watch the return of the army. From up here, you can see the truth of our losses. Where hundreds of the best of our men marched out with pride, mere handfuls of tired warriors limp up the road to the gates, burdened by defeat.

We meet them in the square, hoping to see a beloved face. Too few are the reunions of mother to son, wife to husband. Too many find only bitter disappointment.

We mourn and weep, cursing the pale king in the North.

A/N: Per Chronicle at Encyclopedia of Arda: In 1551 the Haradrim are defeated by King Vinyarion of Gondor, who takes the name Hyarmendacil II.

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